I read a while back how to make liquid hand soap from a bar. Well, now I’m going to to try it with this deal on Olay single bars. With a manufacturer coupon they end up free at Dollar Tree until the end of the month.

Olay Soap Bar, 1 ct $1.00, regular price
$1.00/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash or In Shower Body Lotion, excludes Simply and trial size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 10/28 (exp 11/30)
Final Price: Free


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Just got progresso kitchen favorites for .25 used .75 off 1 it was either ss or rp exp 121 I pkd up 2 boxes & u just got 2 add the chicken for a meal.
I will try 2 get the soaps I have 2 coupons I want 2 use b4 they expire 1130

walmart also has these for .98 a bar

Where can I find the Olay coupon; I am a new couponer : ) 2 week

FYI! I went to the DT early, was able to pick up the Olay bars P&G 4 free, efferdent 2 free, then noticed they had single rolls of Bounty, was able to use the P&G, $1 off/2 and spotted the puffs 3 packs up by the register, used the $1 off/2. Paper products were not free but B1G1 is good enough! My DT had to enter all coupons by hand–no issues!

Went to two different dollartrees and both were out of olay bar soap, this week and the past week.

Target has these single bars too and the coupons are good there also. I got 20 bars free of charge!

Okay I am so confused…. My PG 10/28 insert has a different olay coupon than you are talking about., $1/2 simply olay bars or body wash (excludes trial/travel size) exp 11/30. Last months PG insert that exp 10/31 had $1/1 olay bar. Are there different inserts based on where you live in the country? I live in Northern California and am just trying to make since of this. Thanks so much.

I was wondering if someone can help me. I live in Las Vegas in a apartment complex. I use to get p&g saver coupon book and smart source in the mail. As of about a month ago I don’t get them anymore. Nobody in my complex does because I use to get others out of the trash. I went on p&g web site and can’t find how to request it to my mail. How can I get these coupons without buying lots of news papers? I want them back in everyone’s mail box so I can get them free. Please help me thank you.

I don’t live in NV, but I heard someone in LA say that she no longer gets free mailer smart source either. It might be happening in other areas.

Some Walmarts have the single bars.

I printed out the Olay Coupon and took it to the store and they said they couldn’t take it because it didn’t have the UPC code at the bottom with the bar code…It NEVER HAD one…..Why is that I drove 30 miles to get this soap my daughter was with me because she wanted some too ended up with NOTHING!!!……..not very happy about it…

i have a great Dollar Tree near my house. I have gotten Oil of Olay bars (free), Hefty Ziploc Bags, Alka Seltzer, Advil PM, Halls Cough Drops, Airwick Sprays, just to name a few…and I only had one problem with one cashier, but the Manager quickly fixed that issue. They really do need to update their system, they have to manually enter each coupon, that might be why they are telling you different stories because it is very time consuming to enter the coupons. And if you have a coupon that says $1/2, they will accept those…even $2/2 (free) they just won’t accept the ones that say $2/1 (overage) they will not accept those per the Manager, 2 internet coupons but all the manufacture coupons you can bring in unless the Manufacturer has a limit (like 4 per transaction). Their coupon policy is usually posted on the door of their Manager office (or at least mine is). just a heads up!!

does anyone kno wh
at dollar tree carries these in or near buena park…

This worked for me! And my dollar tree does not usually carry the deals found on this site. :) I used 4 coupons, and asked if they were not considered trial or travel first but the cashier looked and said they would work.

My Dollar Tree was really good about the coupons for the Olay. My checker and I split my cart into four transactions, one for each me and my friends who were with me. I ended up getting a total of 32 bars of the soap, 14 of the L’oreal Paris Eye makeup, 8 of the Speed Sticks, and the other things I was buying. She was extremely patient with me, and was thrilled when I gave her the left over coupons that I was unable to use (due to the household limits). I think I ended up giving her four of the Olay, and four of the speed stick. I was going to donate the speed stick anyway, so no big deal.

Wow your Dollar Tree actually stock 32 of these? Mine is very limited on what they stock and this was not included..

Wow great deal!, you are so blessed to have found a patient cashier.

there is no need to ever split ur transaction up at Dollartree. Just because the coupon says 4 like coupons per transaction u may do it all at once if u had 32 olay coupons and 32 bars 1 transaction only time u would have to split is if using more then any 2 internet printed coupons :)

I’m curious how some of you get 10+ at one time when the coupon says “4 per household”?

she said her friends and her so different households…..

I got 11 of these the other day with no problem. They said there is no limit so I got them all. There were at least 60 more in the bin so I didn’t even make a dent.

There is no store limit on coupons that are from inserts however the coupon itself has a limit of 4 per transaction and Dollar Tree will find out soon enough if the coupon won’t reimburse them because they didn’t follow the limitations they put on a single transaction which is four.

I can’t find this coupon. :/

I have a sneeky suspicion that my local Dollar Tree removes products off their shelves after discovering there is a dollar off coupon for them . . . .I don’t know why. They make a profit off the coupons as well as getting their money back. Makes no sense.

be careful too, the little buggers are adding items not purchased onto your bill, totalling the amount of coupons used…go figure,, what next?

Please explain what happened to you.

you listed that you can make liquid soap out of a bar of soap. Would you please tell us how you do that? thank you

I printed a “coupon” but it did not contain the UPC code…will that coupon work?

The policy doesn’t specifically state that your coupon needs a UPC code, but most stores do require one (just for future reference) but all I can say is try it and find out (you might want to consider calling your store and asking the manager- it might save you a trip). Don’t forget to let us know the outcome!

Tried this at my Dollar Tree last night. The bars were not considered trial sized, so I was able to use the coupons on them. Not only that, but I was able to get multiple bars, in the same transaction, without a hitch. I took the time to go over the coupon policy with the manager on at the time, and she told me that while they have a strict 2 print-at-home coupon limit, I am allowed to use as many clipped manufacturer coupons in the same transaction as I’d like. She also showed me several examples of coupons that they do not accept, and gave me the most recent version of their coupon policy. If anyone wants to me share what I learned, let me know!

Please, do share anything new you’ve learned. As much as I LOVE $Tree, I haven’t even tried to figure out how to use coupons there.

What she showed me as far as UNACCEPTABLE coupons:
-Buy One Get One coupons of any sort.
-Coupons valued at more than a dollar.
-Coupons good off of more than one product (i.e. Save $1 on any Two….)
-More than two print-at-home coupons per transaction (still not sure if you can do separate transactions for this)

She told me to pay EXTRA attention to the sizes of the product the coupon is good for. She pointed out that a lot of the products carried at the Dollar Tree are sizes NOT covered by the coupons. Generally, the products will be too small.

Lastly, if you read the most recent version of their Coupon Policy, you will notice that at the bottom, it says that each store holds to right to reject or limit any coupons for any reason, when the manager sees fit. So while you may have a very successful shopping trip at one Dollar Tree, the store manager of a different store may not be as lenient with coupons. Therefore, you may not get the same treatment in all Dollar Trees, and they have the right to do that.

No matter what Dollartree u go to u may use a coupon valued at more than a dollar but u may only use a dollar of it example 1.25 off any olay bar u can use the $1.00 but coupon will be adjusted down to price of item no overage at all..also manager misinformed u of not being able te use the $1.00 off 2 products example $1.00 off 2 gain fabric softener u may use this coupon or the $1.00 off of 2 hefty slider bags and get them for .50 each also incase ur dollartree has airwick candles in, there is a coupon for $2.00 off of 2 airwick candles which $1.00 off each product makes 2 free per coupon they would enter $2.00 off this is per Dollartrees policy . I am in management at this place and love coupons so I am very well informed on this policy :)

I went in last week here in CT and got a bunch of different items with $1/2 or $1/3. Today I went in and they refused to take my coupons. I was so dissappointed. I reread their policy and it does not stat that you can not use $1 off multiple items. Frustrated me only because last week it was not an issue.

It might be just my store that doesn’t like $ off of more than 1 item coupons. As I said, they leave a lot to manager discretion. If they work for you guys, I’m jealous!

Thats fab! An insider :) Awesome. And it appears you love coupons too. Lol

I recently bought Werthers candies at $1 off of 2 and didn’t have an issue using them. I do know you can’t use any free items coupons but they didn’t give me any issues with the others. The only thing i don’t like is they punch in every coupon by hand. I’d prefer if they could scan them because its just quicker. When I go in they always have a supervisor come in just to put them in the system. Takes a lot of time, trying to figure out when its not busy so I don’t cause others issues with waiting.

Dollartree coupon policy states you can only use 2 print-at-home coupons and 1 manufacture coupon per transaction and they dont accept coupons for “free” items.

I was wondering the same thing about the free item. Does that mean if the coupon says free up to a certain dollar amount or if it is free after your coupon?

So here is exactly what the policy states about free items…”We are unable to accept coupons for “Free” items with no purchase requirements or where the amount for the product is blank.”

Now that means that the actual coupon can’t be for a free item, as an example “One free bar of Olay soap” wouldn’t be accepted neither would “buy one Olay soap bar get one free” because it doesn’t state a redemption value but a “Buy one Olay bar get one free up to $1.50” would be perfectly fine.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for the example that makes it very clear. I used my coupons that same day and got two free bars of soap. The guy at the register went to ask the manager questions about the coupon but was very nice about it. I can’t wait to shop there again with coupons I love this site.

The policy states that “Only one (1) manufacturer’s coupon will be accepted per item.” not per transaction. Which really just means that Dollar Tree doesn’t allow you to stack coupons. So feel free to go a little Krazy with you manufacturer coupons!

Got twenty of them from dollar tree some gave me problems some didn’t but I do have coupons for twenty more I’m going to get before they expire

The coupon says only 4 like coupon in one transaction. You need to break the transactions up if they are going to get paid for it.

I went to two different dollar tree store because one store did not carry Olay bar soap whatsoever. When I was about to use 4 coupons, the cashier went ahead and called the manager. She said that I can only use 2 coupons, so I told her I would like to do 2 separate transaction. She seemed pretty upset. I really didn’t care because I got 4 free Olay bar soap 😀

I think they are getting the insert coupons mixed up with internet coupons. There is a limit of 2 internet printed coupons per transaction, but there is no limit on coupons from newspaper inserts. I was able to use 4 coupons today because P&G limits their coupons to four per trip.

my dollar tree has no name brands in xenia,oh what the closest to me that does

aren’t these considered travel size? I have tried using at target and walmart and they will not accept them because they are travel size…

Thats a really good question because i dont know how more “trial size” you can get with a single bar. HMmmmmm

Travel and trial sizes should be labeled on the package. So even if it is a small size without being labeled the manager should allow you to use your coupon.

How do I get the coupon?

P and G saver had 2 of them in this months insert

Not to mention if you look p&g has 2 coupons that you can use this on. I did have some trouble at my dollar tree though they argued that I could only use one coupon per transaction…I gave up arguing with them and trying to get them to understand the lingo on the coupon and told them if they are going to accept coupons then know what they mean!!!! Like I said I was pretty mad at this point but went to another one and they are wonderful =)

If the manager insists you ring all items up separately, I would then ask the manager if they want me to walk in and out of the store between all of the purchases as well?

Lol…I love couponing and I follow it by the books and I do that because I have a heck of a mouth and when someone tells me something I know is not true I will stand and fight about it…however I was so mad and disgusted on how moronic they were it was best for me to just leave lol 😉

lol :)

I also tried to get her to understand the wording was meaning 1 coupon per product purchased not 1 per transaction. I also told her if you want to be technical I can only use 4 of these type coupons PER transaction and even showed her that but I truely think she was just a total moron!!!!

I had the same trouble, if they are going to accept coupons then they need to know how to do it. The cashier I had didn’t even know how to take them off. Then the manager came out and said that it has to look just like the picture. I said (as nice as I could) forget it.

This is not good do u mind me asking what Dollartree u went to u may for example use 50 of the exact same coupons in 1 transaction for olay if they have they have the product in management does have the right to limit quantities but 1 is ridiculous the limit which they should be sticking to is 2 internet coupons only other then that no limit 1 item per coupon.

I tried to use coupons at the Dollar Tree yesterday. The cashiers says a manager must input coupons but she was out of the store. I had some great deals too. It was very disappointing.

I had a similar experience, the store associate had to call over a manager and they very thoroughly checked the coupons before finally scanning them, which was quite the process in it’s self.

Some Walmarts have them for $.97, making them a .03 MM.

Thanks Jessi, this is a great tip! Free is good but a money maker is better!

Does Walmart literally ‘give’ you the 3 cents credit towards something else on the receipt?

Yep, or they hand you 3 pennies in change. :)

I did this today!!

I have a question… when I see a deal and then its says for example SS 10/14.. how do I know which SS insert that is? I have been looking for a date on all my inserts and can’t seem to find when they came out. Is there a way to tell or do I need to mark the date on them when they come in the mail?

It’s in very small print on the binding of the insert.

I never knew that. It also lists the area newspapers the insert should be found in. Guess I need a 101 refresher. Thanks for the info.

thank you for telling us this i have wondered this as well and i just went to look and yes it is on the spine of the insert at the top and yes VERY small print! What a time saver! I was spending so much time looking thru all my smart sources trying to find a particular coupon….this will save me much time as now i will mark the date in marker on the front of the page once I see the date. As I get new inserts i put the date on them the same day i get them. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

But it definitely helps to take a marker and write the date on the front of the insert so you can find it a lot easier. I dont want to assume anything but just incase if you need any tips on anything else KCLs beginner tab has some useful things they explain in there.

The date is on the spine of the insert….in very, very small letters.

Hello Erica, THE SS 10/14 stand for October 14th. Date the whole insert from the paper so you can find it later( File it away). IT IS WAYS ON THE COMPUTER TO FIND THEM LATER WHEN YOU NEED THEM ! hope this helps!

I went in to dollar tree to get these yesterday and they were sold out of them…


Does DT give rainchecks? Since the products they receive are overstock, there is no assurance that they will receive more of that product. Right?

You have until the end of the month to use these coupons and the Olay soaps are a product that they usually keep in stock all time- just try again next week.