This week CVS has split their ad into two parts again: a 4-day sale running 10/28 – 10/31 and a 3-day sale running 11/1 – 11/4. Here are a few of the best deals at CVS for the first 4-day sale, 10/28 – 10/31.

Revlon Nail Clippers $2.99, regular price
Buy 2 Revlon Cosmetics or Beauty Tools, Receive $7.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 6

Pay $5.98, Receive $7.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $1.02 Moneymaker


Dawn Dish Detergent, 9-10.3 oz $0.99
Use $0.75/1 Dawn Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi, excludes travel and trial size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 10//28 (exp 11/30)
Or $0.50/1 Dawn Product excludes travel and trial size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 10//28 (exp 11/30)
Final Price: $0.24


Suave Body Wash, 12 oz Or Naturals Body Lotion, 18 oz $2.50
Use $2.00/1 Suave Body Lotion Product, 18 oz or larger, excludes trial size from RP 10/14 (exp 11/11)
Or $0.75/3 Suave Naturals or Men Body Wash Products, excludes trial size from RP 10/14 (exp 11/11)
Final Price: $0.50


Chex Mix or Gardetto’s, 5.5-8.75 oz $2.00
Buy 3, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 1
Use $0.50/1 – Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack, 4.5 oz or Larger – (
Or $0.50/2 Bugles, Chex Mix, Pillsbury Baguette Chips or Gardetto’s Snack Mix bags, 4.5 oz and larger from SS 9/23 (exp 11/17)
Pay $4.50, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.83 each, when you buy 3

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48 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Revlon, Cheap Dawn and More at CVS, Starting 10/28!”

  1. Kerry says:

    My ad in Maryland is for all week…Oct 28-Nov 3. No split sale here!

  2. MamaG30 says:

    Is it better to send the 25% coupon to the printer or to the card? Does it make a difference?

    • morgan says:

      yes it does make a difference. if you send it to your card it will automatically be taken off of your next transaction. versus if you print it you can use it whenever YOU decide to

  3. MamaG30 says:

    Another Question…if you got the 25% off coupon, will that work on the Aveeno and Revlon deal?? If so, I am going to try it…although I am not hopeful even if others say it does work since I wasn’t able to use my % off coupon last week on Glade even though it wasn’t on sale (did produce ECB’s though).

    • morgan says:

      yes you can you it on the aveeno and revlon. you are able to use it on items that give you ECB’s and that are regular price

  4. mamag30 says:

    Question, if the limit on the Revlon items is 6, does that mean I can buy 12 Revlon items (2 items, 6 times), and get back 6/$7 ECB’s (or $42 ECB’s) All in one transaction??

    • Anonymous says:

      If you do all 6 deals in a single transaction then you would get the total of $42 ECB back..hth..

  5. krazygirl says:

    does anybody know if i buy 4 nail clippers then i will receive 2 of $7.00 eb or 1 of $14. 00 eb? thanks

  6. Amber says:

    Thank you so much!!

  7. DMC08 says:

    my CVS in PA will have their cans of campbell’s soup on sale for .66 ea. limit 5. If you go to campbell’s web site they have a $1 off 5 coupon making them only .46 each.

  8. littlemiss says:

    Do you have to use your CVS card to get the .99 price for the dish detergent? I dont have a CVS card and want to get at least 10 of them w/ coupons .24 pricing is crazy lol :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes @kcl-b7abfd7a9b8eed35add9a69d87eb46da:disqus most of their sale prices require you scan your card. Oftentimes there are limits on quantities per person and this is how they track it. Hope that helps!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to find an herbal essense bogo coupon from SS 9/16. I have seen posts in the past about how people get coupons from services and was wondering what is a good service to use if any.

  10. Chickenwang555 says:

    I read an article online about the CVS ‘$30 money maker deal’ and I was curious if you use a B1G1 coupon and it rings up for max value instead of store price, if the manufacturer reimburses CVS all of that coupon or not? If it does, I think I have something I want to try out!

    • Sheralyn says:

      I asked the store manager at my local CVS, and she said, “No, CVS does not receive the full amount” because each and every coupon is scrutinized by an audit. I take that into consideration when I plan my shopping now.

      • Chickenwang555 says:

        Thanks! I like to ask about these kinds of things because I want save money and NOT get employees fired. Thanks again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Technically, they have to remit the coupon for reimbursement in the exact amount it was redeemed for. This is why we don’t write deals at KCL that involve coupons “auto-deducting” the full amount of BOGO coupons.

  11. crandallcandy says:

    just a heads up, the split sale is not in all areas. to check the up coming ad in your area go to cvs’ home site click view weekly ad and then at the top click view upcoming week ad. this will let you know if your area is included. on my ad the revlon deal is the same.

  12. Amber says:

    OMG, limit 6 on nail clippers. That’s A LOT of them, LOL :D

    • Kandy says:

      I know. I can’t wait to go clear the shelves on nail clippers at every CVS in the city using my multiple CVS cards. I love nail clippers so much.

      • Amber says:

        Do you by any chance know if they can replace a lost card? I lost one of mine, and ironically it was the one I used more often, so it would print me great coupons at the extrabucks machine. I talked to the manager and also emailed their customer service but got no response. :(

        • wrkinmom says:

          if you got a new card could you link or replace the card number on line to take the place of that account you were using the most….?

        • crandallcandy says:

          If you call cvs they can send you out a new card to replace the old one. your account will not change, however it took me almost two months to get the new ones. good luck.

        • prathyu says:

          do you by any chance have your cvs card number somewhere? If you have a smartphone you can use the keyring app to store your and and it will show you the barcode, you can print this. When I misplaced my card I printed it from this app and used it at the coupon machine.

        • jenmlee says:

          The easiest way would be to get another card and then call 1-800-SHOP-CVS, they can then link your old and new cards. Unfortunately you can’t link them yourself so your total spending won’t roll over and neither will your past purchase generated coupons.

          • GGAbby says:

            Did not know you can have more than one card. and what will be the benefit of having two or more?
            I’m new to this.

            • jenmlee says:

              Following policy you are not suppose to have more than one card. It is one card per household. If you want the cashiers and managers at your store to work with you, following policy is the best way. However if you loose your card you are allowed to get a new card.

            • Amber says:

              We have three addresses and always shop with my husband together, so yes, it is possible. I must say old ladies love seeing him with coupons:)))

        • stwt2003 says:

          if you know te phone numbr it is under u can use that at the registar and they

      • koupon korner says:

        I sure hope you don’t live in my area I can’t stand people who clear shelves!!! And really, bragging about it on this page? The nerve of some people.

        • clipnshop says:

          I know I hope she’s kidding! One pair last a lifetime, as far as donations, maybe, but not what I want in my stockings either!

      • susan says:

        It is against cvs’s rule to have more than one card! And completely inconsiderate., but i guess some people can be rude.

    • Jojo says:

      Amber, I did not see the ad yet but if it is like last time, it is a total of 6 ECB offers or 12 beauty tools. Last time I bought 12 different tools (emery boards, nail clippers, etc.) and received a $30 reward (it was buy 2 and get $5 ECB). I went on a Saturday night (the last day of the promotion) and there were many left. I also used my percentage off with this and two days later it generated me a $10 Beauty Rewards coupon. Good stocking stuffers or for donations!

  13. David says:

    Hopefully my 25% coupon really will work on the Revlon tools, I’ll be able to refresh my ECB and make some extra :)