Want Gillette Fusion refill cartridges for a low price? At Target until 12/15, buy a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor and one Gillette cartridge or disposable razor to receive a $5.00 Target gift card! That’s not all: use that $10.00 coupon from the 12/2 Red Plum insert on top of the promotion. After the gift card and coupon deduction, each will cost only $5.47 (or $10.94 for both)! We rarely see refill cartridges at this price!





Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, 1 ct $9.74, regular price
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Cartridges, 4 ct $16.19, regular price
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor and 1 Gillette Fusion Cartridge, 4-12 ct, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 12/15
Use one $10.00/1 Gillette ProGlide Razor, when you buy 1 Gillette Cartridge or Disposable, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 12/2 (exp 1/31)
Or $5.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, excludes trial or travel size, when you buy (1) Gillette Cartridge or Disposable, Limit 4 like coupons per household per day from RP 11/4 (exp 12/31) Pay $15.93, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $5.47 each, when you buy both 


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29 thoughts on “Gillette Fusion Refill Cartridge, Only $5.47 at Target!”

The coupon states “Buy ONE Gillette Cartridge or Disposable..” Does that mean I can buy any Gillette disposable razor and buy Gillette Proglide razor and be able to use this coupon?? I would rather not buy the cartridge as it is so expensive..

My city mails the red plum weekly, and i can’t find that red plum anywhere. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it or my hubby threw it away. I hate that they mail the red plum, I would rather have it included in my paper!

The gift cards can only be used after the transaction in which they were issued is completed – so you can’t use a gift card given as part of a deal in a transaction to pay for the same transaction. However that cashier was mistaken and you should have gone to Customer Service – the $10 Target gift card coupon was for a gift card after spending $50 or more in a single transaction and had nothing to do with the items themselves in the transaction (basically a transactional coupon – like $5 off a $25 purchase or a Buy This Get That Free coupon). If you still have the coupon then, if it was me, I’d go back to that store with the coupon and receipt and see if Customer Service will help – I’m betting they will and you’ll get your $10 gift card back. Good luck and Happy Couponing!

CVS is having this same exact deal this week. I went there for it yesterday. I bought the razor and cartridge, used my manufacturer coupon for $10 off the razor plus $10 extracare bucks I had. So oop I paid about $9 and I got back $5 in extracare bucks, for a total final price of like $4 for both, so $2 each.

That’s great!

They have a pro glide razor, cartridge, shaving cream and small sample of body wash gift set at Walmart for 10$. I tried buying it with this coupon the other day and it worked with zero problem so it was free!

Yep I did the same thing. The cashier said they can’t keep them on the shelves after the coupons went out. I was lucky enough to go to 2 Walmarts, and get a total of 7! There seemesd to be plenty left at both. Better yet I didn’t even pay out of pocket for the papers last Sun. because I had register rewards at Walgreens and used them to buy papers…I normally just get 1-2. But with all the GreAt MQ I got 7:)

Uh..just read about the lady that got 17 of these. I guess walmart is misunderstading this coupon as well as the rest of us. I guess I was suppose to buy a disposable pkg. as well as the gift pack. I know the cashier said the coupon was working for everyone because it did indeed have a razor and cartridge, but I guess it wasn’t suppose to. Whoops. I guess after a month of couponing I’m still learning :(

We all make mistakes, Amber! Couponing definitely has a learning curve! I have been couponing a few years now and still make mistakes occasionally. The fact that you admit you made a mistake instead of vehemently denying or remaining mum speaks volumes of your character! I hope you continue to coupon and enjoy it and the benefits it provides for your family, friends and those less fortunate the way I have. Happy couponing!

I understand completely. I just bought the Phillips Norelco All in 1 and I used a coupon that said electric shaver. It is electric and it does have a small shaving attachment, but I really don’t know whether that was legit or not… I am endeavoring to keep my couponing honest as well.

I tried doing that early and i failed. The cashier told me that the coupon did not match the photo of the item

That is incorrect use of the coupon! The Proglide razor comes with two cartridges whether in a gift set or not. That doesn’t qualify for the purchase of the cartridge just because it is included in the pack. The coupon doesn’t say $10 off a gift set, it says $10 off a Proglide (and the gift set does contain the razor) WHEN YOU BUY a disposable or cartridge. The coupon requires the purchase of TWO items.

Proglide does not come with any refill cartridges, just the one that’s on it.

I have 4 under my cabinet right now…ProGlide Power comes with the one that is on it, the regular ProGlide has the one on it and one extra refill.

Also, if you look at the picture above KCL posted of the regular Proglide (not Power) it says it contains 1 razor and 2 cartridges. HTH!

Ok well the one I bought first is the power so that makes sense.

i spoke with the store manager at 3 different Walmarts and because the gift set says you are buying one pro-glide razor and one cartridge (as it states on the front of the package) the $10 coupon is acceptable …. yipeee!!!!! i have a lot of gift sets that i only paid tax on woohooo

Where does it say that the $10 off coupon works on the gift set? At my closest Walmart didn’t accept it.

Something similar happens to me with this coupon. I used it to buy the cartridges and razor, but the cashier accidentally only rang up the razor and the coupon went through! So I pretty much just got the razor for free and didn’t even need to pay for the cartridges

i used a fusion proglide before i started couponing. once i started couponing i got some pretty good deals with the shick hydro razors. last month i finally ran out of proglide cartridges so i started using the shick hydro. ugh! i can’t wait to switch back to the proglide!

So funny you brought that up… Because of coupons I started my bf with the Schick Hydro and he loved it, then switched to the Fusion Proglide and he hates the Hydro now! Haha

My husband was always a Gilletter razor guy…Mach 3, then Fusion. When I started couponing the Schick Hydro high dollar coupons were out and I got him a razor and cartridges. he is very thin on top and shaves off what little bit he has and has done this for years. The first shave with the Schick Hydro he had multiple cuts on his head. It was awful…bleeding all over the place. I don’t bother with any of the Schick deals even if they are free! We have stocked up on the Gillette Proglides and Proglide Power razors. He would have me pay regular price for a Proglide before he would use a free Schick Hydro any day.

If a get the 2 sets…do I get (2) $5 gift cards?


I agree this is still high for razors in general, but is it still high for the Fusion Proglide? These are the only blades one of my sons will use, and they aren’t on sale at as good of a price or nearly as often as say, Venus Olay, or any of the Venus for that matter. Chris, were you speaking of this specific brand of razor in your post?

Yes – that’s the only one I use too and I have stocked up when they go on sale as mentioned (usually once or twice a year – like Christmas and Father’s Day). I agree the coupons have become further and farther between as well as getting a good sale to match with so it’s a struggle but if you keep an eye out and stock-up OR only buy when you absolutely have to until you can stock-up that may work out best. Fortunately I purchased enough to last a really long time the last couple of times I managed to get a deal (and paid between $0.50 and $1 per cartridge by buying the razor with one or two cartridges in them) because I had a feeling it wasn’t going to last with that stupid show on TV. Hope this helps. Happy Couponing!

sheesh, the cartridges are not cheap. With all the razor deals in the last 2 weeks, i have yet to get in on one

This is an OK price but not what I would consider a stock-up price. Keep an eye out for the gift sets either at Target or Walmart when they go on clearance typically right before Christmas or right after. In the last two years they tend to get marked down from $10-12 to $6 at Walmart and I managed to get a whole bunch of them for $2 each after coupons (so it amounted to $1 per cartridge – or about 10 cents per shave). The stock-up price is really about 10 to 20 cents per shave (10 shaves per cartridge on average).

I agree. Walgreens and CVS often run a deal where you can get the razor for $1.99 or $1/cartridge. I’ve been using my $10 coupon at Walmart to get the proglide and the cheapest women’s razor I can find. I have a good stock of these so my buy price would be $6-7 total on is deal.