The old adage goes that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ignore Grandpa on this one, though, because ING Direct is literally giving money away.

Open an account and earn cash for every member of your family!

There are several accounts and  bonuses, but two that you’ll want to focus on: a checking account for adults and a savings account for kids.

All accounts are free, have no minimum balance requirements and most importantly carry NO monthly fees.  There is no catch! This is the real deal! KCL uses these accounts and highly recommends them.

Get $125 for opening ING Electric Orange Checking Account

  • Open Electric Orange Checking Account by Nov. 25, receive a debit card in the mail and make a total of 10 deposits or purchases using that card within 45 days.
  • A $125 bonus is automatically deposited into your account on day 50.
  • No minimum balance.  No monthly fees.

Get $10 for opening a new ING Direct Kids Savings Account

  • Open a Kids Savings Account with as little as a fifty cent deposit.  There are no required transactions to get your bonus!
  • $10 bonus starts earning interest immediately, and is available for withdrawal after 30 days.

Take advantage of this deal by 11:59 p.m., EST, on Nov. 23, 2012. Apply quickly!


Is a credit check required?

The ING Electric Orange account has overdraft protection, which acts as a temporary line of credit, should you overdraft on your account.  Because of this protection, credit is routinely pulled- not always, but often. Your credit will NOT be pulled for opening Kids Savings Account.

Is there a purchase minimum for the checking account?

ING says “No minimum”, but KCL found out that there is a minimum of fifty cents. Not bad, right?

How soon must I make the purchases for the checking account?

You must make the required purchases for the $125 Electric Orange Bonus within 45 days.

Can I apply for each of my family members?

Yes, ING Direct offers special savings accounts for teens and children. You will receive a bonus for each account opened.  There is no limit to the number of account bonuses per household.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, but you must wait the 50 day minimum to get the bonus.

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20 thoughts on “FREE MONEY! Get Paid to Open FREE ING Savings or Checking Account”

Do you have to pay income tax on this money?

Meaning will I get a 1099-int?

When I did something similar to this with Chase bank, yes, it is reported as interest income to the IRS which you will have to declare as interest income.

I signed up for the $50 bonus a few weeks ago, darn it! : ) I did open a savings account and it won’t give the bonus on that since I have another account already.

if you call them oliver and let them know that you want the other bonus in most cases the bank will honor that. I had a chase account last year give me 150 for opening a month later they sent me promotion for 250. All you have to do is tell them to change your promotion code on your offer in most cases they will

Do you know if there is an age requirement? My 20 year old son tried to sign up, but he was unable to open one. I didn’t see an age listed anywhere, but I just figured as long as he was over 18, he could do it. Thanks!

what is the minimum amount of money we can put in there?

If you have previously had the Electric Orange checking account, and canceled it, unfortunately, the company won’t grant a bonus. Bummer!

My husband and I have been on the phone with ING for the past 15 minutes, looks like we will be able to get the bonus, since we only had the savings account!!


i’ve had their savings accounts for about 4 years now. do i qualify for a checking account?

okay ive got a couple questions…
Im a college student and i havent really est. credit yet, will that matter?
will it negatively affect my credit if i apply and need to cacel?
how will i make deposits if its electronic?

If you’re looking to build a good credit history, signing up for an account is a good idea. Closing a checking account, if you choose to do so, will not negatively affect your credit.

I tried opening last year and went through all the applications and it wouldn’t work because I already had an ING savings account. Do you know if it will work this time?

If you apply for the checking, it might. But I think the bonus is only good for new customers.

After 26 minutes on the phone, it’s all good and we are getting the bonus!!

Are we able to open another savings account for the kids if we opened one for them when they had the 17.76 promo?

Unfortunately, if you got paid to open a kids savings account back in July, you won’t be eligible for this $10 bonus. Unless you have more kids. :)

We did this last year for our family and our kids. Now we check our monthly balance and see so much more interest than other accounts were getting (not to mention free money for starting). Definitely a good move.

glad to hear it!