We have a great price on Yakisoba Noodles at Kroger. Grab your coupons and get some while they are on sale..





Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles, 4 oz $0.99, sale price through 11/10
Use $0.49/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Product from SS 10/14 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $0.50, or $0.01 with double 

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27 thoughts on “Yakisoba Noodles, As Low As $0.01 at Kroger!”

Why cant they put saving on stores that doesn’t double.Kroger doesn’t double in Texas..What stores doubles?????

It depends on your area. Ask around to see which stores in your area doubles.

i bought my coupons off ebay 40 of them for like 4.00

They have these 10/$10 at Randall’s right now. If your store doubles they are free!

In Oklahoma, I have been to 3 wal-marts that have them on sale for 77 cents, they dont double but you only pay 27 cents after the coupon also, which is decent!

i went to the smart source website and didnt find it what page is it on i live in tx

SS=Smart Source insert from Sunday papers and the date mentioned is what Sunday the insert was located in.

What section of the store are these located in?

at my store they are with the soups, over by the cup o’ noodles type stuff

I know some krogers, like the one where i live in College Station, Texas are on for $0.89 this week, so after the double it was free! :)

They used to give cash back for overage in TX Kroger, when we lived there a year ago. Made $19 there one day. So you might want to try it and get some money back :)

This was a better deal last week, when my local Tom Thumb (Safeway, north Texas) was doing a B1G1 offer. I usually wait for those, since I am then getting two free with the coupon (doubled) instead of one.

Where do i get the coupon from???

It is located in the 10/14 SS insert in your newspaper.

On the Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles at Kroger, I can’t find that coupon ANYWHERE…why does it say there’s a coupon and where it’s located but it’s really not there???

The coupon is a newspaper coupon. Some regions carry different coupons, so if you can’t find this one in your paper, try going to the SmartSource website and see if you can get the coupon that way.

So there’s a 50 cent coupon and a 49 cent coupon?

No, some Kroger’s will double coupons up to .50…

No, I know that. I have used the 50 cent coupon recently. But since TKCL posted that it was a 49 cent coupon, I didn’t know if it was a typo or if I should be on the lookout for a 49 cent coupon as well.

No there is just the one coupon from the SS newspaper insert.

here the store is call frys and they double up to 1.00 but they don’t have on sale for .99centes they have it for 1.29 so i am getting it for .29cent each

How do you get the double coupon at kroger

It’s done automatically at my store during checkout up to $.50.

Some Kroger stores double coupons up to certain value. (Mine doubles coupons with a face value of 50 cents or below.) This applies only to the kind clipped from newspaper inserts or printed via computer, not those loaded onto a Kroger card or the Kroger coupons the store sends in the mail.

It depends on the region you are living. There are some Kroger stores that will double up to a $0.50 coupon.

YAY my kids love those and I have coupons too!!!

Mine too! I have college kids and they take them (among other things) back to campus.