You created your shopping list, organized your coupons, grabbed your car keys and sped away to the first store of the day. As you step out of the car, your coupons slip out of your hands and spill all over the ground. Taking a deep breath and flashing a beauty queen smile, you pick up your scattered coupons, all the while fuming inside. All that hard work and preparation, and now you have to go through each one again and re-organize!

A simple solution: Tag those coupons before you shop.

While the term “tagging” may bring to mind graffiti involving spray paint and questionable youth, in our dictionary it means: “retailer organization.”

While creating a shopping list and printing and clipping coupons, write the name of the store in pencil in the upper right hand corner, or just outside the coupon. This helps remind you which coupon will be used at each store.

A simple, abbreviated descriptor is all that is needed to designate each one. For example: CVS (CVS), RA = (Rite Aid), WG (Walgreens), T (Target), WM (Walmart), etc.

If you know the order of the stores where you plan to shop, place the coupons in the order of first store to last store for easy reference.

Some final thoughts and tips on tagging:

  • All coupons for a particular store are in one visible section and ready to use.
  • A purchase won’t be forgotten or overlooked.
  • If you don’t carry a coupon binder, a simple binder clip is all you’ll need to keep them intact.
  • If a raincheck is needed, simply couple the coupon with the raincheck and remember the store where it will be used.
  • If a product is out of stock and you plan to return later in the week, you can easily determine where you originally planned to use the coupon.
  • If you don’t end up using a coupon, simply erase the store name and tuck it away for later use.


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13 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Tag Coupons Before Shopping”

I bring my whole binder, so I have page inserts in the front with the name of the store on them and paper clip my shopping list to it. If I see something not on the list, I just go through my binder and see if it’s a good deal or not. Also, I have a few baseball card pages just for Target coupons.

Paper clips work too!

I use pencil bags.. I picked up cheap at back to school sales.. Each of my major stores has a specific color.. I keep my list, a pen and small scissors in the bag too

me too

I use an envelope for each store. On the outside I write my list along with the quantity and size I plan to buy. Inside I place my coupons. I also carry a copy of each store ad I plan to use for reference if needed.

I also use an envelope for each store. Before I head out I put the coupons I plan to use at each store in it’s envelope. I also use my envelopes to store my ECBs, RR and Up Rewards along with the MCM coupons that print out at CVS. This way everything for each store is in one place and I don’t end up misplacing or forgetting to use my rewards!

I use colorful plastic check envelopes with the name of each store on them. I love keeping all my lists, coupons, and rewards for each store separate. If I end up not using a particular coupon, then I add it back into my binder when I return home.

What a great idea! This happened to me before. More tips like this please.

I use a small coupon organizer, with a section for each store, a section for “back-up” coupons, and a section for items I need to get for the week. I take this smaller organizer into the stores with me rather than the large binder.

Another tip – I put each store’s grouping in it’s own ziploc baggie (you know the ones we can get really cheap at Dollar Tree) and write in marker the store name on the outside. Especially handy when I have a tag-along shopping (husband or kids). I can just say “Can you grab the CVS baggie?”

I also use the baggie method. If I have planned for multiple transactions at each store then I paper clip the coupons for each transaction and place them in the baggie in the order I will be using them, sometimes with post-its placed on top of each stack labeling which transaction the coupons are for.

thanks for the tips. never thought of doing this.

I do an envelope for each store. and on the outside I write my shopping list. Inside I keep a little paper that has more specific info like transactions and total cost ecbs etc. , my coupons and rain checks. organization is key. Especially if you have children = )