This coupon is no longer available to print.

Running low on your children’s toothpaste again? Well, not anymore! This coupon makes toothpaste only $0.50 at Dollar Tree. Hurry and print this coupon before they are all gone.

Colgate Kids Toothpaste, 0.85 oz $1.00, regular price
Use $0.50/1 – Colgate Kids Toothpaste – (
Final Price: $0.50

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26 thoughts on “Gone: Colgate Kids Toothpaste, Only $0.50 at Dollar Tree!”

  1. t5858 says:

    So I went to the Marysville, Ca dollar tree store today. I tried to use a Colgate coupon and the assistant manager there told me that I could not use the coupon. I asked her why and she said that the toothpaste was not in a box. That was crazy talk from the assistant manager t thought. I told her that it’s okay because I can go use it somewhere else.

  2. smartshoper says:

    I got it for free in my Burien,WA Albertsons. they are rounding the coupon up to a dollar.

  3. diva22 says:

    I’m trying to find a previous comment that I made and I can’t find it. Someone help! How do I go back to any comments I’ve made?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to everyone having technical difficulties! Good news is the coupon is still available on the Colgate site- so periodically keep trying.

  5. claudis9 says:

    I tried to print it and it said I already printed it too many as allowed and I didn’t, how else can we get it.. :(

  6. clev0075 says:

    Use this at Albertson’s this week during roundup for free kids toothpaste.

  7. RedemptionAddiction says:

    Weird. Told me I already printed the coupon the max number of times . . . .And never printed it once . . . .

  8. beckylynne73 says:

    please help me. i have a coupon from shaws (grocery store) but it says its a manufacturers coupon. it starts with 99. can anyone help me. i want to know if i can stack it : )

  9. jennifer061277 says:

    The cashier would not let me use this at Dollar tree. I picked up a colgate kids toothpaste. She said they do not carry the kind of toothpaste that was pictured on the coupon(spongebob) that I had. Just be aware that Dollar tree is newer to coupons than most places so you may not get the deal you planned on unless you want to argue. Another tip is they want to know before they start scanning that you have coupons. After she scanned all my items she then decided that I couldn’t use my colgate coupon and couldn’t go back and take it off without rescanning everything! I just payed full price to avoid more hassle which is still a pretty good deal anyway.

    • Jackie says:

      I had a manager at my Dollar Tree tell me that I couldn’t use the $1/1 Delimex because the item pictured on the coupon did not match. i politely pointed out to him that the coupon stated ‘any Delimex item’ and that there were no exclusions listed, and I went home with 15 free Delimex Express from my dollar Tree that night. It was so nice that he listened and allowed me to use the coupons, since they expired that night!

    • Tonia Shunk says:

      I’ve done a few coupon deals at the Dollar Tree and they were very thorough in checking the coupon with the item. Since they can’t scan them in the register, they have to do it all by hand. I haven’t run into any problems yet, but it does take a few extra minutes for them to check out each coupon. I just went the other day and the line was getting so backed up. The only thing I thought was, “Pick another check-out lane, honey!” LOL

  10. pooh13221 says:

    walmart also has this kids colgate for 94 cents located in large cardboard dump bins in the middle isle of most stores

  11. nd says:

    Is it just me or is it really hard to find kids toothpaste and brushes cheap or free?

  12. katgirl says:

    heart these are the travel/trial size just in case anyone is wondering.

    • katgirl says:


      • uthorns1976 says:

        Be real careful when buying toothpaste at dollar stores. Some of it is bootleg from China and not the real stuff.

        • katgirl says:

          Funny that you said this. I bought Hefty slider bags at Dollar Tree and my husband bought some at Target. We compared it and boy there is a difference. The one from $ Tree is thinner and it was not labeled Hefty Slider Bag on the bag itself compared to the one from Target.

          • bca0511 says:

            Maybe it is made by Hefty, but just a lesser quality so it can be sold cheaper. Sometimes different qualities of the same product are produced so that they can be sold in more stores. My husband designs irrigation systems and was once told by the Rain Bird sales rep that the sprinklers sold at Home Depot ARE NOT the same as if you were to buy them from an irrigation supply company – for that same reason.

        • bca0511 says:

          I’ve never heard of bootlegged toothpaste before.

          • Lwallace13 says:

            Same here. I think specifically dollar three is such a big corporation and it just do not make sense that they would sell bootleg items.

      • Anonymous says:

        While the bottles are very small, the particular toothpaste packaging with Sponge Bob doesn’t state trail/travel size.