The $3.00 Hormel Party Tray coupon is back. What a great coupon for holiday parties! Head to Target where this party tray may cost only $2.99 after coupon! They’ve been spotted on price cut for just $5.99, but keep in mind that not all stores carry this item; plus, price cuts can be regional.

Hormel Party Tray $5.99, price cut
Use $3.00/1 – Hormel Party Tray – (
Final Price: $2.99

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32 thoughts on “Hormel Party Tray, Only $2.99 at Target!”

Our target store must be the only one who had it marke down an entire $1.50 from original price of $10.99…I did save $3 off, but still left it way more than ya’ll paid :(

My walmart would not take the $3.00 coupon said its not scanable :(

Ok I’m confused I have two coupons and they both say $3.00 off of the “Party Trays” are you saying I can use this coupon for the “snack tray”? Has anyone tried this and gotten away with it? Please advise.

OK i just have to say this. IF they wanted you to use the “party size” coupon on a “snack size” item they would not put the words “party” on there. They would say meat/cracker tray or any size tray. So. IMO the coupons should be being used for what the coupon says which is the “party tray” which is the BIGGER of the 2 trays.

No because they are both MQ. IF one would have been a TQ and one was a MQ then yes you would have been able to.

any luck in lower ny (north of city)?

I also got mine for 1.99 super stoked am asking friends for their coupons that don’t use them so I can get more

I had the same question- any luck?

I just went to my local Target in Portland, OR and I was able to purchase 4 on sale @ 4.99 then used the 3/1 Any Size Coupon and got them for $1.99. Great post KCL Great Buy! Cashier didn’t even bat an eye I was concerned she wouldn’t accept coupons but they scanned so she had no problem with it. :)

The 28 oz. size at my Target is $10.49. :(

The coupon I printed said 28 ounce or larger, so it didn’t qualify or the $5.99 trays, but I still got a good deal, with the coupon, I paid $7.99 for the large tray.

try in the coupon section they also have a coupon but it prints as a manufacture coupon and it has no size listed

Its says “party size” the other ones are “snack size”

can you use the coupon to snack tray hormel coz the coupon say’s save 3.00 on any hormel party tray the sale at target for 4.99 ist for snack tray not for party tray

I had the same question.. did you try it by chance?

I just bought 2 of them for $1.99 each on sale at Super Trget for $4.99.And yes there are 2 diffrent coupons out there,one has a size on it- 28 oz and the other one without the size so you can use it on any size.

Thanks lisa

Usually when there is a price cut is it just for the current week or does it last for a while? Thank you

Love you kcl you rock! I can’t Essie to get better at this “sport” lol wish I was ass God ass others, but IP her there soon enough!

Wouldn’t take coupon at my Target – the trays on sale for $5.99 were only 14oz & the coupon stated only for Hormel trays over 28oz

Are you finding these trays at regular Target stores or Super Targets?

Yea I just purchased mine for $1.99! :-) on sale for $4.99 then used my $3/1 coupon ! Great value

where did you buy your at?

only $4.99 in my area too! I bought 4! yay!

I got mine at $1.99 also ! AMAZING which $3/1 are you referring to ?I’d love to pick up a couple more

This coupon works on the snack trays at Walmart too! They are $2.42 a pack after $3 coupon

Was just there tonight in Annapolis, MD. Ours were $10.99. The snack trays were on sale for $4.99.

Some price cuts are not straight across the board, but are in most Targets in the U.S. Also, there are snack trays that are entitled as party trays on the package.

But the coupon says on the 28 oz or larger and the snack trays are only 14.7oz. There was a coupon several weeks ago that didn’t have a size restriction on it I got several trays.

Thanks for letting us know.

the coupon say’ save 3.00 on any hormel party tray can you use that on snack tray coz the sale on traget is only for snack tray not for party tray ( 12.99 )lil help pls tank you

You can use the $3 off coupon from the newspaper on the snack tray size. I got 3 today. One for each of my teenage boys :)