Grab free dog and cat food at Petco with two great coupons! (You will need a Pals Rewards card to use the coupons, but sign-up is easy and free.) Just print and head to a Petco near you for these deals:




Beneful Prepared Meal Dog Food, 10 oz $2.19, regular price
Use Free Beneful Prepared Meal, 10 oz tub, up to $2.19 value, limit one coupon per household – (
Free Dog & Cat Food at Petco!Final Price: Free 



Thanks, Reader Heather

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14 thoughts on “Free Dog & Cat Food at Petco!”

  1. Ryan says:

    Hmmm…both links go to the same dog food coupon. Is the cat food coupon no longer available?

  2. JFEO says:

    YEAH STOCK UP ON ONE PER HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. carkeys says:

    What is the definition of “one per household”? I could not find their coupon policy on their website.

    • moobar says:

      You need to show coupon & petco pals card. The pals card keeps track of what u used or not. Only coupon (for each product) redeemed per card.

  4. I love these because even though I don’t use these brands, I’ll pick them up & put them in the donation box in the front of the store :)

  5. Joy says:

    For those that don’t have a dog (or a cat): Petco has a pet food donation bin at the front of the store. The food goes to local shelters. It’s a great way to help out. :)

  6. donna says:

    can i get the cat food and dog food or do i have to pick one?

  7. Chickenwang555 says:

    So if I wanted to get two of them (treat my mother’s two kitties), would I need to have my mother come with me so we could get two cans of kitty food? The dog food looks like a bigger container and I am tempted to tell little kitty to get more protein by switching to dog chow haha.