Krazy Couponers never pay retail, especially for newspapers! Sunday newspapers are the number one source of coupons, so make sure to get the best deal.

Coupon Codes: Check out sites like to find discount codes. Simply type in the name of your local newspaper and search for matching results. This method is typically available for newspapers with a larger circulation. Also do a web search with the newspaper’s title and keywords like “subscription discount code.”

Call In: Sometimes all you have to do is ask for a discount. Contact the newspaper’s circulation center and inquire about any special deals. Most newspapers offer such discounts. Make sure to ask about discounts for multiple home delivery subscriptions.

Bulldog Edition: See if your newspaper offers Sunday advance copies, where  publishers will deliver Sunday’s newspaper on Saturday. Many even offer this at the weekday price!

Dollar Stores: These retailers often carry the local Sunday newspaper for a buck. Make sure that each copy you buy has coupon inserts. Most newspapers have limited inserts, and the priority is home delivery.

Ask Around: If you don’t want to pay for a newspaper, talk to neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers to see if they have inserts they won’t be using. You can also ask local businesses, hotels, and libraries for extras.

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13 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Save on Your Sunday Newspaper”

Has anyone ever gone to walmart and asked if they can have their left over sunday papers on monday or just the coupon adds?

i need to look into this, i dont ever get the paper, i usually just order the specific coupons online, but it would b nice to have the newspaper coupons

I recently found out my Dollar General have them for $1. It beats everywhere else around me paying full cost.


The Dollar Tree also sells it! You can get 2 for the price of 1 – every couponer’s fav phrase :-)

I have 4 neighbors and 6 coworker that give me their coupons…every once in a while I like giving them “thank you” gifts with all the free stuff I get…its not much but they sure appreciate that I think of them…if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have all the things I’ve gotten with my coupons

That’s great!

my local paper sells them for $1 after Sunday at their office which is close to my job. I usually get several- You know I will get my $1 back in savings

My local corner store saves me all the left over papers, he gets credited back and they don’t want the papers back, so they go in the trash anyhow….

How can I report a deal I found? BK is giving away BOGO coupons through amazon local today.

Go to Your account, there is a tab “submit deal”

i don’t eat at mcdonald’s often, but last time i went to the drive thru early on a sunday morning, they offered me a free paper. i don’t know if that’s their standard policy.

also, my convenient store (quick joe’s) has a loyalty card. every couple of papers i buy, it prints a coupon for a free one.

I receive LA times for .50 cents a week but is only one I was wondering if I call them will I still get the good deal if I buy 5? Also yesterday I bought 4 at the dollar tree it was the enterprise, but after I got home notice it had only one smart source and one red plum. and the one I receive from la times had 2 smart source better coupons so I guess it depends which newspaper we get. also sometimes on Mondays I stop by a liquor store close to my work and the owner sales me only the coupons for half the price and I notice that sometimes they have better coupons and the difference is like 20 miles from my house.