When was the last time we saw this good of a deal on Right Guard? Right now, you can print Target store coupons from coupons.com (I found them under zip code 77477) to stack with the still-available manufacturer coupon. The price drops by 88% and these items aren’t even on sale! Print soon because these coupons won’t last long.






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88 thoughts on “Right Guard Body Wash and Deodorant, Only $0.42 at Target!”

Have a question i went to walmart the other day to Price match with Walgreens walgreens has the Hello kitty hand soap for Bogo free so i asked walmart if they would match that and she said yes as long as the store is within 50 miles so it is and i need a flyer to prove it i brought it to so anyhow the soap at walmart is cheaper then walgreens she ended up putting the price match in of what the cost was from walgreens wich was nearly $1 more then walmart’s in the end for the bogo deal i only saved .50 in the end was she aloud to do that ?

The $3/2 says u can use it 4 times right? well it says 4 like coupons or something like that..I didn’t understand and only purchased one deodorant and one body wash..I feel it was a waste of that coupon if I could have used it for 4.

You can only use the coupon once on 2 products. “4 like coupons” means you could use up to 4 prints of the coupon in 1 transaction. You used it correctly, so don’t worry that you left $$ on the table :o)

cant seem to find the $3/2 coupon…

I just got back from Target and they only accepted my manufacturer coupon, but not my target coupon because they told me that’s not a real target coupon. They said it’s a fake coupon because target coupons don’t look like that. I didn’t feel like arguing. It’s funny how staffs don’t know their own policy or study where their coupons are coming from.

I’m sorry that they wouldn’t accept your Target coupon!

R those coupons $3/2 still available? I bough 2 body washes n 2 deodorants I need a 2 more, and I can’t find it

I can’t find it either =(

my Publix takes Target coupons because it’s a local radius competitor, and today the Right Guard bodywash went on sale for 2/$6, so $3 each. Woohoo, i can get at least 4 for free, very grateful, thanks!!!

where is the $3 off coupon?

where is the $3 off coupon? I can’t find it

Hi, where do i get the $3 of 2 coupon

Gonna go today and get my whole family some :) Thank you Krazy coupon lady!!

You bet!

Quick question: I took the CVS ad with me to try to get them to match the price, so it would have gone from $3.34 to $2.99. However, the cashier told me that since the CVS ad states that the price for the Right Guard at CVS is “$2.99 with card,” she couldn’t match it for me. She said if the advertisement simply stated $2.99, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Does anyone know if this was the correct practice? I was able to use the $3/2 and the two $1.50/1, so I still got a good deal, but I was really looking forward to getting the price match, too.

i can’t find the the 1.50/1 target coupon for the body wash.. any suggestions? thanks

02908 worked for me

Target does not allow 2mfrq with a tq

Hi Jenn, Target’s coupon policy states that you can combine 1 manufacturer coupon with 1 target coupon per item. Because we’re buying two items, we may use one $3/2 MQ with two $1.50/1 Target coupons.

I tried this today and the shelves at my local Target were completely out of the body wash. Somebody in Elizabethtown KY must read this blog.

This must be a regional deal. Been to 3 Targets here in the Houston area and none of the Right Guard products have any signage. Anyone in the Houston metro area found it?

Did you try scanning them?

I bought 4 body wash and 4 deodorant. I was able to use 4 MQs, 4 deodorant Target Qs, and 3 body wash Target Qs. I do not know why, but the register rejected the last coupon which was for the body wash. The cashier mumbled something about only 4 MQs. I told her it was a store coupon. She read the coupon and cited the “one coupon or offer per customer” fine print as the reason it wouldn’t go through. She said she shouldn’t have put the other ones through because it said only one coupon. I knew it was still a great deal even if it mean not getting to use one $1.50 Q, so I hurried up and paid before she changed her mind. LOL. To my shame, I had not read the fine print on the Target Q. I probably wouldn’t have even tried it if I had read it before going to the store.

LOVING this deal!!! my hubby has enough deodorant to last him for a while. I could only buy 4 per transaction.

Used the coupon at a Target in California. The price for the bodywash was higher instead of the body wash being $3.49 it was $3.99. But still great coupons!

you could’ve price match to walmart online. they have it for 3.47 two cents lower. I’m bring the walmart online price just in case the price is high because here our prices are usually higher than whats posted on here

But then would Walmart take a Target coupon?

holiday price match at target

I did this four times great stocking stuffers thankyou

You’re welcome!

I see where this has been addressed in this thread but in addition to my $3/2 coupon saying “not to be combined with any other offer” it also says “Coupon not valid with other coupons for the same item.” Wouldn’t the Target coupons fall into that category? Sorry, Don’t want to be redundant. I just didn’t see where this particular verbiage had been addressed.


Yes you can as long as your Target allows more than 1 identical Target coupon per transaction.

Woohoo. I’m going to drive all the way to Target for just ONE stick of deodorant. (limit one coupon per guest).

Going to pick some up tomorrow!

You can always bring a copy of the coupon policy with you. Another option is to politely ask to speak to a Manager. Many store employees aren’t taught the coupon policy which makes it difficult for us at times.

Twin Falls Target did not let me use MQ and TQ coupons at the same time. Two MANAGERS looked at the MQ and said because it states “not to be combined with any other offer”, I could not use TQ with it. I do not understand what the store coupon has to do with the manufacturer and how would they know OR care that I used a store coupon with it. Oh well……

I cant find the $1.50 off one Body Wash. Did they take it down? I even tried using the 77477 zip code!

I was only able to print on 2 sets of the coupons – is there any way around this?

If you have access to another computer you can print more!

I just got a whole bunch. They let me ring in 4 different transactions. I love my Target.

Anyone from the Boise area? Just wondering what Target was used and did not have any issues?

i have a quick dumb question the coupon with the 3 dollard save states: ” not to be combined with anyy other offer” that does mean i cannot use the target coupon for 1.50? right? :O)

it means no other mfr coupon can be combined with it. =)

Such perfect timing for the deodorant! I have gotten my bf enough free body wash to last him at the very least through summer, but he’s on his last stick of deodorant! Whoops! Hope there’s enough to pick up a couple when I can make it to Target tomorrow. :) Thanks!

You bet! I buy my husband deodorant so I know exactly where you’re coming from :)

I bought 2 of each and paid 1.15 for all 4! :) not bad at all!

Clicked on the link and found my $1.50 off coupons. Clicked on the link again so I could print two more and they were gone. Changed the zipcode to 77477 and still not finding them. What happened?!!

Found it! For some reason they weren’t coming up when I clicked “personal care” ended up scrolling through the whole list of coupons to find them at the very bottom.

Hi Jennilove..i did the same thing. It was on page 16….i was just about to give up until I read your post. Thanks

Coupons that have been printed are automatically moved to the bottom on coupons.com

I used my coupons at CVS for their ECB deal…maybe I should have waited for this instead? Too late now either way. I do wish these great blog sites would state if this deal is better at another store (understanding not everyone has same access, but for those that do it would be helpful to land the best deal). Thanks.

Black Friday ad at CVS, these were money makers. But not everyone has access to all the stores. You just need to decide if it’s worth it for you.

So glad I printed this yesterday. Definitely going to Target after work!

the manufacturer coupon states that it can’t be used with any other offer. Am I missing something?

Hi Marie, this restriction doesn’t apply to Target store coupons. It’s there to restrict doubling or combining with another manufacturer coupon.

thanks! Guess I’m going to Target! :)

Just want to make sure i understand… I can use 1 man coupon and 2 target coupons?

YES! Because you are buying TWO products. Technically you can use one manu and one target for EACH item you purchase! As long as you aren’t using the same Target coupon twice!

I went yesterday and the cashier said I could use the MQ or the Target coupons but not all because the MQ said 1 coupon per purchase. But I’m using 1 MQ & 1 TQ for deod. and 1 TQ for bodywash. So what’s the problem?? She also did this on the truvia too. She said the Truvia states 1 coupon per purchase, so use it or TQ not both What???? I called corp. when I got home and he said I was right and apologized and would forward the info to the store Mgr.

Hi, I’m sorry you had trouble. That cashier misunderstood the coupon “fine print”. One per purchase means you can only redeem one per item. If it said “one per transaction” then it be justifiable. I would ask to speak to a manager or go to Customer Service if that happens again.

You are from the boise area right? What Target did you use to get this deal> I just don’t want to run into any issues :)

I’m noticing on the manufacture $3.00/2 coupon it states Limit one coupon per purchase and coupon not valid with other coupons. Will this work and has anybody tried this already?

So because the Target coupon stipulates one coupon per offer or guest, I would have to do multiple transactions if I want to buy more? I know my question sounds stupid but I just want to make sure before I go to Target!!

It depends on the Cashier. Some, actually most now, read the fine print. To be safe I would recommend taking someone with you so you can use multiple Target coupons in one Transaction.

They body wash coupon is different from the deodorant coupon. You can use both in one transaction because they’re not identical.

i went this morning and the target coupon for this was there.. but i went through this site and not direct.. maybe if you did the same it would work?

curious as to how you get more than one set of deodorant and body wash? Would love to stock up!

Take someone with you so you can use other set of Target coupons

You’re allowed to print each coupon twice for every computer you have. Since these are the regular price & not on sale you can either pick up a set each time you go to Target (which is what I do, because I live at Target lol) or do separate transactions or some cashiers don’t care if you use more than 1 coupon at a time.

you can add match with cvs for 2.99 and use $3.00/2 and the 2 target coupons for 1.50 off they would be free

1 man. 2 target can i not do this?


Target coupons are for two different products (body wash and deo). So, yes

from my experience, they won’t price match because it says “w/ card” but every store/manager/employee operate differently

How can you use 3 coupons for just 2 items?

You’re stacking the Target store coupons with the manufacturer coupon.

@kcl-7840486d157118e50c7ec204618abb3f:disqus is correct–we’re stacking!

How do I get more of these coupons to stack from? Coupons.com only allows me one but I would like to buy as many as I can to stock up

I’m having a hard time finding the target coupon…..any ideas?

You must enter the zip code 77477 on coupons[.]com.
You can change it by hitting “Local Coupons” then head back to the “Coupons” page

ty got it

I can’t seem to find the Target coupon?

Enter the zip code 77477 and select the category “Personal Care”.

just went to get my hubby body wash and deodorant and he is stocked up for the winter!! great buy.. spent all morning clipping away.. totally worth it.. The burleson, tx target is running out of this.. so hurry..

Saw this posted somewhere yesterday and I’m wondering if this would be considered a stock up price? My hubby doesn’t need deodorant or body wash, but this is an awesome price. Look forward to hearing your feedback! Thanks!

Yes I would consider this a stock up price :)

Yes it’s a 6-month stock up deal!