Starbucks coffee bags are super cheap at Target! Buy 2 bags and receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card. Also, there’s a rebate valid on select Starbucks or Tazo products. Combine the promotion with the rebate and use a manufacturer coupon to score each bag for $2.74 each! As always, be sure to carefully read the rebate Terms & Conditions to ensure successful submission.




Rebate Terms & Conditions

  • Purchase must be made between 11/16 and 12/31.
  • Qualifying products are Starbucks Coffee, 10 oz or larger; Starbucks K-Cup pack; Tazo K-Cup pack; Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (excludes 3-pack); Starbucks Frappuccino Drink, 4-pack; Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso, 4-pack; Tazo Tea Filterbags; and Tazo Tea Latte Concentrates.
  • Items must all be purchased in a single transaction.
  • Purchase must be made in store, not online or in a Starbucks store.
Buy 4 Starbucks Coffee Bags $7.99
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Buy 3 Select Starbucks or Tazo Products, Receive $5.00 Starbucks Card 
Use two $3.00/2 Starbucks Coffee Bags, 11 oz or larger from SS 12/2 (exp 2/2)
Pay $25.96, Receive (2) $5.00 Target Gift Cards and Submit for $5.00 Starbucks Card
Final Price: $2.74 each, when you buy 3 


Get a FREE Tall Coffee by bringing an empty coffee bag to Starbucks! Thanks to Readers BG & Shell for the reminder!

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32 thoughts on “Starbucks Coffee, As Low As $2.74 at Target!”

Is the buy 2, receive a $5 Target Gift card still available or did that end on 12/8??

My Target had their Starbucks coffee on price cut for $7.29 each!!! I got 6, plus a pair of Right Guard deodorant/body wash & few other coupon deals to get my total up to $50.00 so I could use the $10 gift card coupon when you spend $50.00. I paid a total of $35.55 w/ tax after coupons & 1 $5.00 gift card from last week. I got back $15.00 in gift cards from the Starbucks, a $10.00 gift card for spending $50.00 & I get to submit for 2 $5.00 rebates from Starbucks since the limit is 2 per household. So, spent $35.55 & got back $20.00 in Target gift cards (I didn’t count 1 b/c I used 1 to pay) & will be getting $10.00 in rebates, which makes it like spending only $5.55!!!!! Great deal there 😀

Can i ask for a starbucks coupon? I dont have it in my ss insert.. Im in anaheim

Didn’t get the coupon in my SS here in Chicago. So mad, such a great deal!! I was planning to use them as gifts.

Do I have cut and send in the UPC codes?

I bought four today with 2 coupons and received 2 gift cards. I am excited to send for the gift card as well. Hooray! Thanks for helping my caffeine addiction, KCL!

Haha you’re very welcome!

I don’t see a limit on the Starbucks gift card. If that’s the case, then the best deal would be….

6 ea Starbucks coffee @ & 7.99
use 3ea $3/2 coupons

get 3 ea $5 target cards

get 2 ea $5 Starbucks cards.

Final price is $2.33 ea when you buy 6….. woohoo!!! Gotta have my Starbucks coffee…

Don’t forget!!!! When you take your empty coffee bags to Starbucks you get a free regular coffee. so that’s another savings of $1+ per bag as well. (can’t remember what the price is for a cup of coffee at Starbucks)

Thanks Shell!

If you read the terms and conditions it says limit of 2 per household. So your deal will work but only once.

Where does it say limit 2? I’m not finding that anywhere in the terms? I would appreciate your help. I must be blind >:

In the terms and conditions of the starbucks gift card, it says

“During the Redemption Period, customers who make a “Qualifying Purchase” during the Purchase Period will have an opportunity to receive one (1) $5.00 Starbucks retail store gift card (either an eGift Card or a Starbucks Card).”

So I’m not sure how you would get 2 Starbucks gift cards. Please help :)

My target had Starbucks on sale today for $6.99. I bought 6 bags, used 3 $3 off MQ and received 3 $5 gift cards. So I paid $2.99 each and will submit the rebate form to get another $5 Starbucks card bringing the price down to $2.15 per bag, I will try to get 2 rebates if they allow 2 per household as someone on this thread stated. So happy!

Be sure to save your bags and take them in for a free drip/americano at a Starbucks location.

ugh, i didn’t get the coupon either in my insert, very annoying and so not fair : (………they could at least have a printable

bad link to the Sbucks card

I’m in las Vegas NV and I didn’t get this coupon in my SS either!! :(

If you buy six, can you get three Target gift cards and two Starbucks rebates, (and use two $2/3 SS coupons)?

Yes, I got 3 gift cards and used 3 coupons.

I can’t find the $3.00 off coupon any suggestions??

It was in my smart source today.

Thanks! Did not get mine. But I will find one tomorrow!!

Ebay, just bought 10 for $1.50.

I’m not happy, Central NY (or “Upstate” to NYCers!) didn’t receive the $3/2 SS Q! OR the Carmex or Nivea Q’s. Sigh. Silly regional coupon distribution!

The link for the $5 Starbucks card is going to amazon website, is that right?!?

If you buy 4 in one transaction will you get two $5 gift cards?

Buy 4, use 2 $3/2Qs and get $15 in gift cards back = $2.74/bag

It should give you two $5 gift cards.

It does – I got two today! Makes it about $2.75 each after MIR

that was my thought as well!

Its 10 dollars not fifteen isnt it>

I think the reference was the 2 target giftcards + one starbucks card being $15.

Thanks for the idea! I went to Target after reading your comment Sara Butler and it worked perfect! 😀