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12 thoughts on “Free Garnier Fructis Treatment at Dollar Tree!”

  1. nickey says:

    my dollar tree has a lot of these products here in ill, but the problem are the cashiers. No matter which one I go to, they treat me like a criminal! They INSIST that “1 product per purchases” means only 1 product per transaction, and then REFUSE to let me do multiple transactions! And they all take 5 mins each to read each and every coupon. It’s really frustrating– i’ve gotten to the point in my couponing where I try really hard to make sure i’m using the coupon exactly the way it’s written, and never try to “get anything by” a cashier. grrr.

  2. Coloradodreamin says:

    Which areas carry this product? My DT in Northern VA does not carry this product or some of the other deals posted on KCL.

  3. doreen says:

    My does not carry this as wel, bummer.
    I had the 1/$1 Q for A&D and my dollar tree didnt carry it either.
    or even the kiss or broadway nails, I dont like when they post inacurate
    things klike this, bc its just a waste of ink and ppr!

  4. my dollar tree doesnt carry many name brand things. i went to 4 different ones looking for the airwick candles and didnt find any! they dont have the jingos or the garnier fructis either. :-( im jealous of all of you who have good stuff at your dollar tree!! :-p

  5. if you go on there web site, thats what they have in store so I dont know how people post that dollartree has this or that when they dont.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every single item that has been posted on this site my dollar tree has had them. Idk why some have them and some don’t, but I can guarantee you that some do

  6. aplepy says:

    Bummer, our dollar tree here doesn’t carry these along with alot of items on here..:(

  7. emkat13 says:

    I literally just got back from DT darn lol got 20+ dollars worth of items for $4.76 well Ill add it to my next trip if my store carries it and give it to my family since I dont use this product.

  8. AlRod_0703 says:

    That seems too good to be true! That is an awesome deal! Now I must call every Dollar Tree in my county! LOL

    • ash07dc says:

      The five stores in my town ran out of these a long time ago! I think in august when they first accepted coupons. Good luck! =)