A good Kraft Macaroni & Cheese deal doesn’t come along every day. Sure, you can find the off brand varieties for a low price, but it’s rare to see a really great Kraft bargain. Here is a hot deal to grab at Safeway! Through 12/11, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese boxes are on sale, ten for $5.00. A coupon was just released that will make this deal even better–each box will cost only $0.20!

Buy 10 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25 oz $0.50 each, when you buy 10, sale price through 12/11
Use three $1.00/3 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese from SS 12/9 (exp 1/9)
Final Price: $0.20 each, when you buy 10 


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40 thoughts on “Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Only $0.20 at Safeway!”

If you use 4 coupons and buy 12, it’s still $2.00 and less than .17 cents each :)

actually 1 hour 10 min. at 9oclock. PLEASE HURRY=)

It stands for smart source :)

I feel really stupid asking this, but can someone please tell me what S.S. stands for, or how i can get the coupon pretty please. The store closes in like 2 hours. pretty please help.

Smart Source…coupon inserts found in Sunday Newspapers…:) RP= Red Plum; and P&G= Proctor and Gamble.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Are you kidding? That stuff is nasty! Made from GMO wheat and Yellow #5 & 6. Not to mention other additives. Gross and nasty!

I bought my in Western Washington. The coupons set the register buzzer off. Manager tried to tell me that the sell was a “manufacturer” sale and that “manufacturer” coupons could not be used. She did override the register this time but told me I should “pay more attention next time”. I went back and looked. Nothing in the add, the shelf or their policy says anything about manufacturer sales. But still got my 10 boxes for $2

4/$5 here… sigh. Food prices/couponing deals are way dif. on the west coast, it seems. :/ Guess I’ll hang on to these coupons & keep waiting!

I’m in Oregon and couldn’t agree more! I find prices consderably higher here and very often we don’t get the better coupons either, so the deals are much harder to find.

Pasadena in Los Angeles Called a couple of stores none of them are having the sale…boo

Sorry to hear that!

Ashley, as soon as you buy 10 the price is valid. You can purchase more. It’s a minimum of 10!

Thank you sooo much! I was waiting for a answer before I go buy them 😉

Are they only .50 cents if I buy exactly 10? Can I buy 12 so I can use and extra coupon and then they would be only .16 each…. I got the coupon and want to run in and get some, this is the lowest I’ve ever seen it myself.

They are $0.50 each as long as you buy 10 or more.

Dont forget your doublers from the ad if your safeway has them! =50 cents total. 5 cents a box!!!

Yes! That makes them a great deal if your store doubles $1.00 coupons!

Yeah, it was a great deal. By time I got in there the shelf was just about cleared, except 2. One of the workers was nice enough to say I could take two 5pk boxes and have the cashier ring up using the single box upc so I could still use my 3 coupons. Total = 50 cents for the 10 boxes! :)

That would make them $0.17 a box, wouldn’t it?

Just picked up 20 boxes. I think I’m stocked up pretty well.

It’s a great time to stock up!

Is this a stock up price ? I don’t see any yellow symbols ? : )

Also….I live in Denver, Colorado and saw this deal at the store today.

It is a great price for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! I think it is stock up worthy!

anyone want to mail me some of this coupon??? my daughter loves mac n cheese!!! please……

i need like 10 so i can get the deal!

Order them off ebay. I get all mine from there.

The offer ends today

Safeway prices seem to be regional, I’m gonna call to make sure, but in my area that deal is not at my store.

Sorry to hear that!

I got the coupon but no Mac & cheese sale :( I live in Eastern Wa.

I think maybe safeway deals are regional, I live in Olympia Wa and I didn’t see it

I live in Oly and went to the Safeway on Pacific today and they have the
sale going on. I bought 12 of them, used 3 coupons, and got them for 16 cents each.

are safeway affiliated stores part of this? I live in IL we have dominicks here so would I find that deal there? I guess I could call lol…great price would be awesome to get and donate these!


it was not in my smartsource sunday :-(

Is this regional? I didn’t see it in the ad and they weren’t marked on the shelf when I went earlier today.

Where is the smartsource coupon? Could not find it online

The coupon came in the SS insert that you get in the newspaper.

I think its only in the paper. But it’s still a good deal. 50 cents a box for Kraft Macaroni and cheese is still really good.

It is only a paper coupon, not online unfortunately.