The deal on Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal is back at Dollar Tree and even better! A 10.8 oz box of this cereal costs almost three dollars at Walmart, but use one of the coupons below and pick some up for only $0.50 at Dollar Tree. Remember that inventory differs from store to store, and Dollar Tree now limits the use of printable coupons to two per day. Read more about the new policy here.




Buy 2 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal, 13.4 oz $1.00, regular price
Use one $1.00/2 – Kellogg’s Cereal, 10 oz or Larger – (
Or $1.00/2 – Kellogg’s Cereal, 8.7 oz or Larger – (
Or $1.00/2 – Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereals, 10.8 oz or Larger – (
Or $1.00/2 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz or larger, Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from RP 12/9 (exp 1/20)
Or $1.00/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz or larger, Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from 11/11 (exp 12/23)
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2

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16 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal, Only $0.50 at Dollar Tree!”

I use internet printed coupons at my Dollar Tree all the time. I’ve even used ten of them in a single transaction, and no cashier has so much as blinked at it :-) I must be lucky considering all the frustrated comments people have posted about Dollar Tree…. the cashiers there have even commended me on my savings!

Until they get scanners put in, they probably will keep the amount of coupons they will take to the very limited, because…from what I see its such a pain to manually do large amounts of coupons, especially when there are lines of people waiting for us couponers to get done.. We just gotta keep bringing in updated coupon policies in with us…I finally found a manger i can talk to and know when she will be in, because she seems more relaxed and open to couponing. I went in one morning to a manager and cashier telling me it has to match perfectly to the coupon pic…even though the coupon states any of its brand items, and the store and websites policy doesnt state that. SO…dollar tree needs all employees and managers to get on the right page, otherwise its gonna continue to be a nitemare when shopping there.

I have 7 of these cereals and the total cost for all of them was 2.35. Yay Dollar Tree and coupons.

I just went to Kellogg’s website and they have 70cents off one box of crunchy nut cereal!

Sounds Yummy!

Mine also says no printed ones even though the coupon policy online says they do

They do accept 2 internet coupons per person per day i had the $1 off 2 boxes so i got 4 boxes of cereal for .50 each and its good cereal

I bought some of this at dollar tree so they do have it. However dollar tree doesn’t accept internet coupons. Original manufacture coupons only.

not true. they do except internet coupons, but only 2 per shopping order.

also dollar tree just revised their coupon policy a few days ago. they also take manufacture coupons that are $1.00 off 2 items. they are horrible at honoring their coupon policy. bring it with you and show them what it says.

I went to three different dollar trees in three different states and no of them carry any name brand cereals. You should call Dollar Tree and save a possible trip.

not all dollar tree carry the same items. varies store to store. best to call first and save yourself a trip.

Also, the best thing to do is to ask when they receive their grocery shipments. I get my Nature’s Own bread at the Dollar Tree, and they get shipments on Tuesdays and Fridays. I find that when I go on those days, I get to see everything that they have, and it will be gone by the following day. I saw the Nature Valley 6 ct Protein bars last week, and can’t wait to use my coupon on those, because the cheapest I’ve ever seen them is for $1.99 per box!

When I went to the dollar tree they said they couldn’t take coupons that said $1 off on 2. Is that true?

My Dollar Tree here is Alpharetta GA said the same thing.

Dollar tree has done a horrible job of explaining their coupon policies to their employees, it varies from cashier to cashier on what they will/won’t accept. I’ve been told by different cashiers that they can’t take coupons that make items free ($1.00), they can’t take coupons that are for more than $1 even though its for multiple items like $1.50/3, and that they can’t take coupons that are for multiples like the $1/2, I’ve even been told by one cashier that they don’t accept printed coupons at all.

No. I think that the employees are scared to get in trouble for accepting incorrect coupons, which is understandable. It is always best to have the coupon policy with you, and to politely explain to them why they should accept the coupon. I had an employee tell me the other day, that the item had to match the picture when I used my $1.00/2 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereals. The coupon showed the Honey Roasted box, and I was purchasing the Caramel Nut. I politely explained that based on the wording of the coupon, the coupon was legitimate. The manager accepted it. Hopefully they will be able to scan coupons soon!