’s program Subscribe & Save allows you to save 5–15% on purchases of groceries, pet supplies, household goods, baby items, and more.

This is great if you are low on time, homebound, or stores are too far away for frequent trips. Prices are often comparable to regular store sale prices and occasionally good stock-up deals, especially when figuring in the rising price of gas to get to and from the store. All shipping is free, and some popular name brand products even have digitally clippable coupons to apply to an order! To view available online coupons, click HERE.

By signing up for a product via Subscribe & Save, you are agreeing to automatically have a product repurchased and delivered to you every 1 to 6 months (customer chooses the time increment). You can skip an upcoming shipment or cancel your subscription at any time, even immediately after your order, by looking under “My Account.”

Small print: Signing up for a Subscribe & Save product does not lock in the price for future buys or count toward the Super Saver Shipping purchase requirement. All Subscribe & Save shipping is standard time, so if you need items expressed, you’ll need to instead choose one or two-day shipping and forfeit the Subscribe & Save discount. Customers only pay when the product ships.

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One thought on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Benefit with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save”

  1. Anikka says:

    they recently changed subscribe and save so they ship all your items on a certain day each month (they picked the date not me). So say your day is the 15th and you add a subscribe and save item to your account on the 16th it won’t ship until the 15th rolls around again. So if you urgently need something you’ll have to forgo the discount. This also means that you can’t use “coupons” on items that Amazon has because your initial purchase won’t ship right away (unless it happens to be your day). This means no double dipping on the subscribe and save discount and the amazon coupons. Just interesting as I wasn’t warned about these changes until after i made some purchases