In this week’s Rite Aid ad, there is a coupon for $5.00 off any Nexxus shampoo, conditioner or styler. Use it on a bottle of Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo to pay only $0.99! If you have the Rite Aid Gold or Silver discount, it will cost even less!

Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, 5.1 oz $5.99, regular price
Use $5.00/1 Nexxus Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler Rite Aid In-Ad Coupon, limit one per customer (exp 12/29)
Final Price: $0.99 


When you make purchases at Rite Aid, you accrue points that appear on each receipt. When you reach 500 or 1000 points, you gain a Silver or Gold discount. These discounts are 10% or 20% off (respectively) all regularly priced merchandise in the store for a year! To read more, visit the Rite Aid Wellness+ page

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47 thoughts on “Nexxus Therappe Shampoo, Only $0.99 at Rite Aid!”

For those whose shampoo is ringing up at $10.99 check the bottle size. I’ve noticed Rite Aid stocks the Nexxus Therappe shampoo in two sizes and the larger 8 oz size is priced at $10.99. The 5. something oz is $5.99.

My RA will not accpet coupons for more than the product amount. :(

My local rite aid said it was a scam or not in all stores-the price for 5.1 oz conditioner/shampoo was 10.99-NOT 5.99 like the ad showed. SO frustrating…..

went to look for this deal yesterday and today …. did not have the product in stock . not the nexxus shampoo or the keri lotion . very disappointed =/

I’m sorry. A lot of stores run out of the hot deals products on Sunday or Monday each week.

my Rite Aid would not let me use it because with my welness card 10% it made the shampoo under $5.00. she would not over ride and it was last one in stock.

if they don.t have the item in stock you can get a rain check, i got 1 for the keri! which was sold out at 2 stores! wow

Got this for $.77 with my silver member discount :) Merry Christmas to all!

Oops and with the $5.00 coupon


my rite aid was sold out too but they told me to go back wednesday cuz that when they receive shipment again so im crossing fingers

Good luck!

This shampoo is normally $6.29 at my Rite Aid, but because I get a 20% discount, I only paid 3 cents for it!


So the manager said I could only get one nexxus shampoo through my rite aid card is this true? As in I can’t get one and my bf get one using the same card. I checked out their coupon policy I can’t find a yes or no to my question.

Even though the coupon say one per customer… You can still get more then one (using the same card too) it all depends on your cashier if they are willing to do it.

Yeah my cashier said it should be fine but I had to get rain checks since they were all gone and the manager came and said I could only get one per card :(

How many times you use that coupon is not tied to your Wellness+ card.

How would I argue that with the manager? Hopefully there’s another manager in tomorrow. I tried looking at their coupon policy but found nothing

It’s not a good idea to argue with the manager, or with the cashier for that matter. The coupon does have a limit of one per customer, which means you can only use one in a shopping trip anyway. If you go back to the store on another day and want to use one of the in-ad coupons again, I don’t think your cashier or manager will have a problem with that. Or you can go to a different Rite Aid. Your Wellness+ card doesn’t keep track of how many times you’ve used that coupon.

These are all sold out in the locations near me…probably has something to do with the fact that RA only keeps 2 of each shampoo on the shelf.

Haha, Completely understand, my Rite Aid has a pretty sad stock as well >.<

Sold out as well… =/


The $5.00 off beeped at the register for me saying no qualifying items, they tried to tell me it wasn’t eligible so I just walked the cashier to the tag on the shelf that advertised $5.00 off of the $5.99 shampoo. They had to manually override it but I still got the deal! So anyone else having this issue don’t take NO for an answer :) Thanks KCL for the heads up!

You’re welcome!

will they rain check the shampoo? all of the rite aids I went Rt o were sold out of the $5.99 shampoo :(

You can ask your store if they will do a rain check!

I did this deal today also! Only I am now “gold status” so the shampoo was only $0.39 for me before tax :) AND I got 2 of the Keri lotions and just like mommy2jayme they did NOT adjust my $2 coupon down to $0.99 so I got a $1.01 overage per lotion! It’ll be nice to donate those this holiday season! LOVE FREE STUFF!

Lucky. My cashier would not take the $2 coupon at all and said she can’t adjust it. She did not even try to scan it. I always have issues with this location.

actually if you’re gold status the shampoo is only 4.79 since it’s 20%. i did this deal today with the keri lotion, simple pleasure chocolate, lint roller.

they didn’t adjust the coupon value too, i got overage.

Great buys!


i did this today, and combined with the keri lotion deal and got both for free, just paid sales tax! a really good deal, and great stocking stuffer : )

using the $2 off on the keri lotion that is^ the lotion was on sale for $0/99 and the $2 coupon had a $1 overage, that applied to the shampoo, making them both free, only paid tax. should have explained better lol!


My local rite aid in Meridian did not have one of these products, in the 4.99-5.99 range left at 8am when the doors open. Shame!

Seriously ! Do people stand outside the doors before the store opens and

go straight for the deals? I have never gone first thing when a store opens,

maybe I should, that might explain why when I do end up going the shelves
are sometimes cleared. I finally scored some of the Pears soap this evening,

had to roll some expiring Ups+ before Monday.

I’m glad you found the Pears soap!

Even the people who go first thing don’t get even 1 of the deals, i.e. Nexxus. So you’re not missing anything by not going early…

I’m sorry!

If you are a rite aid gold member, you will get 20% off the 5.99 making it 4.79. Then 5.00 coupon makes it a .21 money maker.

no they are on sale i am gold member too and did not get it
regular price is 8.99 now 5.99

You got the wrong one. The shampoo pictured above is regular 5.99. There was only one left when I got one, and I had to look carefully because the products were not in the right place according to shelf tags.

Does the 20% apply on sale items??

The product is not on sale. The in-ad coupon is what makes it such a great deal, but $5.99 is the regular price. So the discount does apply!