Be sure to check your email for a 25% off coupon from CVS! The coupon is available to print through today,11/18, and expiration will vary depending when you printed. CVS percent-off coupons exclude clearance, sale, and promotional items, such as BOGO sales. However, they can be used on items that trigger ExtraBucks, as long as the participating item is regular price.

I’ve found some of the best regular-priced deals this week, added the 25% off coupon, and turned them into some stock-up deals! Remember, these products are marked at regular price but will produce ExtraBucks when you buy! Take a look:

Buy 2 Neutrogena Conealer Sticks $7.99, regular price
Buy 2 Neutrogena Face Products, Receive $8.00 ExtraBucks, Valid 11/18-11/21, Limit 1
Use 25% Off CVS Email Coupon
And use one $2.00/1 – Neutrogena Face Product, Limit One Per Customer – (
And use one $2.00/1 Neutrogena Face Makeup, limit one coupon per customer from SS 9/16 (exp 11/30)
Pay $7.99, Receive $8.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker, when you buy 2


Schick Hydro Shave Gel, 8.4 oz $3.69, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks, Valid 11/18-11/21, Limit 1
Use 25% Off CVS Email Coupon
And use $0.75/1 Schick Hydra Shave Gel from SS 11/18 (exp 12/30)
Pay $2.02, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.02


Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Irritation 5 Defense Shave Gel, 7 oz $4.99, regular price
Buy 1 Gillette Shave Gel or Cartridge, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks, Valid 11/18-11/21, Limit 1
Use 25% Off CVS Email Coupon
And use $1.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shave Prep or Fusion ProSeries Skin Care, excludes trial size, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 10/28 (exp 11/30)
Pay $3=2.74, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.74


Buy 1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor $12.99, regular price
Buy 1 Schick Hydro Silk Refill Cartridge, 4 ct $17.49, regular price
Buy 1 Select Schick Razors or Refills, Receive $4.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 2
Use 25% Off CVS Email Coupon
And use B1G1 FREE – Schick Hydro Silk Razor wyb Schick Hydro Refill, Up To $12.99 – (
Pay $9.87, Receive $8.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.94 each, when you buy both


Buy 2 Lumene Eye Makeup Removers, 3.4 oz $6.29, regular price
Buy 2 Lumene Cleansing Wipes, 25 ct $6.79, regular price
Buy 1 Lumene Day or Night Cream, 0.5 oz $3.79, regular price
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks, Valid 11/18-11/21, Limit 1 (November monthly deal, Limit 14)
Use 25% Off CVS Email Coupon
Pay $22.46, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $2.49 each, when you buy all 5

Keep in mind, as with all percent-off coupons, there are a few things that will impact your discount, including certain types of other CVS coupons such as Beauty Rewards, Green Bag Tag Rewards, and “purchase-based” coupons (e.g.; $4/$20). Visit our Percent-off tutorial to learn all about how CVS Percent-Off Coupons work!

Didn’t get this email? Not everyone gets every email. To increase your chances, be sure to connect your ExtraCare card to an email address at You will receive promotional emails with great coupons like this one, as well as have access to customized coupons!

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42 thoughts on “25% Off Coupon: Free Neutrogena Concealer at CVS!”

I feel like I’m going to be stuck with this coupon. I don’t know how to use it or what to use it on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. New sale starts tomorrow. :s

Same happened to me too. Haven’t received any since October 25th. Hope they start sending them again soon. All I’ve been getting are the coupons for CVS online :(

No worries. That happens. You’ll get them regularly then all of a sudden, they’ll stop. Same happened to me. But we’ll get them again :)

There’s a $4 off Lumene coupon on Facebook to add to the savings. No limit you can use and print as many as you like.

I heard the $4.00 coupon off Facebook was no longer being accepted. Anyone else hear this?

That coupon has been unavailable for several days now.

I got $5 off Lumene CVS coupon from their website as a beauty club exclusive coupon. I don’t know if anybody getting one from magic coupon machine, but I didn’t get it from there today when I scaned my card. So if you are a beauty club member, defiantly check your account on their website:)

Awesome! got mine too… it was in mhy online account! No luck at the mcm…

Can we use it with the $4 off coupon?

I got mine too… and I want to know if I can use it with the $4 off coupon too?

The fine print on the 25% off says “does not apply to sale items”. My CVS will not accept them at all.

Sale items mean sale prices. Products with a regular price that produce and ECB is not really considered a sale item, so you can use them. You might need to try to check out with a different cashier or contact CS if the manager isn’t helpful first

not true pamela and teresa is right. my cvs will not accept them even on full price items that generate an ecb. i contacted corporate about it and they are correct and said any store that is honoring it is not following the rules. i’ve “discussed” this with kcl and they still insist it can be done but they are wrong.

I have done it in Florida and Lousiana in different stores during the last year and no problems.

Corporate has also informed us that it is programmed in their registers to apply to qualified items. This isn’t a store-based decision, but corporate-wide programming that they could change at any time they pleased. I’m sorry if you are personally getting different information and/or your specific store is refusing to scan your % off coupons, but please know that our information is not based on just ONE person’s experience, or ONE store’s interpretation, rather a much more broadly vetted application of a practice. We wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

Certainly, some stores and cashiers will give you their own interpretations. We know that as couponers we will always run into a cashier, or even a corporate rep, who still doesn’t understand “one per purchase,” let alone store policy. Perhaps you’ll have better luck getting another CVS store to honor, or at the very least, scan your coupons. Good luck!

I have used it on reg priced items that generated Extra Bucks with no problems.

If they are not willing to scan the coupon, that is up to them, but if they were to do so, they would see that the register accepts and applies the % off appropriately.

My store always applies the % off to regularly priced items, including items that produce ECB, as long as it isn’t a sale price. When I send the % off coupon to my card, the register prompts them to ask if I want to use it. If you have more than one CVS nearby, you might have better luck trying a different store.

can I use the 25% off on the playtex gentle glide or sport tampons?

Those are sale-priced this week, so you could not.

I did not get it….this is so sad……:(

Can print multiple 25% off and use them on different days before they expire?

No. The fine print clearly states that it’s one per card. Besides, if you try to use it anyway, it will beep at the register and will tell the cashier when you first used it. HTH…

The last time I used my coupon, the cashier said that she had to use the 25% off last (after my coupons & ECBs). I think I was cheated! :(

even if they scan it before it comes off after all the coupons. It just adjusts down when they hit enter.

It will still apply to the original prices :) Nice try by the cashier though 😉

I have used it first, middle and last–it all works the same. A point of note, if you use it first, it may say $xxxx saved, but depending on what coupons are used, the 25% will adjust several times and may eventually give a discount for much less than the original $xxxx amount shown when scanned. The cashier may not fully understand how the coupon works and wants to scan it lasts so it gives the “final” discount and does not have to adjust for other factors (coupons) that effect the discount throughout the transaction.

Anyone have different ideas?? Since they refused my Lumene cpns, I don’t know how to use my 25% off! Bummer!!

Why did they refuse the Lumene coupons?

She said they were told not to take anymore because they are duplicated. I didn’t want to argue!

That’s really unfortunate. The company put those coupons in the format they did. It wasn’t a wise choice, but for those who weren’t abusing it, it should still be valid. A quantity limit by the store seems fair, but to just invalidate it altogether, is too bad.

I went to my CVS and they didn’t have any of the Lumene you have posted. All they had was the night firming cream for $3.79 but we couldn’t use the coupon for that. The manager also said we couldn’t get a rain check because the items aren’t usually “stocked” they might get 1-2 but don’t keep them very long? I was confused but rushed so I wasn’t going to argue.

Hi i would like to know how did you get your total for the bogo on the schick hydro deal. I am coming up with a different oop total. Thank you.

The calculation is based on 25% off the price before coupons: $30.48-$7.62. Then I applied the BOGO coupon, which will *most likely* deduct the original price of $12.99 for the razor, due to the fact that the %-off coupon takes one chunk off your total, not as a reduction in each item’s price. Your experience may vary if the cashier decides to apply the %-off coupon to each specific item separately. Hope that helps!

this is a bit off topic but I have 2 questions
1. Is revlon nail polish considered a color cosmetic? sometimes the coupons show the nail polish on the coupon and sometimes they dont. I had a cashier refuse my 1/1 q’s cos they beeped and didnt have nail polish pictured on them.
2. when you hand the cashier a bogo coupon and a cents off coupon . example the schick hydro silk bogo and the 6/1 cartridge coupon what order do you hand it to them so they will except them both?
I cant seem to find any answers on these issues = (

Hard to say abt the nail polish because sometimes Revlon does have seperate cpns for the nail polish. So if it beeps probably a no, but you can try

I would hand her the cents off first, but it really shouldn’t matter because they do accept cpns on a free item. When their sale is bogo you can use a coupon on both items. Some people argue that bogo cpns attach to both items and you can’t use another cpn. It’s a gray area to me!! HTH

The bogo coupon beeps because they have to type in the price. So i would recommend giving that one first. The $6 comes off fine after that.

Nail polish is color cosmetic. I’ve had most of my Revlon q’s beep even getting the product on the pic. I don’t know what it is.

Thank you very much, i appreciate it.

KLC I have a question. went to store yesterday to buy some of the items you suggested that are regular price to use my 25% off coupon, but the cashier said that the register wouldn’t take it, so she will do it manually. First she scan all my coupons then she use a calculator to discount for the last amount after coupons so instead of getting like 18.00 off she just type in 10.00 like if it was a store coupon I didn’t notice at first because there were a bunch of people waiting. Did she did it right?

No, that wasn’t necessary. She should have just scanned the coupon and the register would automatically apply it to applicable items. I don’t know how much you purchased, but it sounds like by doing it manually, she probably gave you MORE than what you were entitled to. The percent off should only come off regular-priced items.

Thank you for the answer went today to a different cvs talk to the manager about what happened with my transaction actually the total was around $55.00 regular prices and $12.00 sale items,so he gave me a gift card for the amount I was missing, it was worth it to ask, so from now on I know that 25% off will be from regular prices only even if they trigger extrabucks and before manufacture coupons. I appreciate all the time both of you take to help us get good deals. Have a blessing thanksgiving weekend to you and all fellow couponers.