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Have a dog? Then here’s the deal for you! Get free Canyon Creek Ranch dry dog food at Petco with a high-value $10.00 coupon and a sale price. The coupon has no size restrictions, so it’s perfectly acceptable to use it on the smallest bag of dog food available. The five-pound bag costs $9.99, so it will be free after the coupon! (To print, click on Try & Save.)


Thanks, Reader Kimmie

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107 thoughts on “Free Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food at Petco!”

  1. Lindsey H. says:

    I’m not finding the $10.00 coupon, can anyone send a link? It just prints off a bogo for canyon creek dog food at the website

  2. A new coupon appeared on their website (Canyon Creek Ranch) for one can of wet dog food FREE (up to 1.99$). I print it twice. It’s better than nothing at all.

  3. spike says:

    It’s because of all you greedy couponers printing more than 1 coupon for this, that there are none for the rest of us that would like to try.

  4. Cari says:

    darn, my coupon was for up to 1.99 :(

  5. Rebekah says:

    I have tried to print this coupon several times once it said the offer expired now it said my session has timed out so i retried now its saying my coupon limit was reached… any advice? I am almost out of dog food!

  6. khofer19 says:


  7. Baida9 says:

    i was really sad to see the coupon was gone, but then i emailed them asking if the coupon just wasnt working and they responded and told me they would mail me one

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to those of you who were successful with this deal. Sadly I was not. I went to Petco yesterday and got 2 bags with the peelie for the free cans. At the register, the use of the Pals card show the 9.00 “sale” as a manufacturer coupon on the register, therefore the store would not take another paper manufacturer coupon on top of that making the bags free. I left the store empty handed. Not the first time :(

  9. dogrescuer says:

    be careful of beneful and products like that… they are made with meal and corn. many dogs are allergic to corn and meal is disgusting low quality product. if you spend just a little more and give your pets healthy premium food, you don’t need to feed them as much and their health and longevity will be much longer.

  10. H.h. Hill says:

    Boo! its over!

  11. pattieb says:

    coupon program has ended :-(

  12. Well I got 3 of these coupons and went to the nearest Petco and guess what? you got it. They were all out and wouldn’t have any in stock until NEXT Friday. Why have sales like this and coupons like this if you’re not going to have the item in stock?

  13. RK says:

    I took this coupon in to petco to get this deal and it showed up as expired in 1991. They said a lot of fraudulent canyon creek coupons are floating around

  14. tracy says:

    No luck at my PETCO in Shreveport, La..the 5 lb bags were $18.99…not free w the $10 q, n still too pricey at $9 a bag for such a small bag…oh well…

  15. Krista G. says:

    it says it’s no longer available :(

  16. this deal is no longer available

  17. katygirl says:

    My petco wouldn’t let me use this coupon without buying something else to offset the penny! I bought one dog cookie :) Still really annoying though :/

  18. Couponing Nerds says:

    Said, ” This Coupon program has ended

  19. meandyou25us says:

    No more coupons. :(

  20. brassnicole says:

    Just picked up three bags and 6 cans of wet food! FREE! So awesome, it took a lot of calling around to find it in stock and I had to go to 2 stores and am hoping to use my last coupon tomorrow when the freight comes in. Thanks for the tip KKL!

  21. I live in So Cal and nearest Petco refused to take coupon because the $9.99 price is manufactuer’s electronic discount and it’s against the rules to accept a paper with an electronic. So how is it possible that many you are able to use it. I contacted both Canyon Creek and Petco corporate and they said across the board that is the policy.

  22. Livvy says:

    I think the coupons might be all gone :( Clicked the page for the coupons and it said the coupon offer has ended.

  23. Aramboys says:

    I live in So Cal and at my local Petco they refused the coupon because the sale price of $9.99 is already a Manufacturer’s ELECTRONIC coupon price which means the paper coupon cannot be used with it. So as I read how so many of you have succeeded, it doesn’t make sense how you did if that is the policy supposedly is across the board for Petco. Please explain how you all have succeeded and I didn’t.

  24. Baida9 says:

    Petco just released a coupon the unleashed by petco page that is for one free pound of dog treats with a ten dollar purchase

  25. KayK says:

    My Petco didn’t have them for $9.99 but it does have a peelie for $5 off which doesn’t make it free but makes it cheap at $3.99 for a 5lb bag with the $10/1 MQ

  26. tsunami.eyes says:

    Hey couponers! I called Canyon Creek Ranch.They apologies for ending the promotion but then blessed me by sending me coupons for all promotions plus the $10 coupon. I don’t have a pet yet..but I do put care packages together for families & their beloved pets in need through the church. Merry Christmas & Many Blessings ;)

    • CS says:

      Yes call them – they are Very nice and will mail you the coupon and others. Thanks tsunami !!!

  27. Bmiller0221 says:

    Just scored this deal!! Got 2 bags plus 4 cans of the soft food from the peelies. :)

  28. qs4u says:

    Just went to Petco in Lake Oswego, they wouldnt do the deal because of the .01 difference. $9.99 Q $10.00

  29. volcomized says:

    Not surprised the coupon offer expired. However, when I was in the store today, I noticed some bags (not the flavor on sale) had $5 off peelies on them, making the sale price $4.99 (still a good deal for high-quality dog food). They still had one bag left at the Valencia, CA Petco. Note: you’re paying sales tax on the regular price ($19.99!)—boo to L.A. sales tax!

  30. arios956 says:

    went to petco today and was able to only use one $10/1 coupon. when the cashier scanned the second the comp. prompted that the coupon couldn’t be used until 1/1/13 and i printed out 2 copies of the petco coupon for one free benefuls dish 5oz and a friskees but i was only able to use one of each because they had the same barcode and the manager came out and said it was a mistake on the website. but I was still able to get one canyon creek food with 2 free canyon creek can food (coupon attached to bag) and one benefuls bowls and one friskees can and paid $0.36 OOP

  31. The website states this coupon offer is over:(

  32. Jes says:

    One of the coupons that has a date that expires december 2012 when the cashier scanned it, it said ” coupon expired August 1, 1984″ whoooh didn’t have printers for coupons in those days, mind you non green screen computers. so funny.

  33. Sofia says:

    Coupon is no longer avail.

  34. Michellesmonkeyprincess says:

    The $10 coupon has been taken off the Canyon Creek Ranch site. If you were lucky enough to grab some before they took it down, it’s a great deal!

  35. Fadlers says:

    Dog food coupon is now longer available :(

  36. JodyKay says:

    Thuis coupon is gone now

  37. All Im getting is “Sorry, this coupon program has ended.”

  38. Anonymous says:

    promo is over :-(

  39. JenniferArvizu says:

    Coupon is no longer active :(

  40. Mercedes85 says:

    I went to petco and got 4 bags. They had to manually enter the coupons. The original cost per bag was 18.99 (chicken flavor) then with a pals card it was 9.99 …I used the 10 dollar coupons and they still rang me up for 7.79. It’s still a great deal but after I paid I was told that in the future they would not let me use two coupons. I would either need to use the pals card or the manufacture coupon. I let them know that there was nothing in either coupon stating that I couldn’t use them both. But, I will try my luck at another Petco since I still have 2 coupons.

  41. Simone says:

    Coupon program has ended ;(

  42. Liz says:

    coupon is no longer available… ugh..!

  43. Anonymous says:

    It said the coupon program has ended.

  44. melissamoisan says:

    kimmi could you forward that coupon policy to me ( as i just got off the phone with the so called customer service that was of no help and I could barely understand a word she had to say. I would like to take it in to my store as they flat out refused my coupon. Sorry just a tad miffed at the moment.

    • Kimmie says:

      Hi Melissa. I sent it to you. The sale goes on until 12/24 so hopefully there’s a cashier out there that’ll take your coupon. :)

  45. Larry says:

    Thanks for your post. I printed off 4 coupons and went to NE Atlanta Petco. The first coupon rang up and the cashier manually entered the other 3. Each bag had a peel off coupon for 2 free cans of their dog food. The first peel off rang up and the cashier manually entered the rest as store coupons. Result- 4 bags and 8 cans for just taxes. FYI – they had 4 “flavors” but only one was on sale for $9.99. The others were $18.99.

  46. jessmeagan says:

    I used this coupon today in southern california and there was only one kind on sale for 9.99 and there was only 2 bags left…but one of the bag’s had a 5$ off sticker on it so I used my coupon for one free, one at 5$!! Also took in the coupon for the free beneful meal, and friskies meal so I walked out with over 50$ worth of stuff for under 15$ (also purchased some chew toys at full price for their stockings)

  47. krizzlybry says:

    Thank you! Just made a trip to Petco and got 3- 5# bags of dog food. Used 2-$10 coupons and one $5 coupon from Petco’s website. Also got 6 free cans of food from peelies on bags, and used Petco’s printable coupons for a free beneful 10 oz. moist food and a free can of Friskies canned food. Spent $8.98 incl. tax, saved $61.65. Woohoo! Good quality food too. No probs using all the coupons, although they wouldn’t scan easily.

  48. Fiona says:

    ALL GONE :(

  49. stevenhayes says:

    8:45pm cst Sorry, this coupon program has ended.

  50. lahainaluvr says:

    :( at 6:30 PST I went to the Canyon Creek Site to print the coupon & got a message that this campaign has ended. No freebie for me.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I am in Nor-Cal and i just scored 4 bags! Each bag had a peelie for 2 free cans of dog food. So i got 4 bags of dog food and 8 cans of wet food for just sales tax! Also only the chicken and brown rice flavor was on sale

  52. tylerokun12 says:

    GAH! I was so excited to use this coupon..I tried to use the coupon at my local Petco and the cashier gave me SUCH A HARD TIME and would not accept the coupon after they adjusted the price from $18.99 (because it kept ringing up that price at the register) to $9.99…She flat out refused to take the $10.00 coupon…What gives?! Any tips or advice? Did anyone else have this issue?

  53. liz says:

    Looks like the PetCo website has a $5 off coupon for this dog food as well. Does any one know if we can stack the coupons together? My local store is selling it for $18.99 and not $9.99.

    • Kimmie says:

      I don’t think you can stack them since the wording on the $10 coupon is “no other coupon may be used to purchase the same package” and Petco doesn’t have a clear policy on store vs. manufacturer’s coupons and stacking them.

      At my store only the Chicken & Brown Rice Mix 5lb. was on sale. Other flavors were $18.99. Where are you located?

      • liz says:


        • liz says:

          Update: I went to a local Petco and was blessed to have a great manager. Since the chicken bag was out of stock, she was willing to honor the price on the other bags. I got a total of 4 bags plus 8 free cans! She initially told me that I couldn’t use the coupon as it’s $10 off and since it was only $9.99 there would be $0.01 overage. I suggested could you ring it up as $10….she agreed and did it!

  54. Motomama04 says:

    Thanks so much for your info KCL!

  55. Motomama04 says:

    Just hit Petco with 2 of these Canyon Creek Ranch coups, one free beneful prepared meal coup, one free can of Friskies, (Beneful and Friskies were pal reward coups). When I got there one of the bags of Canyon Creek had a tear off coup on it stating if I bought this bag I would receive 2 free cans of Canyon Creek Ranch also. I went to the register, told her I would like to do 2 transactions because I didn’t think I should use all the coups at once. She she was awesome, said “Let’s try it anyway with one transaction, if it doesn’t work then we will split it up. No big deal.” With a smile!! All the coupons scanned perfect! I purchased $42.77 worth of items and with the coupons, I payed $2.21 in tax out the door! Great day for my dogs!

    • volcomized says:

      Nice! I plan on doing the same thing, so hopefully it goes off without a hitch as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome! I’ve been curious as to how Petco is with coupons, this makes me excited to try it! :D

    • relaxyourback says:

      What a sweet deal! I just scored nearly the same thing: 2 $10 Canyon Creek Ranch Coups (also peelie on one bag for 2 free cans). Pal coups for free Beneful, free Friskies, $5 Canyon Creek (used on cat food also marked down from $18.99 to $9.99), and $3 Nature’s Recipe (another marked down from $18.99 to $9.99). Total coupon savings of $52.58 – I paid only $13.02! Critters are happy happy joy joy! Thanks Kimmie and Motomama :)

      • Kimmie says:

        Yay for happy critters! You might want to check out this calendar that Petco is selling. It’s $10 and proceeds go to animal shelters… and there are pages and pages of coupons in the back, with one whole page of freebies. Maybe a whole year of happy critters?

    • totiedye4 says:

      one of my last visits to petsmart i ran into the same deal. if you buy certain purina products you get a $5 voucher for your next purchase plus i had some $10 off $10 coupons, being one per purchase. i told the cashier my plan and she said, ah lets do it all on one. ended up saving me more money that way! i planned on spending about $10.00 but i only spent $0.43!! it pays to let the cashiers know your plans! sadly though i missed out on these coupons…but i guess we can’t win em all ;)

    • AlRod_0703 says:

      Sooo jealous how lucky are you! I hope I can find the same deal myself!

  56. Amber says:

    Do they only sell it in Petco?

  57. MeMe says:

    I just printed two … no problem.

  58. kelly says:

    Not available anymore :(

  59. Kimmie says:

    Yay! My first deal got posted! :-D

    Just a note that at our Petco in NYC, only the Chicken & Brown Rice Mix 5lb. was on sale, through 12/24. We price checked other flavors and they rang up as $18.99 full price.

    Re: Petco coupon policy. I emailed them in October and this was the reply I got from Customer Relations:

    “Please know that our Coupon Policy conforms the Terms and Condition of each manufacturer’s coupon you receive. Most of the manufacturer coupons that our Marketing Department sends to Pals customers are could not be used in combination with other promotion.

    Pals Rewards coupon can be used in combination with other manufacturer’s coupon provided that the 2ndcoupon does not have restrictions of using with Pals coupons.”

    Hope that helps!

    • ninadorthea says:

      So one can use the $5 off Pals Coupons on petco´s website as well? If one want the flavors not on sale for $3,99? Or am I misunderstanding?

      I´m going to use this deal to add to my donation to the local shelter before christmas. With this deal, I will have gotten “5 chew toys, 4 bags of 5lbs dog food, 1 can of friskies, + two other cans from petco pals coupons”. Hopefully my bags has peelies too! All for roughly 9 bucks! Worth $60!!! :D Woho!

      If anybody use Nylabone chews, if you mail them, they send you coupons. I got 10 x $2 off any over $2 bucks.

  60. sim says:

    where is the coupon, I don’t see it on the site????

  61. Courtany says:

    I can’t seem to find their coupon policy, do they have a limit to how many coupons are allowed per transaction?

  62. aplepy says:

    I can’t print, it says I’ve maxed out on printing, but i haven’t.

  63. Anonymous says:

    These are the days I wish I had more than 1 computer…lol

  64. jayinthewoods says:

    Many people have reported that the $9.99 sale price is a manufacturer’s discount and not a Petco discount (and that it says that on the price tag)… so Petco will not take the coupon because that would be using 2 manufacturer’s discounts.

    • Chickenwang555 says:

      Price match it at target? If they have that kind of dog food, that is.

      • bensmom says:

        I don’t think that target carries it, I do not think that walmart or petsmart does does either. This will have to be a petco trip.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm…if it is a manufacturer’s discount, it’s possible that the deal may vary from store to store.

      • paul says:

        does anyone have a coupon scan?? This s the only dog food my dog will eat and im new to this site.

    • jen says:

      Yes, I live in Ohio and they would not let me do it bc they where saying that!!! geez.. I even called the number on the rec. and they said no too!! They gave me a load of bull.. & I could hardly understand the man on the other end of the phone!! I wonder how long this sale is going on for bc I have 2 coupons that I cant use : (

  65. RebeccaRoberts says:

    yay thank you and do petco accept manufacturer coupon