Take a look at this decent monthly deal, turned into an amazing deal, thanks to a new coupon! This month when you spend $30.00 on participating Lumene products, you’ll receive $10.00 ExtraBucks. A high-value coupon makes this a dream deal. There are many participating items and multiple options for working this deal. Below is just one example. Throw in a $5.00/$30.00 coupon, or percent-off coupon to turn it into a moneymaker!

The facebook coupon will download to your computer as a JPEG file. Please print responsibly so we can continue to see great coupons like these (2 per computer is a good rule of thumb).

Buy 2 Lumene Eye Makeup Removers, 3.4 oz $6.29, regular price
Buy 2 Lumene Cleansing Wipes, 25 ct $6.79, regular price
Buy 1 Lumene Day or Night Cream, 0.5 oz $3.79, regular price
Spend $30.00 on Lumene Products, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks through 11/24, Limit 14
Use four $4.00/1 – Lumene Product, Excludes 0.5 trial size – (facebook.com) no longer available
Pay $13.95, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.79 each, when you buy all 5

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150 thoughts on “GONE: Lumene Products, As Low As $0.79 at CVS!”

Actually Jessica its not really being irresponsible or abusing the companies generosity – there was never a limit to the coupon or anything specific on it other than the exclusion of the .5 oz ,,, now with that being said “We” as couponers will try our hardest to find good deals if we can stack a coupon to get free items i don’t see why we wouldn’t? Its the Company’s responsibility to make sure the coupons are going out with their specific guidelines/limits/exclusions ect and the limit at cvs was 14 sets per card. now tell me … do u have one card or several ? :)

Could someone please share the coupon with me? Had no ink in printer and now I can’t find it =0(

It’s gone now, And some stores I think have been advised not to take it. I took my mom to get some Lumene since I had already bought some, and they said that the coupons weren’t being accepted anymore. We’re going to try another cvs, but it seems like they might not take them.

Can someone PLEASE send me this coupon? couponsforjp@gmail.com
I downloaded it and now I can’t open it. :-( Thanks a ton!

when I download the coupon, can I print it 4 times or just the 1 time?

Hi all,
I am a begining couponer, and would like to know are you suppose to use a coupon for each same item? Like if you have 5 $1.00/1 Dove bodywash, you would use all 5 mft coupons in the same transaction?

on my ad it says Limit 1 per household per card

Can anyone please send me a copy of the coupon to mwithers73@yahoo.com

Can you please send me a copy of the lumene coupon?? mwithers73@yahoo.com

the coupon has now changed!! it says one per customer on it now

I did this deal today but the Cleansing Wipes were $7.29 each and the Eye Makeup Remover was $6.79 each so I ended up paying about $2.50 more than I wanted, but still a very good deal!

So sad, so many competitor where i lived and been to all the CVS store and they have none….. The deal just started yesterday, what happen?

Same thing with me too. Went today thinking they would have more and ZIP, nothing!

@66c7a5f41185949072eea4d052764876:disqus I Printed out 4 coupons and just yesterday was able to get 2 products . I live in Los Angeles and the stores out they have no products :(

Dos this track or do we have to buy all 5 at once?

It tracks.

Lumene Changed the qpon specifics of you print it now says”one per customer, per transaction

has anyone tried or have been using this skincare line? do you like it?

I love it but have only used the wipes and the sos cream(: great for sensitive skin.

In your scenario you say to use 4 of the $4.00/1 Lumene coupons, but on the coupon I printed it says “one coupon per customer, per transaction.” So would that wording limit me to using only 1 of these coupons?

I am so mad right now. I went to cvs saturday to do this deal and I did not get the extra rewards because the cashier did not scan the day n night cream. I did not ask about the rewards because they were so busy and I thought that probably in Houston they did not have this deal… N I was checking on my receipt today n it says that I only need it to bay $3 more of merchandise to get the rewards….. I wish I could return them I buy them again :(.. But I got the day n night cream free.

You can just go buy another one sometime this month and it will print once you hit the amount since it is a monthly deal

I am so mad right now. I went to cvs to do this deal and I did not get the extra rewards because the cashier did not scan the day n night cream. I did not ask about the rewards because they were so busy and I thought that probably in Houston they did not have this deal… N I was checking on my receipt today n it says that I only need it to bay $3 more of merchandise to get the rewards….. I wash I could return them I buy them again :(.. But I got the day n night cream free….

You can still go back and buy another Day & Night cream, which will get you your $10 ECB. The promotion is running until 11/24.

Ok, let me see if I understand…. CVS keeps track of you spending?..so If I just go to buy the day and night cream I will still get the 10 ECB???? I am new in the couponing world…please clarify this to me.. thanks….

you are correct, just go and get the day and night cream and it will print your ECB…

Oh thank you so much for letting me know…I really appreciate it….

Can anyone send me this Q. I went and shared it, but the Q never downloads. Frustrating. Apparently it was working 6 hours ago.

I tried to find the coupon and could not find it on there. Anyone know if it is still available and I am just not locating it correctly?

My CVS flyer just states that there are 3 items for sale for $14.99 each and then if you spend $30 you get the $10 ECB. I went to the store & there weren’t any sale/promo/ECB tags where the Lumene was stocked. I’m just wondering if despite what the flyer is stating if the $10 ECB is meant to work on all the Lumene products. Sorry, I’m just a little confused. OK…a lot confused :-)))

The deal is a monthly ECB for spend $30 get $10 ECB back on ALL Lumene, not just what’s a sale price this week.

OK, thanks! I went to different CVS (my 3rd visit) and everything was marked and there were still some wipes in stock!! Yay!!

Lucky, I wish I received the $4 off $20, I keep getting $10 off $50…. and have been using them nonstop… have used 4 in the pass 2 weeks!!!

Yeah! After going to two CVS’s I was able to find the products to get this deal. One issue though- the cashier said that I wasn’t able to use my $5/$30 CVS coupon because my total (after coupons) wasn’t $30. I’m looking at the coupon fine print though and don’t see that restriction. Thoughts? If the cashier is wrong, I might go back and talk to the manager.

You were supposed to use the 5/30 before your Lumene coupons. if the total after coupons is under 30$ it won’t work.

Hi everyone. When printing the facebook coupon, do I just print the same coupon 4 times? Thanks!

Im pretty ticked. Printed off my coupons and woke up early to make sure I could take advantage of this sale before everything got wiped out. But when I got there, they had none of the items listed in your break down. And there were no empty spaces on the shelf so I guess my CVS just does not carry them :((( There wasnt a single product by Lumene under 20.00 so I couldnt justify just going ahead and buying it…Im going to try another CVS across town and hope they carry them.
This location (Salisbury, NC) also has horrible issues with stock. I was able to pick up the Dry Idea deo. that is BOGO right now, but they only had 4 of them! And this is fully stocked for them. I go to CVS several times a week, especially the night before a sale starts, to check out how many products they have in stock. And they had 4 deo the night before. Very easy for people to clear the shelves. Also, they have been out of stock of all the Revlon beauty tools under $6 for weeks now. Im thankful for rainchecks, but I wish this place would get it together!!

I had the same problem. My store only had the $14.99 items.

I get this all the time so I learned to call ahead because sometimes 1 CVS has the items but another doesn’t. You can call and place a special order or just call that morning and ask them to hold it for you. They generally only hold for a day but make sure you notify them when you will be in because they will put them back on the shelf.

I only printed 2 on my computer but im wondering why i have the same barcode? I will appreciate replies.. thanks :)

they all have the same barcode because it is a pdf

ok some ladies are really extreme, or doing the dirty and reselling these items they get for free, I ‘ve seen it all now, some woman was in front of me with 75! yes coupons and man was she getting loads of this stuff,,,,:( sad…

Very sad :(

What is wrong with reselling items you get for free? Or are you just talking about her getting 75.

no wonder stores keep changing their policy…. some couponers won’t even begin to “start” couponing before awesome deals come to an end….

people do resell these items, and for full price! I’ve seen this many times at our local swap meet/ flea market.

if you do 2 transactions of the lumene scenario in 2 different stores, can you use the $10 ECB from transaction#1 to transaction #2?will it still print another $10 ECB?

hi i am just new with couponing and just wondering about the lumene scenario, it prints the $10 ecb after spending $30, can you use that ECB on the lumene transaction#2(go to another CVS store) and still print another $10 ECB?coz in walgreens it will not print anymore RR if you use the same RR on the item where you got it.

Yes, unlike Walgreens RRs, CVS EBs are like cash and don’t discriminate about what you can spend them on 😉

I have yet to do this deal, but there is a weekly promotion in store today. My question is, will I receive ECB for both monthly and weekly, or just one? Thanks for the help. The weekly one is not on the ones that are listed here, but on a few sale priced items.

The “weekly” promo is one in the same as the monthly. Just their way of highlighting the deal. The monthly limit is 14, so you’ll be able to do it that many times, even if it’s all this week (where the ad says “limit 1.”) HTH!


Went to my CVS tonight, hoping to get lucky and catch this deal, but AS USUAL, the shelves have been cleared. There are about 5 extreme couponers who frequent this location (Independence, MO), and they never give others the opportunity to get in on a sale. The manager is very kind, and just as frustrated as I am, so I’d love to shop there more often, but those people are so darn GREEDY.

I have this problem at my store… there’s a lady and her daughter who always walk out with carts full of stuff.. but I see it as this, they woke up extra early to get the deals, maybe I should just try to beat them there!! Which I did today! I woke up at 7, and went to the 24 hour store, I got 5 wipes at 7.29 each, one face scrubber at 11.49, 4 face creams at 3.99 each(which you CANNOT use the coupon on, they are excluded from this) I bought other things and used a 20% off coupon, plus since my total was 100+ I used 2(two) $10 off of $50. With coupons and $16 ECB’s, I paid $18, and got back a $20 ECB from Lumene. I used only 4 coupons of the $4 because I want this coupon to appear later on!!

Couponing is a game sometimes, you have to get creative to get the best deals.

Yeah, after chatting with the manager, I’ve learned of what days/times to go so that I might be able to beat the couponing crowd. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.

I did similar to you (minus the 20% coupon – wasn’t lucky or in my region)…. it sucks that I read about everyone else out there that is abusing this coupon :-(

okay the Alhambra store on main and Granada didn’t print the extra bucks when i brought $30 worth of items

might be regional…. were tags up for these products? Does it show at the bottom of your receipt?

None of the products were that cheap at my store. I did 2 transactions however using face cream for 21.99 and mask for 9.49, used 2 $4 off coupons, 20%, $10 off 50 (got a flat iron too, OOP was like $25 and got the $10 ecb)

had a $7 ecb. Turned around and used my $10 on next purchase w/ 2 $4 coupons and got another 10ecb. I am happy, needed facecream!

Uhm….I thought the Lumene deal was a limit of 14 items. Not 14 ECBs. Is this correct?

Limit of 14 on the entire promo. Which means you can spend $30, 14 times. It is a month-long deal, and those limits are usually pretty high.

Oh wow, thank you!

seems its now 8

Amazing deals like these at CVS make me cry inside, I know FOR SURE that when I get there, the shelves will be completely empty. Oh well, I’m going to buy some ink and see what happens anyway. This is too good to miss.

I dont think too many people know about this.Thats what i was afraid of but I just did this twice at 2 different cvs’s today and theywere stocked. both took the coupons for the eye creams .5oz with out questioning it.Some of the items are also on sale and not advertised.Bought the freezing time eye treatment marked 19.99 and rang up 14.99.Some other items were on clearance.

The coupon clearly states that it excludes 0.5oz…. this is one of the reasons other fellow couponers will miss out on good deals, especially when coupons are abused and not used accordingly. The stores will not get paid or reimbursed for those products that the coupon excludes…

Hi KCL, just wondering if the limit is really 14 coz i looked at the CVS upcoming weekly ad on their website, and under the box for the lumene deal, it says limit 1. tia! :)

Sometimes they highlight monthly deals in their weekly ad, and list a smaller limit. But the limit for the entire month (until 11/24) is 14. HTH!

if you do 2 transactions of the lumene scenario in 2 different stores, can you use the $10 ECB from transaction#1 to transaction #2?will it still print another $10 ECB?

You most certainly can! :)

thanks for the info ^_^ i am new to couponing and in walgreens they don’t do that(i mean it would not print RR if u use the same RR on the same item), that’s why i asked first here if it will print another ECB just to make sure before i go to CVS store :)

How do you know whether something is a monthly or weekly deal?

So this is good for the month of november?


The 0.5 oz size is excluded per the wordage on the coupon…. My CVS had the cleansing cloth 10 packs for $2.87 though :) I could not see any reason why not to use the coupon on those because there is not an ounce listing…its only listed by the count of cleansing wipes.

The 0.5 oz is excluded on the coupon, which is why we don’t have the scenario listed as using a coupon on it. However, it is participating in the EB deal and enables you to meet the $30 threshold.

wow limit 14? thats krazy!

Will our 20% pass work beyond the expiration date? I had one that expired yesterday!!

No, CVS will not extend expiration dates on percent-off coupons.

Thanks, that’s what I thought but was hoping these would be different. Oh well…..

ask the manager just in case. i gave one the other day w/o even realizing it was exp and i asked why it beeped. the manager said it was expired so i went to take it back and apoligized. she said not a problem…i just have to get my calculator :) but always be sure to ask since each store is differnt!

Question: I can not use the CVS $5.00/$30.00 if I’m using the manufacture coupons?

Yes, you can indeed use the $5/$30 :)

Woo!! I’ll be doing this deal al pronto! 😀

Just got back from doing this deal. No tags were posted at my store.

(2) makeup remover -at- $6.39
(2) wipes -at- $6.89
(1) day cream -at- $3.89

Total $30.45

(4) $4 coupons
$5 off $30
$7 EB

OOP $4.43 ($2.45 plus $1.98 tax)

Received $10 EB

when I printed 2 coupons and looked at bar codes , they are the same, no difference what so ever. Is that ok? will I be able to use both?

Yes. Similar to insert coupons that all have the same barcode, this will work. There are no restrictions on the coupon about quantity. These are not photocopies, just multiple prints.

Will this work even if there are no tags whatsoever on the shelves showing the spend 30/get10?

If it’s not tagged, I’m still willing to bet your store is participating. Sometimes they don’t get all of the monthly promo tags up. Likewise, if you ASK an employee, they will probably not know about it either. Your best chance is to just try it. I know that’s risky, but if it doesn’t work out, and you don’t hear that lovely EB tone from the register, you can always return :)

I did ask an employee and she did not see tags (or remember seeing tags) as she wasthe one putting up monthly tags… she was very nice and said “let’s try it, if not we’ll just immediately return it.

I always feel bad about returning ANYTHING I used a coupon for! Luckily it worked like a charm!


how many can we print?

In this case, you “can” print as many times as your printer will let you. However, we don’t want to take advantage of Lumene’s generosity by redeeming more than is reasonable, because oftentimes that results in manufacturers putting further restrictions on future coupons and/or making them less value. So, again, use your judgement and “print responsibly.”

I did this exact deal as posted about an hour ago, except I bought an extra 0.5 oz (bought both the day and night cream). I bought 2 schick razors and a mesh sponge too since I got the 20% from the cvs machine and all items were regular price so it took off $10.55. I used $13 ECBs, paid $0.73 and got the $10 ECB back. I was $26.54 away from the next $5 beauty bucks so I should get those soon too.

Also, I was buying 4 packs or razors (2 coupons) but the new manager said I could only use 1 b1g1 coupon because it states only “1 per purchase” and he wouldn’t budge. I have used up to 3 at once before. Was he correct? Thanks!

No, he’s wrong. Almost all coupons say “1 per purchase” that means 1 coupon per item purchased (for bogo it’s1 cpn per 2 items). PURCHASE MEANS ITEM(S) NOT TRANSACTIONS. Next time tell him that means it can’t be combined with another coupon for the same item (ie, another bogo). It doesn’t say “limit one coupon per day or per transaction, it’s per purchase. Then show him their coupon policy. Make sense?

THANKS!! He said he’s been working for CVS for 4 1/2 years and I thought he was wrong, but I had no time to discuss it. I have the policy and I’ll have it handy next time. =)

“One coupon per purchase of specified items.” That means one coupon for two items with a bogo. Incidentally, this is the same wording that prevents you from stacking another $-off coupon on the one you’re buying.

Thank you!

Is there a better way to print these besides one per page?? I tried 4 on one page and it chops off part of the description and probably part of the bar code.

I would use the minimizing function in your printer settings, and reduce it to 50% or so.

it looks like it is cutting it off but it isnt.Its just cutting off part of the T in try on the upper right.Had the same problem.

If you unclick the “fit to frame” option on your computer setting, you should be able to see each one fully fit into the page in your print preview

apparently people don’t know how to listen when you say print responsibly. yet they’ll be the first to complain when coupon policies change or these high value coupons are no longer offered due to people abusing the company’s generosity.

that’s why this coupon is now GONE>….

My coupon keeps turning into a jpg. and when I print it it’s huge..anyone else have this issue?

Yes, it is a jpeg file, as I mentioned. You’ll have to use your printer settings to reduce the size.

is this part of the P&G spend $30 and get $10 EB?? Also, my family and I would like to thank TheKrazyCouponLady for posting all of these great savings and tips.

Just got back from doing this deal. I got to use my $5 off $30 and I used a $10EB that I had so I paid nothing and got $10 back! Made my husband do it also using his card and his $10 EB and his $5 off and he got $10 back as well. These are all going into Christmas giftbags to my girlfriends. Thank you KCL for all your help!

I can’t wait to do this deal! By any chance do you know if this is part of the P&G spend $30 and get $10 EB?

I don’t believe it is part of that deal.

That makes it even better! Thank You!

No, this is separate :)

since there wasn’t a limit. i printed out a lot because i really love this deal!!!
one of the manager at CVS made me feel like i was a criminal! they said i copied it!

How many did you use in one trip? That’s why KCL said print responsibly! Even if you love it it’s not cpn friendly for you to get multiple deals and wipe out the stores stock when other people get none. The store personnel do get very irritated when someone does that because they have to tell other customers that one person took all they had. We only have 2 CVS where I live so it happens all the time. They probably said that for 2 reasons, because they know most printables have a limit of 2 and because they try to discourage people from wiping out their stock.

Actually i only use like 4 for each store because i dont want to clear shelves for other people.. around my area there is more than 5 CVS. so i spread out. i know how it feels to go to a CVS and not finding something you want to get..

Thats good! Did you print them full page or reduce to 4 on the page. 4 on the page chops off part of the bar code one per page looks crazy. Did you have any problem scanning.

I didn’t have any problem scanning though. I thought it would be easier and wasting less ink if you cut off the picture and just use paint and cut and paste. i know its kind of copying but it saves paper and ink!

how do you reduce to 4 on the page?

I printed 9 on one page because I want to use 4 at each store (and then I’ll just donate the extra to our female soldiers), and to keep it from chopping part off you have to uncheck the box that says “fit to frame.” This is using Windows Photo Viewer.. may be different with other programs

The total before Qs is 29.95… Is this close enough that the CBS will still print?

Yes! If you come within 98% of $30 it’s close enough! So remember 29.40 is what you have to spend! Same on all amts – just be within 98%

That is a handy little piece of info to have. I did not know this. I’m still new to this and I would always get annoyed when the items liked 2 cents reaching the amount you have to spend so I would always end up buying another item to hit the mark. So glad you posted this! Thanks!

How many like coupons can you use per transaction, person etc, and how do I explain this to the cashier? Also, at the end of the description it says when you buy all five. Is it supposed to say all 4? Also what does limit 14 mean? Sorry for all the questions~

1 mfg and 1 cvs coupon per item. The cashiers already know this. In the scenario they are telling you to buy 5 items not 4. CVS has monthly deals with high limits. This one will generate extra bucks 14 times on your account!! That is the most I’ve ever seen yet!

OH AWESOME!!!! OK. Can I print that many?! Do you know how double bucks works? I keep getting them at the magic coupon machine. Do you have to scan that in order to get double bucks til the end of the quarter, or is that automatic?

I would do exactly like the example KCL gave us to be safe. Yes ask them to scan the coupon it is not automatic. Keep reading other post and you will learn everything before you know it! hth

If you follow our scenario, you should have no problems: Buy 5 items total, use 4 coupons (you cannot use a 5th on the smaller item). You can repeat the deal multiple times, but as responsible couponers we need to be reasonable about how many coupons we print, so that we can continue to see great coupons like this from Lumene :)

Got it! I’m sad cause I thought the double bucks was automatic and I kept looking on line for it to double them. I have lost about $30 in EB then…boo

It doesn’t double the ECB you receive on your receipt. It doubles the quarterly ECB we receive from the MCM four times a year.

Do you think they would let me return the items and repurchase them with my double bucks code scanned?

is the lumene on sale now or does it start sunday?

This is a current sale, for the month of November :)

IS this good for the whole month or just this week?

The lumene is not on sale! But the spend 30 get 10 is a month long promo… HTH!

Yes that helps alot! Thank you

Several of them are on sale at my store. Unfortunately, most of he participating item were gone. I did get two face creams for the deal.

through 11/24

Would we be able to use the 10% beauty club coupon on this deal?

Yes, you would be able to. However, the 10% comes off AFTER all of the coupons, EBs, etc., so if you were left with something like $1 after all of the coupons, it would only take off 10 cents.

Since it is a jpeg I just downloaded it and let my printer wizard set it up. I had it print 4 on one page to save paper. So I guess I only printed once.

Also the coupon explicitly states that it excludes the 0.5 oz size.

That’s correct. We have that listed on the coupon description. Our scenario does not suggest you use it on that one, only the other four :)

Does it matter that each print will have the same numbers on the coupon?

It shouldn’t. There are no quantity exclusions on the coupon.

I’ve met with HUGE problems because of this…….some stores wont take even one.

if you get a 20% off from the coupon machine
makes it evan better deal

@dbd5897ed2f64006d090992c1f36a942:disqus Could you print more then one

what 20% from the MCM???