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45 thoughts on “Hot! Free Axe Antiperspirant at Walmart!”

  1. joanna23 says:

    when i went to get the coupon offline it told me that to offer had ended!!!

  2. JWSMOM says:

    Coupon wouldn’t scan @ Wal-mart but the cashier was nice enough to key it in. WOO HOO for free deodorant!

  3. Smile says:

    I Tried printing these coupon but it told me this deal has expired. :(

  4. krazycoupongal says:

    So frustrating when stores don’t follow their corporate coupon policy. Target told me they can’t accept my coupon because the $ amount was higher than the item. This is the floor manger who told me they’ve never done this before and refuse to do it. Question for KCL—-If we report them enough, does the corporation actually do anything about it?

  5. kristy says:

    didnt work for me :/ the cash register lady told me that walmart doesnt accept coupons for any travel size or trial stuff

  6. purckle says:

    loved using the axe coupon at walmartl. they came out to be a quarter each and with walmart they give your overage back in cash….they paid me to shop there :-)

  7. Sabrina says:

    I just did a round of couponing at Walmart (used around 30 coupons total) and had planned on using 4 of these with my husband and they would not scan. Since it is their new coupon policy not to key it in the amount anymore I ended up just paying full price for them. The cashier told me that axe coupons give her trouble all the time =/ Hope you guys have better luck then I did. I think I am going to avoid walmart for coupons as much as possible in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      How frustrating! I’m sorry that these coupons didn’t scan for you : (

    • dbrakey says:

      I had a similar situation at Walmart yesterday (several different coupons-none of these) wouldn’t scan, so I told them to just put the product back, then, because the coupons were the only reason I was purchasing. I was nice about it & so was the cashier who promptly called his supervisor over. When she scanned the 4 coupons, one of them actually scanned that time but on the other 3, they just keyed them in. Not sure if it was them being nice or because I advised them to just put the product back?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why am I having a hard time understanding this? “Limit 1 coupon per purchase and Maximum of 2 identical coupons allowed in the same shopping trip.” Does that mean I can buy two and use two coupons? But I can’t use two coupons on one item?

    • XenaWP says:

      That is correct! You can use one coupon for each axe but you can only use 2 of those coupons in one trip. Say you got a friend to print out extra coupons for you to use. You’d have to do more than one transaction then to use them all

  9. Brittcamty says:

    I might be wrong but if everyone is getting the same coupon couldn’t you print more than one of these?

    • x64.bits says:

      Before printing make sure your printer is working properly because You can only get 2 prints per Computer.

      Once you summit Print twice you wont be able to print no more,if your paper got jammed or etc. your out of luck.

      Note Nobody will get the same coupon because each coupon has its own Unique Serial Code. They do this for a reason.

  10. jrs mommy says:

    coupongirl513: if u don’t want the other coupons can I have them please, or if someone can print for Me please!!

    • cates says:

      i have the other coupons and i can give it to you if you want.i only used the dove and axe coupon..i have these coupons: 2 suave, 4 clear men’s, 2 axe gift set and 4 degree coupons…let me know if you want it

  11. jrs mommy says:

    Can someone please print for me??

  12. Amber says:

    I just got back from Target where they had these in travel size, and my coupon worked fine. They also have Dove’s men + care travel deodorant too!! (when you print these coupons, that’s one of the 6 that prints). Got those free too! Also travel Axe body wash is 1.49 so with coupon they’d be 0.49

  13. Quinessa says:

    I don’t understand how you are supposed to stock up on these items if they only allow you to print one or two? Can someone please explain to me how they do this? Thanks!

    • sims says:

      Most coupons allow you to print two coupons per computer. Some people have multiple computers in their household. With multiple computers, you can print out multiple coupons.

      I only have one computer in my household, so I basically see the little stock-up icon as “great buy… buy now while it’s cheap!” Things that don’t have the icon I see as “decent price… buy if you need it now.”

    • LavA88 says:

      The stock up price symbol is just telling you that it is a really really good price. Like other posters said, you can print from multiple computers if you really want to stock up.

    • ninadorthea says:

      What I normally do if I want to stock up is to print from multiple computers. Since I´m in college, the school has a computer lab, and there is plenty of computers I can print from. Stop by your local library or other places where there´s computers for loan to print extra. Also, you can always ask friends to print some for you :-)

      • Chickenwang555 says:

        The college I go to doesn’t allow downloads of any sort unless it’s documents. Lucky Duck!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is harder to actually stock up using printable coupons. If you have access to multiple computers, then you’ll be able to get more product. Try asking friends and family to help you out with prints as well.

  14. Lori RG says:

    I can’t find that coupon…

    • Anonymous says:

      Click on the link and it will take you to the Walmart site..then click on ‘print coupons’..it will then take you to the printing page (has degree picture)..then click print to get your coupons..

  15. Cutie says:

    When I click on print coupons, it always show Degree coupon and nox AXE. Am I missing anything here?

    • Anonymous says:

      It does show the degree picture but you have to hit “print” to get your axe coupong..You will be getting variety of 6 coupons all at once..the axe mfq is on the second page..

    • Anonymous says:

      Luvflowers is correct. A Degree coupon is included in the bunch of six, and that is the picture shown. When you click “print”, all six coupons will print including the Axe coupon.

  16. CouponGirl513 says:

    I only want the axe coupon. Is there any way to print only that one?

  17. katgirl says:


  18. Callahan says:

    Does the coupon say “Only redeemable at walmart”? Wanted to know before I print!