The Target $10.00 gift card offer is back! Rush to print the coupon; then shop at Target, spend at least $50.00 and get a $10.00 Target gift card. Like most Target coupons, there is a limit of one per person. Also, some Target stores will allow the $50.00 total to be before coupons and others won’t, so be prepared to spend an actual $50.00 in order to redeem the coupon. Here’s one idea of how to use the coupon with a $50.00 total after coupons:


Buy 3 Huggies Big Pack Diapers $19.79, sale price through 12/15
Use three $3.00/1 – Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers – (
And use one $10.00 Target Gift Card when you spend $50.00, Target Coupon, limit one coupon or offer per guest – (
Spend $50.37, Receive $10.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $16.79 each, when you buy 3 

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how do you show it to them on your phone?

Thanks for the info!

Target also has a 3 dollars off target coupon!!

ON huggie diapers

Has anyone ever had a problem with coupons scanning at Target just fine and then going home and noticing that 2 or 3 of your coupons did not come off? This happened to me yesterday- all my coupons scanned fine at the register- no beeps- and I got home and noticed that 3 of them were not on the reciept. This is the second time this has happened…has this happened to you?

Yes. I go back to Target, bring the coupons and talk to customer service and they give me cash.

I think epj meant that they give the coupons to the cashier, they are scanned and put away in their drawer, but then the receipt does not reflect that the amounts were deducted. In this case, they wouldn’t have the coupons to take back to the store for reimbursement.

I’ve found that (at least at my store) you have to REALLY check your receipt before you walk out the door. I always stop next to the “cart corral” area at the front and check to make sure every coupon came off. More than once, I’ve had to go to customer service, they’ve had to retrieve the coupons from the drawer, and match them one by one to my receipt. Once you leave and come back though, that’s when they act like you’re a common criminal. Lol…

Sometimes, a coupon isn’t listed on my receipt, but my total is still right for what I figured after coupons. So I have no clue how that happens.

Thanks for responding, Beka27. I know what epj meant. But I think I wasn’t clear. I reprint the coupon just for proof if it’s still available. Sometimes I don’t even reprint it. But I take the receipt back to customer service, explain it and they adjust it for me. Sometimes the Target employee will just do it and sometimes I have to ask for a supervisor or manager. They acknowledge it. One time I brought the receipt two weeks later. Never had a problem getting it adjusted so far. It worked for me all the time. I just wanted to piint that out. It doesn’t hurt to try. They never treated me like a criminal.

I check my receipt before I leave. But sometimes I don’t catch the mistake right away. So that’s why I take it back. I always try because if you don’t. You lose. I don’t accept their “no” for an answer.

When I ask for a manager that means the person didn’t know or told me it’s not possible. Managers can always do it. My relative worked in retail if a manager doesn’t do it and you complain. They get written up. Three of them and they get fired. So managers usually help. You

Never had this problem at my target so far. I am in MN.

Not sure if this is the problem, but I’ve recently noticed that some
coupons come off directly under the item you’ve purchased and some others
(if you coupon stack, etc) will be listed at the bottom of the receipt. It’s confused me more than once! :o)

It has happened so many times to me that I go to the snack area, have a Coke and review my receipts before I leave the store. They are always nice about giving me my cash.

can we purchase a gift card and get the $10 back anyway.. will someone please answer my question qpon does expire tomorrow.

No. It says right on the coupon.’ Giftcards and tax will not be included in determining purchase total’.

Yesterday I went to target to used my Spend $50 get $10 gift card, which went OK on the first then they cashier didn’t want to do the second I explain to her it say 1per guest per transaction. She called the manager she also say I can’t do it say per visit. I still pay and left but before I left the store spoke with another manager from a different department and she said that don’t sound right. Today I call main office they told me to go back in and give them a call. I went customer service with my receipt and I got my gift card before I left the manager found me and apologize and give me 2 $3 coupon. So guys if u have a problem don’t give in.

I’m glad that you were able to resolve the issue.

I bought over $200 before coupons & I got 4 $10 GC’s with this Q!


The coupon is on the Target website. If it’s a scam, they are promoting it. They run this promotion often and it’s great!

The coupon is on the Target website. If it’s a scam, they are promoting it. They run this promotion often.

this is not a scam I used it at my Target in Hickory NC and it worked just fine. I had no coupons so Im not sure if they will use it before coupons or not

I used this coupon the last time it was available and it worked fine

I thought the dove coupon states maximum of 2 identical coupon allowed in same shopping trip? at least that’s what mines says

Yes, the Dove coupons do say that. You would have to use two sets of two different coupons.

Is it the scam??? Does anyone know about it?????

KCL ladies can you please find out it…????Dont want to come in any kind of trouble.

I have used several of these and it is not a scam!

It is not a scam. I used it 4 times already and it went through perfectly. It was posted on target facebook page too so take advantage of this coupon while you can.

Not a scam, I just came from target

It’s not a scam, some of the cashiers at my Target have them on their register to scan when a transaction goes over $50 until tomorrow.

It’s not a scam! I used mine to purchase a larger Christmas gift just a few days ago.

If I have a Catalina from target that is $10 off $100 purchase can I purchase $100 worth of stuff use the Catalina and use the TQ for $10 gc when you buy $50??

Yes. Give the $10 off Catalina first then the TQ for $10 gift card then any other coupons.


I went to Target last night to do some Christmas shopping. I thought it woould be a good time to take advantage of the $10 giftcard with $50 purchase. I handed the cashier the coupon and she scanned it. The machine beeped and she told me it was a scam. I had her call the manager over to verify what she told me. The manager also told me it was a scam and was not from Target. I told the cashier and the manager I had printed it from the Target sight. They would allow me to use it. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem.

I meant they would not let me use it.

i heard the same thing that it is scam

It is not a scam. I have used my coupons successfully each time.

Oh man! I could’ve used this 2 days ago when I spent over $50 there.

Ugh I didn’t know about this and just spent $60 at Target on Tuesday!

You and me both girl

When they run these, it is usually Weds thru Sat. Check the Target website on Weds. In the past two weeks, I have collected 4 of these cards. its an extran 20% off my purchases. LOVE IT

Does anyone know if you will get the $10 gift card when you buy a $50 gift card? I have to buy 3 and I would like (not really! $150 is alot of $) to get back $30 in gift cards for MY family!!

The “fine print” on the target coupon says “GiftCards and tax will not be included in determining purchase total.” so I think that means you will not get the $10 GC on any GC purchases.

Huh… obviously nobody else is having trouble printing this one. So annoying. I’ve tried several different computers in my house & none of them will print this– I get this message: “Sorry, we can’t print your coupons!

The coupons you selected did not print
Coupons may not print because the maximum allowed prints may have been reached
between the time the coupon was presented to you and the time you tried to print the coupon.
This may also occur if you had previously printed the maximum for that coupon,
but we were unable to detect that before your print started.”

But… I’ve never printed this coupon! :(

Use a different web browser. It will not print for me in Firefox, but will in Safari.

you are to try fire fox or explorer, or computer with elder windows system

Can I use this when purchasing an itunes card?

I used mine last week with the Starbucks coffee deal and left with two $5 gift cards and one $10 gift card. Plus got 5 percent off using my Target red card and had coupons for the coffee. Now I just need to send in for my $5 Starbucks rebate and I’ll be in good shape! The four bags of coffee will be great Christmas gifts for coffee drinkers.

Do you have to submit the UPC’s from the coffee packages to get the rebate? I was thinking of buying some of coffees as gifts too but figured I wouldn’t be able to send for the rebate because I wouldn’t want to cut the UPC’s from the packages of coffee I intend on gifting.

yes, you have to submit the UPC numbers, but not the barcode itself. No need to cut them out. You can apply for the rebate online, scan your receipt and send it off through the internet. Emailed $5 at Starbucks comes back 2 weeks later (or longer in snail mail).

i picked up a catalina that is $5 off $50 too.

Can I buy $50 worth of Target gift card to get $10 gift card?


hey kcl can you give some good idea too get best deal using this giftcard coupon.

I used mine to purchase a large gift. It was like saving $10.00 off the price!

can i use this coupon on the item that i will be getting back giftcard too?

yes you can. i used that coupon last saturday. got 25 dollars back in target giftcard with those deals that were going on. i ended up paying 25 dollars for my whole shopping trip so with giftcards that i got from the deals, i pretty much got them for free.


I have coupons loaded on the Target website and due to a new printer, I had to install the coupon activator. I clicked on everything and clicked close, and it said it would start printing once I clicked close. It hasn’t… it still shows the “install coupon print activator”. I don’t want to click back and lose all the coupons (since you can only print twice). What do I do????

I don’t think it counts until it prints. It should recognize you needed to install the activator. You could reboot your computer? I’m not sure what else to do but I think You should be ok.

Check your browser settings. Go under tools and check add-ons. Make sure the coupon activator is enabled under plugins.

try using internet explorer…I had the same problem when using chrome.

Can we use multiple of these on a 200$ transaction

No Sorry, Limit one per guest per Transaction. If you want to use multiples, separate transactions or bring someone with you.

can I use this coupon on restaurant giftcards?

Wondering that too!

I got a Regal giftcard and was able to do this.

I can’t believe this is gone already… missed the last one, too! (insert gnashing of teeth here).

I just printed it without issue – in fact it let me print 2 unlike the last time when you could only get one per computer. Plan on using mine when I go at the end of the week to purchase toys on sale for Toys for Tots.

Nice gesture. Most Toys this week are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Same Collection. (ex Barbie w/ Barbie, Hot Wheels w/ Hot Wheels, etc.)

Yeah that’s why I’m going – top that with the $1050 Qs for Hot Wheels and Barbie and it’s a pretty awesome deal. I might actually see if Publix has some toys too because they take the Target coupon as well as a competitor.

I just printed 2 as well! Awesome! I’m going to combine it with a $5 off $50 purchase coupon I got from the cashier at target yesterday

I just printed mine too Just click where the KCL says “Target $10.00 gift card offer” in the description. That is the link to the coupon

I just printed one so they are still available

I just printed two from two different computers. Try it again.

Yep, I just printed mine too!

I just printed 2…they are up again.

I am purchasing a few item which Ill receive gift card back. My question is any limit on how many gift card i can used in 1 trans. Tryin to get my son christmas present cost a arm n leg.

I used $130.00 in GC. They were all $5.00 ones I had been collecting. I had a total of $200.00. That’s how I did all my Christmas shopping!!!

I like the idea of stockpiling the Target GCs throughout the year and redeeming them all for xmas! I might have to do that next year!!!

I plan on saving all my swagbucks giftcards for christmas next year. I have only been on swagbucks for a short time so I have not collected many points yet. Im also planning on saving my saving star money too for christmas!

I started doing that when I started couponing 2.5 months ago. next year, I’m going to save all year and see how many I can get saved. It was nice going to target and paying $16.48 OOP for over $200.00 of gifts for my 3 kids.

that u so much

Happy this deal is back…i could jump for joy lol..after seeing so much savings from others I will try to copy theirs and find some more great deals…Target has been good to me hopefully It will stay that way :)

Does the $50 have to be before or after coupons?? Also wondering about combining this deal with the emergen-c deal if I can find it…would the $5 gift card amount not count towards my $50 total??

Depends on your store so you may want to ask customer service first. Regardless, give them this coupon first.

Any other GCs you receive as part of purchases in that transaction should NOT deduct from the $50 total.

It has to be before. This needs to be the first coupon you give them

I put this coupon on top of my coupon stack and it worked out perfect. I did 2 transactions with 2 coupon stacks :) I saved close to $40 today.

That will depend on your store.

I want to combine this deal with a Catalina I have that is $5 off frozen food purchase of $25. The Quorn vegetarian products are currently BYG1 Free at Target and I have a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off that I printed from facebook. I have a few of these coupons actually but my understanding is I can only use 1 manufacturer coupon at Target for a B1G1 deal? I’m wondering if the free item will ring up as half price so that it will count towards my $25 in frozen foods or if it rings up as $0?

Thank goodness! I missed this last week!!!

What have your experiences been with using multiples back-to-back? It says “One per guest per transaction”. I have 4 printed out.

I was able to use 2 in 2 back to back transactions just make sure you give the cashier the cashier$10 coupon first make sure she scans it then give her your other coupons.

Thank you! I am planning on finishing my xmas shopping tomorrow at Target so this has come JUST in time!

can i purchase gift cards using this


any help for mac user??? cant get it to print

I use Safari. I have been pretty lucky with it.

I made a purchase of $60 the other day without the coupon cause I ran out of ink. I went back the next day with the coupon and my receipt to customer service and asked to apply the coupon to my receipt. They did with no problem; she handed me the $10. GC. And I have already used 5 of these coupons at my store. So not a scam. They work everytime.

Yes you can. The coupon says you can’t use them on Target GC or prepaid CC. Most others are ok. The thing with Target is that they list a lot of the GC as Entertainment Cards (that’s how they ring up) so there is no problem at checkout. For example Disney and iTunes are ECs. Last week I got a bunch of Disney GC with this offer. In total, 7 transactions, I got $500 worth of cards (10 cards at $50) for $375. I love that kind of savings!

Good idea!