Sometimes it is difficult to combine a yen for Starbucks coffee with a Keurig brewer sitting on the counter. Why spend twice?

Starbucks new online store has a deal with some special coupon codes for their vanity brand of K-cups.

First-time buyers get the best deal. Use code RMNKCUPS at checkout to get a buy one get one free deal on their 12 packs of K-cups. Combine that with code STNPWEKD to get an additional 10% off. Shipping is $4.95 or free with a $75.00 purchase. The final individual cost of those delicious Starbucks K-cups is $0.47 with a two box purchase before shipping.

Click here.

Buy 1 House Blend K-Cup Pack, 12 ct $19.95
Buy 1 Breakfast Blend K-Cup Pack, 12 ct $19.95
Use code RMNKCUPS for $19.95 discount
Use code STNPWEKD for additional 10% discount
Pay $4.99 shipping
Pay tax (varies by state)
Final Price: $23.60 shipped

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5 thoughts on “Buy One Get One Free Starbucks K-Cups, Plus an Additional 10% Off!”

  1. kikibrown says:

    Never mind… There’s an error in your post. It should be 24 ct rather than 12 ct. Dies anyone know how many BOGO offers you can get in one order?

  2. DeeDee says:

    You get two boxes with twelve in each. So you’re getting 48 k cups. Read the description on their site.

  3. kikibrown says:

    I’m not understanding the math here. How is it $.47 a cup if you’re purchasing 24 k cups for approximately $18 before shipping?

  4. laurenrenee says:

    I LOVE my Keurig and I LOVE my Starbucks. This deal was great!

  5. Jessica says:

    I bought 10 and got them for .38 a k cup! Thank you so much!