Ever wondered if you have to build a stockpile in order to coupon successfully?! We say yes! The principle of “stockpiling” is simple. When something becomes free or cheap with a coupon (and sale), buy more than one to keep on hand.  This way, you are dictating the price you’ll pay instead of finding yourself out of toilet paper and paying full price on a Monday at midnight!

Watch our video for more tricks and tips!

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4 thoughts on “Why Couponers Buy So Much—Stockpile Basics”

  1. jennifer says:

    i was bummed to find out after 3 prescriptions refilled i did not get any points..they told me because i have a state medical card i do not qualify for points.

  2. jessonica says:

    I completely agree about “getting creative” with your space. We have a TINY house…1 bed, 1 bath, 1 office, living room and as I call it… the “hallway kitchen”. I have gotten really creative with the closet in the bedroom for example…its a 2 sided closet…you know… the type that has 2 sliding mirrors side by side. I had my husband build shelves going across from the wall that separates the section in the middle between the two doors….to the back wall of the closet…there are 6 shelves that start at the bottom and go to the ceiling….Then, you know how your clothes hang and there is space below them and the floor….imagine the plastic stackable tubs of draws stacked to the point that the clothes touch the top drawers….every tub is a separate organized stash of stock. I still have room for the laundry basket, my shoes and everything! I can close the doors and you would not know that I’ve utilized just about every square inch in that closet. I LOVE to get creative with organizing :)

  3. Lulu54 says:

    Everyone has the opportunity to make use of coupons and spend time sorting and matching them. This site has never encouraged people to unfairly clear the shelves so others don’t have a chance to buy a product in fact quite the opposite. Good manners and consideration for others is always mentioned here. If there are those that do this it ruins it for the rest of us that simply want to provide for our families during hard times.

  4. Me says:

    You should not encourage people to buy a bunch of stuff, and certainly not advocate it. That leaves 1-2 people buying all the stuff and nothing for others. Also, people who hoard sooooooooo much stuff they really don’t around to using it. Sales come around often enough that if you buy a few things each time it will tide you over. A few people shouldn’t gain all the wealth and leave others without!!