I was thrilled to see this new coupon show up today! It’s a CVS store coupon for Visine Tired Eye Relief, which will be part of an ExtraBucks promotion starting this Sunday, 11/18. Stack it with a manufacturer coupon and make $1.00! The manufacturer coupon will be adjusted down, since no overage is allowed per CVS policy. Take a look:






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43 thoughts on “Print Now—$1.50 Moneymaker on Visine at CVS, Starting 11/18!”

Just printed off the CVS Coupon. It does say “CVS” at the top and not “Manufacturer.” Thanks for the 411 coupon ladies!

CVS post again the coupon!

The 4.00 coupon is back! I just printed mine under the zip code 02451 :) ENJOY!!

Went to CVS this morning in SD and tried to use the CVS coupon and the MQ. CVS clerk had to ask the manager if I can do that. He says, “No, you can not use two coupons for one item.” I told him that one is the store’s and one is the MQ. That the store policy says you can do that. Was I wrong? So in the end, I was not allow to use it and they looked at me like was some coupon criminal… :(

My visine had a 4 dollar peelie coupon!! woo hoo MM

Thank you! Updating the post :)

cannot find the $4 and the $3 FB indicates campaign has ended.

Tried to print 4.00 coupon from CVS only showing .75 coupon so where are you getting the 4.00 coupon maybe a different zip code?

It was under 90210, but it was pretty hot and is probably gone :(

I used this last night because my store early activates and it took off $4.00 and $3.00, didn’t prompt the clerk to do anything

just did the Visine deal at CVS, the coupons were not adjusted down, they took the full value of the $3 facebook and $4.00 CVS and got back the $1.50 ECB for a total moneymake of $ 3.00. Awsome deal.

yep…me too!!!!

Me too. :)

was there a few hrs ago but i was out of ink, got ink and now it’s gone

it has to be gone…cant find it under any zip

Thank you KCL. :)

You’re very welcome :)

Try 90210 :) Personal Care.

Tried 90210 just now, no luck. Gone you think?

I just tried, too, 90210 and 77477, can’t find it :(

its back again.

Yes, it’s a pretty big deal. Sorry you missed it!

I just printed off two of the “CVS” $4 off coupons but they look exactly like manufacturer’s coupons. Unique bar codes. The only difference is it says CVS at the top. Even on the redemption instructions it refers to the “retailer” and not CVS specifically. Are we sure this will stack with the $3 Facebook manufacturer’s coupon?

I can only assume it is from the normal hints: states “CVS/pharmacy” on the top instead of “manufacturer coupon,” barcode starts with a 4. I agree that the “remit to” address being there is a little concerning. The best thing I can suggest is to try it and respect the decision the cashier/register makes regarding its use. HTH!

Thanks! idk if anyone noticed yet but if you go to the main site, under featured you can print a $1 or $2.50 (if you share) coupon for hersheys. print before its gone!

Where is the Hershey’s coupon? Thanks.

Awesome! I have a $4 peelie for this product in my binder.

how many of these can you get in one trans? Is it 4?

It says limit 1 for the $1.50 ECB but otherwise, I doubt there’s a limit on how many you can actually purchase.

No limits on how many you can purchase, but there is a limit of 1 EB reward.

Is it only for the “tired eye relief”??

Yes, just got back from CVS


$3 MM I think.

You are *probably* not gonna get overage for your coupons at CVS.

You’re right… Just reread KCL’s post. $1.50 MM is great, too.

I can’t print at home – I hope it is still there in the morning!

I can’t find the CVS coupon either :(

It’s still there — try zip 90210, personal care coupons. Good luck!

I found it under zip 77477!

Great! Thanks!

I can’t find the CVS coupon.

I can send it to you. 4th page when viewing all items. I used 90210 zip