Head to Target for some savings on one of life’s necessities. Pay just $3.99 for a 12-count package of Angel Soft double roll bath tissue!

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Most Target store printable coupons do have a limit of one per person in the wording.

Side note: if you know an item is cheaper at another Target, in your area, than the one you’re at then ask them to price match. They will do it if you ask (I did it tonight on the TP – it’s $5.44 at my closest store but I was at one further away doing some other shopping in the area and it was $5.99). Also note if you want to purchase 4 in one transaction be sure to give them the Target store Qs FIRST then manuf Qs – otherwise the register gets all confused and will only accept 2 store Qs.

Great idea, Chris!

Is double roll really like getting two single rolls? I know this isn’t really a coupon question, but right now dollar general has 24 packs of angel soft single roll on sale for $5.75 and with a coupon it would be $4.75. That’s $.76 more than this deal, but it’s for 24 (single) rolls instead of 12 (double) rolls. I guess I’m asking if 12 double rolls is really equivalent to 24 single rolls. I feel like I’m putting too much thought into this lol.

12 double rolls = 24 single rolls.

they are 6.49 regular price at my target

What is your ideal price for a 12 pack of toilet paper? I don’t want to stock up if there tends to be better deals :/

I would also like to know the answer to this question. Anyone?

I REFUSE to spend more than $3.50 on 12 double rolls of Charmin toilet paper and I will not pay more than $4 on 12 double rolls of scott toilet paper.

$0.20–$0.25 per roll is a great stock up starting point! A krazy stock up price is less than $0.15 per roll.

Ideally the best price is about 12.5 cents per roll (25 cents per double roll). That’s the price I try to stick with or get as close to as possible and when I can find it at that price I certainly stock up. Personally I only use AngelSoft but if you’re willing to use any brand then you could find a better deal than this one (which here works out to 14.3 cents per roll or 28.6 cents per double roll @ $3.44 per pack after Qs but before taxes – which isn’t the best deal I’ve gotten but is still a good deal).

Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks for the great answer, Chris!

I thought you could do up to 4 like coupons per transaction per item per day am I missing something in their policy? Please guide me in the right direction

I did the ad match yesterday for (Meijer not Fred Meijer) I brought my ad with me and did 2 transactions at the service desk .. got them for $2.99 each

Nice Job!

i was about to ad match this tissue for 4.99 so i only paid 2.99

Ad match to which store??

Meijer I am guessing because they have this for 4.99, I am guessing this is aloud from what I have been reading?

According to the Target coupon policy they take off the Target coupon first, then price match, then take off manufacturer’s coupons. So it would be the same price if you didn’t price match it!

However, in my experience some cashiers don’t know this and take off the Target coupon off of the price matched price, which is great, but if they know the policy you may be out of luck on the extra discount.

I am a bit confused on something. People usually writes that they buy many of the same product at target and sometimes it is posted on the brags where they have so many of the same items. I am confused at target coupon policy and I have read around trying to figure it out. If KCL or anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it very much. Is it only one MQ and one Target per item per person. So for this toilet paper deal, I can only buy one pack and use one MQ and one Target or can I buy 4 packs and use 4 MQs and 4 target coupons (or I read that I have to bring 3 other person to do this? ) Sorry if I am unclear with the question…

From what I have found, I just do separate transactions. Usually the cashiers at Target don’t mind when you do that. So if you have 4 MQ and 4 TQ then do it in 4 separate transactions.

It also depends on the location. Some require you to strictly adhere to the terms of the Q while others allow more than one of the same Target Q in the same transaction or allow multiple transactions regardless. I do know that their system allows only 4 like or same Target Qs per transaction and you cannot bypass that limit at all.

You can also use more than one Target coupon by taking along a family member or friend.

Or cheaper! It’s only $5.44 reg price here so after Qs makes it $3.44. I plan on grabbing several with the gift card deal (the extra $10 GC you get) so it will be free! WOOHOO! LOL

What is the gift card deal? How do you get the $10 GC?

Target has a Friends & Family event right now that, with coupon from their website, you get a free $10 GC when you purchase a $50+ GC.

I have to correct this as I mis-read the coupon – GCs don’t count towards the total to qualify so it has to be $50+ in merch. Sorry for the mistake.