Yesterday we mentioned finding General Mills kids’ cereals on rollback at Walmart. And today, we have a new coupon to go with the rollback price! Pick up two boxes for only $1.50 each. Here’s how:






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6 thoughts on “General Mills Kids’ Cereals, Only $1.50 at Walmart with a New Coupon!”

My Walmart still has them at the reg price also. :( Was a bit bummed to see that. However, it wasn’t a big deal. What got my blood boiling… I go to get my share of some other deals this week… and NO products AT ALL left on the shelf! I’m sorry, but if you pick the shelves clean i’m one of those that can’t stand you! You need to think of others and not just yourself. Your not the only one putting in the long hours to get a deal. Share! It’s not that hard. I have never cleaned a shelf and never will. I’m not that desperate! Sorry, I just had to get that out.

General Mills cereal (select varieties) is on sale this week at Safeway for $1.49 when you buy 4. With 2 of these coupons it would only be $0.99 each. Thanks for the coupon link KKL!

In Oregon these cereals are not on rollback, and still a regular price of $3 a box! Since you get the movie tickets, it’s still a good deal! $6 for a movie ticket plus free cereal! 😉

and don’t forget the free movie coupon when you by two specially marked boxes!

I love the free movie coupon. I used a coupon to watch The Hobbit in 3D over the weekend. My cost was $2.00. Also, if you use your coupon during a matinee what is left over from your ticket price will roll over to a friend’s ticket. For example. My daughter and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 2. Not only was my ticket free but my daughter’s final cost for her ticket was $3.00.

Wow great tip!