Due to a busy week, I rushed to buy the things I absolutely could not pass up. I haven’t even hit Rite Aid yet!  Sometimes we have to take it easy or pass up a week of couponing because of family commitments.  Don’t be afraid to let a deal go by or take a week off–most deals come back around! Hope you had a great week!  What was your favorite deal?


Bought 2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray, 12.5 oz $5.49, sale price through 10/20
Buy One Get One Free through 10/20
Buy 2, Receive 1,000 Balance Rewards Points through 10/20
Use one $2.00/2 Lysol Products Manufacturer Coupon from Walgreens Cold & Flu Book (exp 8/13)
Final Cost: $3.49, Received 1,000 Balance Rewards Points

Bought 2 Robitussin, 20 ct or 4 oz $4.99, sale price through 10/20
Bought 1 Advil Congestion Relief Tablets, 10 ct $6.00, sale price through 10/20
Buy 1, Submit for $6.00 Mail-In Rebate from RP 10/14, Limit 1 per address
Buy 3, Receive 4,000 Balance Rewards Points, through 10/20 
Used two $3.00/1 Robitussin Product, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip, from RP 9/30 (exp 11/24)
And used one $2.00/1 – Advil Congestion Relief – (facebook.com)
Paid $7.98, Received 4,000 Balance Rewards Points and Submitted $6.00 Mail-In Rebate
Final Cost: $1.98, Received 4,000 Balance Rewards Points

Bought 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Vanish Drop-Ins, 1.7 oz $1.59, sale price, through 10/20
Buy 3, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points, through 10/20
Used one $2.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Products SS 9/23 (exp 11/4)
And used one $0.55/1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Drop-Ins – (coupons.com)
Final Cost: $2.22, Received 2,000 Balance Rewards Points

Bought 2 Suave Body Lotion, 18 oz $3.00, regular price
Buy 2, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points, through 10/27
Used two $2.00/1 Suave Body Lotion Product, 18 oz or larger, excludes trial size from RP 10/14 (exp 11/11)
Final Cost: $2.00, Received 2,000 Balance Rewards Points

Total Cost at Walgreens: $9.69, Received 9,000 Balance Rewards Points so $0.69


Bought 1 Lindt’s Truffles, $3.99
Used Free Lindt’s Truffles from Lindt Facebook page
Final Cost: Nothing

Bought 1 Edge Shave Gel, 7 oz $3.19, online price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 1
Paid $3.19, Received $2.00 ExtraBucks
Final Cost: $1.19

Bought 2 Mentos Curvy Bottle, 45 ct $2.50
Used one $1.00/2 Mentos Bottle, 45 ct+ from SS 10/7/12 (exp 12/9)
And used two $2.00/1 Any Mentos Curvy Bottle, CVS Coupon Machine, Week of 10/7
Final Cost: Nothing
Total Cost at CVS: $1.19


Bought 1 MAM Silicone Pacifiers, 2 pk $3.99, regular price
Used one $2.00/1 – MAM Product – (facebook.com)
And used one $2.00/1 MAM Teething and Brushing Set OR Pacifiers, 2 pk, limit one item or offer per coupon, Target Coupon from Target Mobile Coupon
Final Cost: Nothing

Bought 1 Renuzit Tempting Indulgence $1.29, regular price
Used one  $0.75/1 – Renuzit Tempting Indulgence – (coupons.com)
And used one $0.50/1 – Renuzit Tempting Indulgence Air Care Item, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Cost: $0.04

Total Cost at Target: $0.04


Bought 3 Ocean Spray Craisins, 5 oz $2.99
Buy One Get Two Free through 10/16
Final Cost: $3.00

Total Cost at Safeway: $3.00

Total Cost: $4.92 for $65.00 worth of product!

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14 thoughts on “Let’s Shop: Results of Week 10/14”

  1. Cori Morris says:

    Is anyone having any luck finding the Renuzit coupon? Is it gone already?

  2. Jenette says:

    If the cranberries were buy one get two free the price should have been $1.00( here the deal is buy two get one free) you might want to check to make sure you weren’t overcharged and got the correct deal.

  3. kde90 says:

    yes we do need to sometimes take a wk or so off from krazy couponing….im stocking up since i hardly go shopping when its cold outside or raining n since the seasons around the corner i live in cali in the i.e n it gets pretty chilly n with a little one i wouldn’t mind skipping a deal or two since id have all my daily needs.

  4. sully says:

    you are so right i did not do any shopping this week i might go saturday to get some of this stuff. i just wanted to take a week off

  5. Anonymous says:

    was i cvs today and saw the lindt bags…didn’t grab it cause i wasn’t sure if they were one of the ones that take a free coupon…guess they do??

  6. tarakpl87 says:

    Is it too late to get a cold/flu book? Am I able to get one in the store?

  7. angelica R says:

    i could not find the lysol coupon in the cold in flu book…someone help???

    • Erika J. says:

      Mine didn’t have it either. Only Mucus Relief and Halls. But I did grab all the other books I saw because almost all the coupons don’t expire until 05/2013 and there were a lot of coupons. Other books: Allergy, Foot Care, Digestive Health, Pain and Sleep, Vitamins and Supplements.

  8. Nicole says:

    Every Rite Aid in a 50 mile radius from my house was out of Cheer. Also out of the free Blistex, and the cheap stocking stuffer socks. This post makes me feel a little better about missing out on some awesome deals. Hopefully another Cheer promotion comes around soon! Thanks KCL!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s still hard to miss out but sometimes I just have to take a chill pill, look at my stockpile and say,it will come back around! Hang in there Nicole, you’ll find the deals again!

      • krizza says:

        I always drag my husband to go shopping with me. I think 3 times in a week. Since i am new here in couponing and in your country, i find it so good to shop cause of coupons and it makes me happy to just pay a couple of dollars instead of paying the full price. I am a krazy coupon lady and Thanks KCL for being the teacher to us all coupon ladies. You inspires us! I am always sad if i let a good deal pass so this makes me feel better too! :)

    • HollyMaus22 says:

      I saw Cheer discounted to $5.99 at Walgreens not Bad after the $2 off coupons(: My riteaid didnt have any either!

    • Erika J. says:

      It took me (3) Rite Aid’s to find one with at least (4) to get the deal. I was lucky because at the third one, all they had left was (4) lol