Are you looking to stock up by purchasing large quantities of an item but don’t want to clear the shelf? Consider special orders instead!

If you are buying an item in quantities of 10 or more, consider calling the store and placing a special order. The store will order in the amount you would like, and you can pick it up and pay for it when it arrives.

Simply follow these steps for successful special ordering:


  1. Determine the number of products you would like to buy, and make sure to have the correct amount of coupons you’ll need.
  2. Call or visit the store to set up a special order. Request to speak with a manager (preferably the freight manager). Explain that you want to special order a specific number of products, and specify the applicable size and flavor/variety you would like. You’ll want to call the day before or the day the sale starts so there is enough time to order the products and gather the coupons you’ll need.
  3. The manager will take down your name and number and give you the expected delivery date. Make sure you also write down the manager’s name and the estimated date of delivery.
  4. When you go to the store, go to customer service and let them know you’re there to pick up your special order. Once you have your items, you can check out as usual.

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Special Order Large Quantities”

Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible with Walmart. I went to a local neighborhood walmart as well as a super walmart and was told no both times. Neither one had the manager available to confirm but was just wondering if anyone else could confirm. Thanks!

Some stores don’t special order, mostly drugstores and superstores, which is a bummer, but definitely follow up with a manager just to make sure. Stores want your money, and if a big order is placed, they get more!

Ok, I definitely will. Thanks!

I’ve done this successfully at my local CVS, Food Lion, and Target. It’s much better to do things this way when possible, and the store managers are usually appreciative of the boost in sales. You have your product, and other shoppers have a chance as well. Great tip!

Awesome insight :)

Does the store get mad when you use so many coupons?

i would like to know this as well cause today i did get a cashier upset and gave me the whole guilt trip for using more than one coupon to get 10 free coffees. But after I spoke to the manager, he fixed the issue an apologized for the cashier. But how can you get around this? Cause I have A LOT of $1 off coupons for a $1 coffee, making them FREE. Would LOVE to stock up cause this sale ends the 4th!

Honestly, it really comes down to the cashier. For how to pick a good one, check out the link above.
But bottom line, never feel bad for using coupons. They are the same as cash and the store gets the full face value (plus handling). You did the right thing– if you ever feel belittled by a cashier for your use of coupons, speak up! Every customer deserves respect, no matter the form of payment. And if you run into a cashier like this in the future, remind them that the store gets fully reimbursed and that you are just trying to save money (for your family/ kids/ education, etc). Hopefully that will help them get a better perspective!

this is very helpful.I haven’t been able to appreciate coupons until I have tried it once..and it’s great!

I am curious as to how people find out what is going to be on sale before its on sale? If you use a coupon clipping service (online) how will you know what to order ahead of time? The timing of this has to be perfect and Im just wondering how its done.

There are sites that post the ads weeks ahead of time. I do not know how they get them.

Do you know the names of these sites.

The drugstore ads are usually available a few weeks in advance at sites like,, and
For grocery stores, the earliest you’ll usually get is the day before when they come in the newspaper or through the mail. Right when you find out the upcoming sales, work on getting extra coupons together so you’re ready, hopefully with a few days of the sale left to spare.