When people think about Florida, they often think of NASA, beach holidays, alligators, hurricane season, and, of course, cruises and Disney World!

But although living in Florida offers many perks and pleasures, it’s also one of the few states that does not allow for double or triple coupons that are so popular in the couponing world. So as a Florida resident, I cannot benefit from the kind of deals many KCLs regularly enjoy! I very rarely find freebie purchases near me, and getting money back on a buy is nearly non-existent. And while I’ve drooled over the brag lounge on KCL, I know deep in my heart I will never see that type of savings unless I move!

In Florida, there’s a saying that if you can save 45 percent off your bill, you’re doing REALLY well. So how do those of us in a non-coupon-friendly state save that little extra? Here are a few ideas:

Get a newspaper subscription

Purchasing the Sunday paper on a subscription basis will not only save you money with a lower cover price but will also save you the time and effort of running around to find a store that still has those coveted papers left on the shelf. Look for special offers in your local newspaper. I was able to pick up a year’s worth of Sunday papers for just $0.55 per issue ($1.45 below the cover price) simply by finding a special offer code in the newspaper off the stand!

Go for magazines

The “All You” magazine is another worthy subscription to consider. Each issue contains numerous coupons that are great value-wise and even better with extended expiration dates. And if you have a MyCokeRewards account, you can pick up a free year for just 333 points!
Consider cutting the number of stores you shop. I know this may sound crazy, but I’ve found that instead of carrying cards to every store in town and wasting gas getting from place to place, I stick with the two or three that give me the best return on my money. Then I price match the other stores’ sales at my local Walmart where I’m guaranteed to get the lowest price possible and still be able to use manufacturer coupons to save more.

Make the most of the coupons you do have

In my town, Publix has become my go-to store. Not only do they allow me to use a manufacturer coupon on an item, I can also double it up with a Publix coupon and triple the savings with a competitor’s coupon. My Publix accepts Target store coupons, but acceptable competitors will vary from location to location, so check with your local Publix store to see whose coupons they will redeem!

Pay for a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership

Yes, I understand many dislike the idea of paying membership dues. But in the case of the BJ’s club, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Every time I’ve signed up, I’ve saved the membership fee ($40–$50 per year) on the first trip with the number of coupons I can use. BJ’s has their own online printable coupons, a monthly booklet of high-value coupons, as well as a once-a-quarter magazine that contains recipes, travel savings tips and even more high-value coupons. And unlike Sam’s Club, BJ’s encourages the use of manufacturer coupons. They allow you to double up a BJ’s coupons with a manufacturer coupon for the same item, or you can stack the manufacturer coupons to match the quantity in the package. They are also offering a FREE 60-day trial membership with a coupon available on their website. And if you sign up for a year when you redeem the coupon, they’re currently adding the two free months onto the end of your membership for a total of 14 months!

So get ready to shop and save money at the same time! Even in a state like Florida, it is possible to find ways to “double or triple” coupons if you’re willing to spend that little extra time and money! And you don’t have to drive across to another state to find a Kroger, either!

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45 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: What To Do in States That Don’t Double or Triple”

My publix and walmart have many of the same sales and so far the walmart has come out on top almost every time. I also work at the walmart so on some items I get 10% off, not most good for you foods, mostly junk, soda and fresh produce but it takes care of most of the tax. I just got my Bj’s membership and am loving it. I have some health problems and need to watch what I eat so the large variety of 100 calorie packs ect. is fantastic. I have found their seafood to be small selection and a bit pricey but their meat prices and gas prices are the best In town. I actually got the 14 month off and I saved roughly $60 using just their instore coupons. My binder is MIA right now but I anticipate great savings when I can finally get my coupon ducks sorted.

I love that publix will let you use a peelie and a regular coupon on an item. I got free hot dogs that way last week. It doesn’t happen often for me. For some reason peelies dissapear quickly here. I am grateful when it does though!

They let you use 2 manu q’s on 1 item?

Mine do. One has to be a peelie and I always use them right off the product, never carried in.

I live in Florida also, but to be honest, I go to Carroll’s meat market for my meat (hamburger meat cost 1.99 per lb and it always goes on sale for a dollar) and the produce market for my fruits and veggies. I save on average about 300 dollars a month by just stocking up for the whole month to feed my family of four. Never forget though that Wal-mart also takes competitor coupons plus manufacturer coupons as well. I guess now that Publix is doing the same thing it all depends on where the best deal is!

I tired to ask this on a post about meat savings, but the comments were closed. Hopefully someone or many of you have some comments for me. My son is wanting to get an electric food grinder, as today begins hunting season in Texas and he wants to process his own meat and make his own sausage himself (its okay, he’s an animal science guy). Any recommendations on electric grinders? Specific brands or models, certain hp, or other requirements or where to get the best deal? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you everyone!

Bass Pro shops has a good brand on sale on their recent holiday sale flyer on the first page. I don’t know anything first hand but my male coworkers were all thinking of purchasing it.

Emi is right about Bass Pro having a good one. It is made by Lem which is highly rated and the sale price is less than Lem sells them for on it’s website. The size depends on the amount he wants to make. For 1 or 2 deer a year he could probably get by with a .35 HP which is their #8. More than that go with a 3/4 HP which is #12. Have him go to Lem’s website and he will find everything he needs to know and all the other supplies he will be needing. Depending on model he’s looking $350 to $450 but also check Amazon.

I live in Florida myself and I go to Publix for most of my shopping. I can use competitor coupons there also. I can use Sav-A-Lot, Sweetbay and Winn Dixie. So I can really rack up on the savings. I only shop for things I need or going to need. I hardly step foot in Wal-Mart or other stores. Also if some of you don’t know, look in your Sunday paper (mine is usually in the first part of the paper) Publix has coupons. LIke last week it was $2 off meat. Sometimes they have $5/$25. Sometimes you will find those kind of coupons for the other stores.

I hear people talk about fipublix coupons in their papers, but I never do. I am like you too though about walmart. I do have young children though, so I usually hit CVS for diapers and personal care items. Otherwise, I love Publix for their BOGO.

I never get the Publix q’s in our paper:( Publix is one of my favorite stores. Even though some prices may be higher I can justify buying those items b/c the employees there are extremely nice and they are super coupon friendly!

Ditto on Publix shopping – I save between 45-60% every single week by shopping their sales with coupons. My Publix takes Target and Winn Dixie coupons so I save extra buy buying deeply discounted (Savologoy, etc. sometimes has them for $5.00 a copy so you make $$15 on each booklet you buy – then I resell the rest of the unused book on EBay) copies of Enjoy The City Booklets that in our area carry four $5.00 off $30 Winn Dixie Coupons in the front – I bought enough to use at least one of those every week for the entire year. We also have access to a BJ membership and do some shopping at CVS/Walgreens. I also do some Target shopping – I have a Target Red Debit Card that saves me 5% automatically and when I shop their sales and can double up on coupons (theirs and manf.) I often get great deals.

That is a great idea for the $5 off $30. My store won’t take target which is a bummer. No BJ’s either.

Most grocery store chains in the Washington, DC are double regularly up to $0.99 – but the prices are really, really high here and that’s why I think they do it. In areas where food prices are significantly cheaper – like California or Florida, I can understand why they don’t.

Even without doubling though you can get great deals. Stores always have lost leaders every week to get you into the store.

Food prices are not cheaper here. Maybe compared to DC, but not compared to other states that I have lived in. I think prices here are actually higher. I am not sure why these 2 states don’t double, but it is not because of the low price of food.

The prices where I am at in Florida are actually alot higher than what i am use to back in NC which does double and triple q’s.

What about California? It’s the hardest place to save. How can we save in the golden state?

I live in Ca and I save about 50% on food and about 75% on everything else. I do this by printing a lot of coupons online and I get 2 Sunday papers. I shop mainly at Vons, Rite-Aid, CVS and Target and I get most of my deal ideas from KCL. I stock up on meat and produce when they are at their lowest prices and freeze them. We do have higher prices and no double coupons, but the deals are available in this area!

how do you save at vons? vons is like the most expensive place! tell me so i can save too! how do you save 50%?

Vons can be awesome to shop at sometimes. This week I was able to save on some of my most needed Mc Cormick seasonings. I was able to buy 30 bottles and 16 packages for $6.40 by using their store coupons with Mfc’s. I was so excited. It’s timing with everything and the ability to stock pile so your not at the stores mercy. Sometimes you have to walk up and down the aisles to get what’s available for you. Remember its your household your shopping for not everyone else so get what is your personal need at that time. Most of all pray first that things will be revealed to you and have patience. Good luck everyone!!!!!

Sorry for the long delay in answering. I always look at what is on sale and match the coupon with the sales. I always stock up on meat when it is on sale. I buy Boneless skinless chicken when it is $1.99 a lb. and bone-in whne it is .99 a lb.. Beef I try not to spend more than $3.99 a lb. Buy produce when it is in season and freeze it for later. I always buy cheese when it is on sale and there is a great pdf coupon for ,55 off of dairy items with the “Real Ca Seal”. Also scour your Just for U acct for sale prices. Sometimes they have both a personalized price and a coupon and you don’t have to clip anything. The key is to stock up when the prices are low. Vons is great also because they tell you what % you save at the bottom of your receipt. I rarely leave without saving at least 50%! Good luck!

I would think about the same as us in Fl. You just have to watch prices carefully and know when to buy things. Use your drugstores too like I have too to get your personal care really cheap. That saves you money for food.

I used to live in Nevada, they dont double, and in Vegas where we lived prices were pretty high for groceries. I’m considering going back in the next year or two and I really dont think I’d do so well with couponing out there. Publix is really Florida’s saving grace when it comes to couponing.

It is really frustrating! My Publix accept target coupons love their BOGO sales and also save shopping on CVS and Walgreens & Dollar tree; I get like 15 copies of news papers for free plus my subscription. I ve my Bj’s card an also use coupons to save there not too much but its ok!

How do you manage to get the free papers? I’d love to know your trick for that one!

I haven’t tried this because I live in a rural area, but I think you could probably pick up extra papers at hotels and hospitals.

Have friends save them for you, dumpster dive, take them from EMPTY forclosed homes.

I live by to a rural store the give me extras they don’t sell

Thank you for the tip on getting a free All You subscription I haven’t signed up for MyCokeRewards yet, but maybe it’s time!!

I’m also in Florida, and find I get my best deals at Publix. I also split the cost of a Costco membership with my sister, the savings at the gas station alone are worth it – the gas there is generally 5 cents or more cheaper per gallon without working out reward points through grocery shopping.

how did you get a free all you subscription? i am not having a lot of luck with it.

With the MyCokeRewards program – check the link above in the article.

In the post above, she mentioned that it is one of the things that you can use your redeem your coke rewards for.

I’m in Florida too. I’ve only been learning this art for a couple of months and being a Florida couponer has really frustrated me at times.

I’m in an area where our Sunday paper is $3! OUCH. We don’t have a BJ club store. My Publix doesn’t accept Target (only 4 stores that are on the other side of town). Two of those are expensive and don’t have good coupons, one isn’t even located here in town and the other does mostly digital coupons (is there a way for Publix to accept those?)

I did manage to save about 40% on my shopping run yesterday, but it was only selected items – not a typical full grocery trip and it did involve going to 5 different stores.

I’ve often wondered if making the drive to Georgia would be worthwhile, but I have called the nearest GA towns and they don’t double either. :(

Thanks for this article – it’s very helpful!

Oh, and forgot to mention – my Walmart prices are HIGH as well. They are usually double what KCL lists in deals. Examples: The organic carrots that were mentioned a few days ago for 74cents – they were 1.80-ish in my store. There was also an Olay aisle display I noticed yesterday and part of the printing on the display was something like “discover Olay for less than $4” so I would assume they were promoting an Olay product for $3.97 or around that price, right? Nope – the product was $4.84. BUMMER!

Maybe try and look at it differently. I live in CA and my prices are higher and also no stores in my area double coupons. But I try to save at least 50% on my areas prices. I use the KCL suggestions, but I know that I won’t usually find the low prices listed. Mine are always higher. Just stay positive and see what percent off you are getting. Work with what you have. I don’t plan on moving out of CA and high prices are just what I have to deal with, but I know I can feed my family for way less than retail!

My apologies to tracy!! I’m on my phone and wanted to affirm her positive encouragment fir califirnians and my phone went haywire on the arrows!!

Well, at least your real estate prices are dropping like a rock. Mine did in Cape Coral anyway.

Haha – that would be great if I hadn’t bought 6 years ago at the all-time high. We’ve lost 1/3 of the value of our home. :(

I live in Orlando, so I’m not close enough to the border to drive to Georgia! As for Publix, the only thing you can do is ask customer service which competitors’ coupons they accept, if any! Mine used to take CVS and Walgreens coupons, but they don’t anymore. Many stores have updated their coupon policies as a way to fight back against extreme couponers. And yes, prices are high here in Florida. Probably not the highest-priced state, but definitely up there!

Just do the best you can each week. YOu will see more deals over time. Stock up really well when something is on sale. My publix doesn’t take target q’s either. I usually buy what I can at publix and CVS and then hit someplace like save a lot of aldi’s for the remainder. Walmart if I absolutely have too.

Have you looked at your dollar tree, dollar general, or family dollar to see if they have the sunday paper? They are normally cheaper there. The sunday paper here is $2 and I get it for $1 at those stores!

I don’t mean to sound like a bummer but I’m a little concerned about one thing in this article… I also live in Florida and Publix is my go-to grocery store because they are great about accepting competitor coupons and are very coupon friendly in general. However, unless I’m reading it incorrectly, this article suggests that you can “triple the savings” by using a manufacturer, Publix, and competitor coupon on the same item. The Publix coupon policy clearly states that you may use EITHER a Publix coupon OR a competitor coupon, along with a manufacturer coupon on the same item. (“We will accept a manufacturer’s coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item.”)

The rest of the advice in this article is great and my thanks to whoever wrote it. I just don’t want that part to mislead people about the rules at that particular store, which could lead to them becoming even more strict about their rules.

Didn’t realize that – my store regularly accepts all three for the same item. Maybe it’s just a fluke or maybe they aren’t familiar with their own policy!

My store abides by their policy, no “triple savings” here

Prior to the corporate policy, my Publix also accepted all 3. But, now it is either a Publix or competitor coupon. Not both.
I saw someone comment earlier about using a peelie and a manufacturer coupon on the same item… uhmmmm… no. They are both manufacturer coupons. It is one or the other.

I regularly save 75-85% at my south FL Publix. It is my #1 shopping place. I go into Walmart about 3 times a year now. (YAY!)
I don’t really agree with most of the article… I teach classes and teach people how to correctly, ethically and effectively use their coupons and save 50-90% on their regular weekly household needs. No twisting the rules needed.