Here is a step by step tutorial on how to double coupons at Kmart. Stores do vary, so please check your ad to see if your store is participating.

Double Coupons

First of all, you must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member in order to double any coupons. To become a member, sign up online here or at the checkout register. Kmart will double coupons every day up to $1.00 at face value. This means you will have a maximum double amount of $2.00 per coupon. However, there are a few catches. One, you can only double 5 coupons per day. Two, you must reach $25.00 in grocery, health and/or beauty items (laundry products are included in grocery) in order to double those 5 coupons.

Coupon Order

Order matters! To get the maximum savings, here is how you should present your coupons:

  1. Kmart In-Ad or In-Store Coupons
  2. Manufacturers Coupons – 5 coupons to double should be handed first, before any other manufacturers coupon.
  3. Catalinas – You can only use one Catalina per transaction.
  4. Gift Cards

Rewards Points

Kmart runs a reward promotion where you earn points for spending a certain amount or for buying a certain number of items. In order to get any bonus points, you must become a bonus member. To do so, simply provide a valid email address. Once complete, start earning points.

To earn points, simply fulfill the requirements for that promotion. 1,000 points puts $1.00 on your card to use at a later date. Beware, some points take a few days to show up on your account.

If doubling coupons, you will need to compensate for the amount of the doubled coupons in order to earn the points. Kmart promos state, “after all discounts are applied” which means Kmart store coupons and any doubles. For example: Spend $10.00 on Pantene Shampoo, Receive 5,000 Shop Your Way Rewards Points. Let’s say you are doubling 3 coupons. You must then spend $3.00 more in Pantene Shampoo in order to earn those points.

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13 thoughts on “How To Double Coupons and Get Rewards Points at Kmart”

I thought Kmart stopped doubling coupons sometime ago?

Is it possible that some Kmart will double more than 5 coupons per day?…. Because the Kmart I went to doubled all my coupons for me ( I had about 8 coupons all together that were all double!)

A few weeks back Kmart doubled up to 10 coupons. That was reginal and I was unsure what stores participated.

So, now the new policy is that they only double up to 5 coupons per day right? or Are there still some Kmarts that will double more than 5 coupons depending on the region?

Been couponing for a year now. Really enjoy it but I’ve started to steer clear of Kmart.
Have tried three times on Kmart’s Wed/Sat double coupon day but found will only double up to a $1 not $2, even when it says it in the ad. Checked kmart site at the 2 stores I’ve tried and they’re listed as doublers.

I’ve found the staff to be completely unknowledgeable about their own policy, which is frustrating and have been searching for months, for something, anything official from kmart I can arm myself with when I go shopping, but nothing’s out their.

Would really like to take advantage of these deals I see everyone getting. Please help. What am I doing wrong?

Kmart is very uneducated on there policy, even corporate. If it states something in there ad they have to accept it. Kmart will double coupons up to $1.00 which means they will double to $2.00. Take Kmart coupon policy with you and they have to honor it.

How do you use your shop your way card? Do you hand it to the sales associate at Kmart? I that separate from the Kmart rewards program mentioned in the last section, or is it the same?

P.s. I tried to post a similar comment a couple of mins ago but didn’t go through…but if it does sorry for the duplicate questions.


You have the cashier scan your card during every transaction just like any other member rewards card program.

KCL so if I have a coupon for $2 off truvia K Mart will only double it to $3? Also they only double coupons once a day so if I do multiple transactions they won’t double those coupons for the second or third transaction?

Only coupons with a face value up to a dollar ($1) are doubled, . $2 coupons and up won’t double..hth

Oh okay well I thought something differently :(

Wow…. I’m surprised your Kmart even turned your $2 coupon to $3!!! Usually they won’t double anything over $1.

Her Kmart did not double the $2.00 coupon, it was a question. You are correct Kmart will only double coupons up to $1.00 face value