Ad matching is a great way to save serious time and money while shopping at Walmart, because they will match the price of any advertised item from a competitor!

Remember, the store must be local to your area in order to ad match. Read and print Walmart’s Ad Match policy and keep it handy in your binder.



Diet Pepsi, 12 ct $3.98, regular price
Ad Match to Target price of $2.75 through 1/5
Final Price: $2.75


Kashi GoLean Crisp! Cereal, 14 oz $3.12, regular price
Ad Match to Target price of $2.75 through 1/5
Final Price: $2.75


Buy 2 Lay’s Classic Chips, 10.5 oz $2.68, regular price
Ad Match to Target price of Buy 2 for $4.00 through 1/5
Final Price: $2.00 each, when  you buy 2


Buy 2 California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust, 12.8 oz $5.27, regular price
Ad Match to Target price of Buy 2 for $10.00 through 1/5
Use two $1.00/1 – California Pizza Kitchen Pizza, zip code 90210 – (
Final Price: $4.00 each, when you buy 2


Nature Made Fish Oil, 100 ct $5.96, regular price
Ad Match to Target price of $5.00 through 1/5
Use $2.00/1 – Nature Made Fish Oil Product, zip code 97401 – (
Or $3.00/2 – Nature Made Vitamin or Supplement, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Final Price: $3.00


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7 thoughts on “Walmart Ad Match Deals: Target Week of 12/30”

Had quite an experience at Walmart yesterday–if the coupon doesn’t scan for the cashier, they won’t take it! Bought Friskies cat food 2-24 packs, exactly what the coupon said ( coupon was from the newspaper) and the cashier and the manager refused to take it! Went home, called Corporate, and they said the same thing. No way to know ahead of time what coupons they take, and what they won’t. My local Target has no problems with coupons–guess where I am shopping today for cat food!


I work at Wal-Mart and if the coupon doesn’t scan then we just push how much the coupon is for and Vendor Coupon. We have the older machines though so if your Walmart has newer machines they might not have vendor coupon on it. Anyways, usually the coupons with “double barcodes” as we call it don’t scan. It has one long barcode but there is a space in the middle so it looks like there are two skinny long barcodes on top of the each other.


I work at walmart and they dont train us for anything! I have literally had managment tell me that until we have to do something for a customer we dont need to know how to do it. It drives me nuts because it makes the customers mad so then they yell at us, which makes or day turn to crap, which makes us not as pleasant to the rest of the customers as we should be and on and on. If they would just bother to take 5 minutes to teach us how to do this everything would go much smoother.


Ad matching at walmart has never saved me time. My walmart is AWFUL! Every time the cashier sends me to customer service, who send me back to the cashiers, who make up all sorts of excuses of why they can’t ad match (can’t use coupons with an ad match, can’t give overage with an ad match, can’t ad match more then one item, can’t ad match to any store that uses red in the logo, can’t ad match during full moon, ad I am trying to match has expired because I have spent so long running around the walmart trying to get someone to complete the ad match ect), I have realized the cashiers simply don’t know HOW, so they call a CSM who seems to be the one person in the store who knows how to do an ad match. having the policy on hand doesn’t help, because the cashiers seem to not be trained on how to do this and will come up with anything under the sun before they are willing to call someone who does! Walmart just is not worth it anymore.


That sucks, ours is great. Never had a problem, in fact one of our cashiers will tell you that there is an ad match if you don’t know about it. This guy loves to save you money.


A while back I had a Walmart employee tell me that unless I print with color ink my coupons were not valid. Funny thing was I had printed the coupon from the Walmart website! Maybe 2013 will be a better year for some stores to train employees on their own coupon policy. I do have to say that things have gotten better here. I have found several cashiers that are up on the policy and I wait to go through their lines. I try to put all ad match items on the belt first followed by BOGO coupon items. I have had several cashiers thank me for separating my order like that. Happy New Year to all and especially to the KCL fans 🙂


Wow :/ I can’t believe how many people have problems with other walmarts. I work at walmart and we are trained on how to do ad match. the ad does have to be local though and if it is the other towns around us then we have to show the ad. Although your specific walmart might have had problems with people making things up for ad match so they might have changed their policy. Also if you have a lot of ad match products then a CSM does have to come over and approve the transaction. if the machine requires a CSM override it will tell you on the little screen that faces towards you.