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Moneymaker on Suave Lotion at Walmart!

There is a moneymaking deal at Walmart for Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion. Look for the small 3-oz size which sells for $0.93. Combine that with the Red Plum coupon below and actually make $0.07!

Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion, 3 oz $0.93, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Suave Hand and Body Lotion, excludes trial and travel sizes – (
Final Price: $0.07 Moneymaker

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70 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Suave Lotion at Walmart!”

  1. cwalker82 says:

    For everyone out there who said this was a Trial/Travel size, it is NOT! Went there today, they are in the regular lotion section and there are many sizes much smaller than this. This was a great deal!!! Thanks KCL!!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    I tried to redeem 4 and cashier said no because it was travel, before even trying to scan. I explained it wasn’t, so then she said no because it said Family Dollar. I explained this as well. The manager came over and also said no. I was using other coupons so I told them to take it off then and forget about it. A week later while shopping at walmart, I tried again and the cashier scanned them without saying a word!! We all know it’s which line you choose as to whether you have a good experience!

  3. Yeli says:

    I found these tonight 3 fl oz @ .64 cents on clearance at my local target in Portland OR in the travel size section although it’s not a travel size :)

  4. naipai says:

    I just got back from Walmart. I tried this deal and the cashier won’t allow me becuz she said that it only can be redeemed at Family Dollar. I explain it to her about Walmart policy. That Walmart accept competitor coupons even though it state Redeemable at FD. It is a manufacture coupons and Walmart accept competitor coupons. So she scan my coupons. And it won’t scan through. The manager come by and I explain to him that Walmart do accept competitor coupons even it state on the coupons other store. He said that he can’t accept the coupon becuz it didn’t scan through. So, my question to you all is do Walmart refuse coupons if it didn’t scan through? I am having such a hard time to just get 4 suave items. :( What should I do??? HELP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I searched online for the suave travel/trial size and every time travel size was mentioned, they were referring to a 2 oz size and someone posted that there is a smaller size for cheaper at Walmart. It is possible that target considers them travel size though.

  6. JenniferArvizu says:

    I went to my local Walmart to purchase this and unfortunately they didn’t accept my coupon because they considered the lotion travel size.

    • Maduhhlynn says:

      this happened to me at walmart however at kroger they have the same size for .99 and accepted my coup!

      • JenniferArvizu says:

        Interesting! Well, unfortunately I do not have a Kroger close to me. I wonder why Walmart didn’t accept it?

        • Maduhhlynn says:

          The guy told me it was because they saw the .99 cent one as the trial size and couldn’t be reimbursed for selling it to me. I tried to tell him it didn’t say that anywhere on the bottle but had no luck hah

          • JenniferArvizu says:

            When the coupon is more than the actual product people get very weary and tend to shift away from using the coupon. Oh the life we lead as couponers! Haha!

  7. NessaSkye says:

    I found some Suave lotions on clearance at Walgreens not that long ago. This coupon would make them $0.49! :) Not bad for a FULL size bottle, some were even marked 25% more FREE!



  9. Maqueli Eldredge says:

    I could not print this coupon. When I push print nothing happens. Help, please!

    • Kali Finch says:

      Just click on the little print icon that is under the coupon, then scroll back to the top of the page and click the print selected button.

  10. usmc_solis says:

    I went to my local Walmart and the coupon did not work. The cashier attempted to scan the coupon and it did not go through. Did anyone have this problem?

    • ash07dc says:

      I bought three today and had no problem on the three ounce size. It is NOT TRAVEL OR TRIAL size! =) They had a smaller size of the suave in the travel section though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whenever i have a coupon that will give me overage (at walmart), it beeps, so the cashier has to put it in themselves.

  11. Cris says:

    I looked for this at my walmart and couldn’t find it… however, I did find it in the travel section of Target for 97 cents so it was still a MM and I got my lotions. Success!

    • ash07dc says:

      It actually excludes the trial/travel size! That’s the whole debate on here! The ones that we’re buying at Walmart is not travel size.

  12. mrsbreck1120 says:

    Does anyone else ever get viruses from printing these coupons? I printed the suave coupon from all 3 of my computers and everyone of them had Trojan virus afterwards from the redplum website. Everytime I print coupons my husband does a scan on the computers and almost always have virus. Just a warning to watch for this!

  13. mrsbreck1120 says:

    I just picked up 2 and they are in the isle with the regular items they aren’t considered travel size. I plan to print 4 more coupons from my other 2 computer…yayyyyy!!

  14. Brittany Hinds says:

    can you use say one of these coupons for family dollar with another manufacturer coupon? i’m still learning.

  15. savvy saving dental hygienist says:

    If you scan the item at walmart it should tell you if it is a travel/trial sized item. I know target does anyway.. can’t remember if it will at walmart too.

  16. Guest says:

    how do you print this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Click on the little printer icon under the coupon. It may not look like you did anything, but when you go back to the top, on the right side, it will say, “Print Selected (1).” Click on those words and the coupon(s) will print.

  17. wish I would have caught this earlier :( I just got home from walmart and its a 20-30 min drive for me

  18. ashleyl8n says:

    Shawna – I thought if it specifies a store “family dollar” that you can only use the coupon there?

    • Dawn Harris says:

      It is a manufacturer coupon, therefore it can be used anywhere manufacturer coupons are taken. IF it says Redeemable ONLY at Family Dollar, then it is a store coupon only allowed to be used at Family Dollar.

  19. morgan says:

    If the coupon says “manufactuer coupon” it can be used ANYWHERE. even though it has the words redeemable at family dollar. now if it say ” only redeemable at family dollar ” then it would be different story. but i know for a fact that this is a manufacturer coupon and you can use it at any store.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s right!

    • B-Rod says:

      I thought this was they way it worked as well until I tried to get my Purex detergent at Right Aid a few weeks back and they refused to take my coupons because they had CVS on them but they also said manufacturer coupon. It said nothing about redeemable only at CVS. So i had to let those poor coupons go to waste :(

  20. katie says:

    how do you print from this page! it gives me coupon info and another littler printer looking icon but does nothing!?

  21. Kayesha Franklin says:

    It says family dollar but you can use any where coupons are accepted! If it said redeemable ONLY at family dollar then you would be concerned.

  22. The coupon may say “redeemable at xxx store”…that does NOT mean it can’t be redeemed anywhere else. But if it says “redeemable ONLY at xxx”, it can only be redeemed at that particular store. This particular coupon is a manufacturer coupon and can be redeemed anywhere. In regards to it being a trial size…I have not actually seen this in the store, but if it’s found on the regular shelves (not in the little bins with the trial size), it is NOT considered trial size. I suspect this one is found on the regular shelves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for helping explain the verbiage, very well put! As for the location, it can be found with the other full sized products.

  23. I also only see Family Dollar coupons for Suave….

  24. hweiland says:

    no coupon

  25. Shawna says:

    Ashley..the coupon is actually a manufactures coupon that just says redeemable at Family Dollar, you can actually use them anywhere coupons are accepted.

    • ashleyl8n says:

      I thought the ones that say specifically “family dollar…” could only be used there?

      • morgan says:

        not true. if it says “redeemable ONLY at family dollar ” then yes it can only be used there. you have to very carefully read wording on coupons as sometimes they are confusing.

      • Either way, Walmart takes other stores coupons. I use Kroger coupons at Walmart all the time! And as far as this size being a travel size, just because it meets the traveling size expectations for carry on travel doesn’t mean its an actual travel size. If the bottle doesn’t say travel size, it’s not.

    • Anonymous says:

      A bit off subject, but has anyone had trouble with winco taking these type of coupons? I don’t shop at winco alot but last time I did, they told me they cannot accept these if they have any other stores logo on it. I didnt have their policy to check.

      • mimi says:

        I had that problem at Winco too. I read their coupon policy but haven’t found anything that really covers it. Anyone have info on this?

  26. Gabby says:

    Same here.

  27. Ashley Brown says:

    It says redeemable at family dollar

  28. nvdj11 says:

    Same here only the Family Dollar Coupon is showing

  29. Todd Hebert says:

    I would def consider that size travel size. That is misuse of coupons in my opinion when the coupon strictly states excludes trial and travel size. Rather the coupon beeps or not it is not meant for that size..

    • morgan says:

      Nowhere in her post did she say that this was a trial size.

    • Anonymous says:

      It may not be travel/trial size. Aveeno has a 2.5 oz sized lotion and then they have an even smaller travel size lotion. I would check the travel section first. There may be a smaller suave lotion there.

    • Anonymous says:

      How are you so positive it is not meant for that size? As Barb1222 points out, lotions can and do come in smaller sizes while not being considered trial or travel.

    • Chickenwang555 says:

      It really is a grey area, but I’m sure KCL would not post it if it was travel/trial. I usually try to stick my couponing to stuff I find on here because I don’t always read the fine print. With it being lotion, I think it would be very hard to justify it being trial sized since I own a few full sized lotions that are in the same range of size.

    • XenaWP says:

      Travel/trial size definitions differ company to company. Just because a product is under 4oz and “carry on size” does NOT mean that Suave or XXX company considers it to be travel/trial size. Many companies have even smaller sizes that they consider to be travel/trial.

    • Sacred says:

      I agree with Todd. The full-sized Suave lotions (including this particular type) are 10 oz. (they also have larger 18 oz sizes with hand pumps). I doubt Suave would have a 3 oz bottle of the same product and not consider it to be a travel/trial size.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you know that for a fact? Aveeno has a 2.5 oz size lotion that is not travel size and a 1 oz size lotion that is travel size. It needs to be checked. I’m not saying that the 3 oz is definitely not travel size (I don’t know for sure myself), just that’s there’s a possibility that it isn’t.

      • ash07dc says:

        I bought three today at Walmart. In the Travel/Trial section they had a tiny bottle of Suave lotion for 83 cents. In the LOTION section they had the three ounce size for 93 cents! Coupons went through great.

      • jenten says:

        the 10 oz was only 1.50 at walmart. You still pay .50 but you get triple the amount.

    • Miss Lauren says:

      Amazon sells Suave travel size lotion 2-oz. BAM!

    • ash07dc says:

      I bought three today and they were definitely not trial or travel sized. They were with the normal size lotions for 93 cents. They did in fact have a smaller (maybe 1.7 ounce size) in the travel/trial section for 83 cents. Therefore, NO MISUSE OF COUPONS AT ALL! =)

  30. mommy2jayme says:

    would the 3oz size be a trial/travel size? Just wondering because my Walmart is very strict!

    • XenaWP says:

      i think that if it’s not in the Travel aisle in the little baskets, if it’s on the shelf with the regular sizes, then it’s not a travel size. But since this is a 3oz, I could see it going either way

      • Sacred says:

        Not necessarily. My Walmart has many items on its regular shelves that are in travel sections at my CVS, Kroger, and Target stores. For example, the 1.4oz Suave deodorant sticks (the ones that usually sell for around a $1) are on the regular aisle with the 2.5 oz sticks at my Walmart, but they are included with the travel sections at my CVS and Target. The 10 ct. packages of Wet Ones are also on the regular aisle at my Walmart and are included in the travel section at my Target. I assume it varies by store.

    • Anonymous says:

      it may not be travel sized because aveeno has the 2.5 oz bottles and then they have an even small bottle in the travel section. I would go check the travel section first.

  31. ashleyl8n says:

    I am not seeing the walmart coupon. The only one that is $1/1 is for Family Dollar.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the one you need. Walmart allows you to use competitor coupons as long as they are issued my the manufacturer.