Yesterday, we showed KCL readers some adorable $4 summer sandals on clearance at Totsy. Well, KCL readers know a good deal when they seen one and those sandals sold out in a couple of hours. Great for the folks who got them. Not so great for the ladies who didn’t. So we found another great deal!

Here are some fashionable, adorable flats for $7.00 (and under!). I’m buying two pairs to get me through Winter and Spring. Now, Totsy sizes in some of the styles are typically limited, so snap up this deal fast if you like the shoes.

Totsy is a daily deal site that offers discount goods and flash sales for moms and kids.

First -time customers get a discount and free shipping (making this deal even better). If you’ve shopped with Totsy before, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95.

I picked up a cute pair of Toms-like flats in blue and another leopard-print slip-on for just $6.75.

There are other shoes on sale, including some cute sparkle clogs for $20.00 and adorable rhinestone ballet flats for $9.50. Let us know in the comments which styles you pick up! If you have teen-aged girls in your life, think affordable Christmas presents!

Click this link. Scroll way down the page to “Ladies Casual Shoes Under $20.” Look for the black and white flats.

Buy 1 Canvas Slip-On with Printed Lining $7.00
Buy 1 Leopard-Printed Slip-On $6.75
Pay shipping $7.95
Final Price: $21.70 shipped 

Here’s the deal for new customers:

Buy 1 Canvas Slip-On with Printed Lining $7.00
Buy 1 Leopard-Printed Slip-On $6.75

Final Price: $13.75 shipped 

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7 thoughts on “Hot! Get Adorable Flats for Women, Just $7.00 and Under”

  1. akrantz2008 says:

    I would love to take advantage of this Totsy deal…but… they have zero customer service.
    I ordered some kids clothing 8 weeks ago. The est ship date was 10/15. By 10/18 I hadn’t heard it shipped so I logged into my account and it just said processing. I emailed to get status info – no reponse. 3 days later it said payment failed – again I emailed, no response. No one called me or emailed me to say there was a problem. Then a few days after that it said order cancelled. I emailed again an no response. Anyone else have troubles like this? I tried calling too but got just a message they were closed at the time when I called. I work 2 jobs so its hard for me to call during their business hours – but they could have replied to my emails, right??? Or said something? Anything? I hope ya’ll have better luck…

  2. emkat13 says:

    This is one fraudulant company and as a new customer I will never again deal with them!! Esp after dealing with their customer service department. Beware new customers buy at your own risk and I do mean OWN RISK!!

    • AlmostRetired says:

      why do you say this? Back it up with information please?

      • emkat13 says:

        Its quite a long scenario but after signing up as a new registrate you’re givin the gift of free shipping well that is until you actually go and checkout and discover it isnt really free shipping. Then while talking to customer service you will discover that each representarive gives you the wrong info about if its valid free shipping only to find out that you really arent getting it for free but rather an excuse how they just “show it as free on the screen but youll end up paying the amount of your subtotal and shipping charges as well” Like I said super fraudulant and Id shop at your own risk because they do not accept returns, cancellations nor money back or exchanges of any type (which that part I knew because it does state something similar about their lack of a return policy)

  3. Diana Prentice says:

    I ordered black ballet flats and gray Grace flats :)

  4. Anabda says:

    Yippe! I ordered Buckle Loafers and navy slip-ons. Thanks!