Keep your guy dry with a new coupon for Right Guard Sport deodorants! Save $3.00 on three items! Print this coupon now, since it’s unlikely to hang around for long. Then sit on it for a sale or stop by Walmart, coupon in hand, for this deal:

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3 thoughts on “Right Guard Sport Deodorant, Only $0.97 at Walmart!”

  1. x64.bits says:

    Have you already tried this out? Are you referring to the Buy one get one free? it looks great in math but the question is will it work? since the Coupon states ” Not to be Combined with any other offer”. In theory the buy one get one free is a offer by itself. If it works… it would be a Super Great Deal

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you think it would be a better deal to use the coupon on the BOGO sale at CVS next week?