This week at CVS, select Finish dishwashing products are on sale and part of a CVS Cash Card promotion. Some lucky readers will have also received a very high value insert coupon in today’s SmartSource! This is possibly regional, so not everyone will get it. But it’s worth mentioning because of the significant savings it offers. These are regularly priced at $5.99–$6.99, so save up to 74% on Finish products with this coupon and sale price!

The limit is 2 coupons per shopping trip, so you won’t be able to meet the promotional threshold in one trip, but if you add in other participating items from the promotion, you can save more on your bottom line!


Finish Gelpacs, 20 ct $4.00, sale price through 1/12
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 CVS Cash Card, through 1/12, Limit 5
Use $2.15/1 Finish Powerball, Gelpacs or Quantum, 20ct or higher, limit 2 like coupons per shopping trip from SS 1/6 (exp 2/9)
Final Price: $1.85


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43 thoughts on “Finish Gelpacs, Only $1.85 at CVS!”

how did you get them for $3.00 off a box? I went there and they were on sale for $9.99 I scanned 3 at the checkout and no $3.00 came off, I also checked the j4u too and didn’t see anything. thank you and good job :)

I did this deal on 1/6 and unfortunately it was a 3 day sale til 1/8. I’m bummed b/c I wanted to go back and get more after acquiring more $2.15/1 M.Q.

Today I bought 6 All detergents and 3 Finish gelpacs. Together they are $36. Which well over $30. But somehow the machine did not print out my $10EB. I looked at the receipt it says I only buy $24 of product. I explained to this teenage cashier. She looked at the receipt and said I only buy $26 of product, limit does not reached. I told her, I did, 9X$4 = $36. She took out her cellphone and keep doing the math on it. She knew I am right. At the end, this is what she said “you did not meet the limit but i will give it to you this time.” I was so mad, I did not argue because there is a line there. I will not go back to that CVS again. Why are these cashiers keep thinking that we are trying to scam them. Urrgghh…still mad

the finish didn’t track… lots of people reporting this issue :(

Some boxes weren’t, but most were. Hopefully it can be remedied soon.

Some boxes of Finish are apparently not activating. Look at your receipt and you’ll see that they also didn’t ring up for the correct price ($4). I would take back your receipt and have them force-print your EB and give you a refund for the difference in price.

I know Bartells and CVS are one in the same.. but i;ve never heard of the Cashcard, does Bartell Drugs run this as well?

Woohhhooo. They are in the Atlanta area.

I was told by a couponing friend that she used 8 coupons to buy 8 of these in one shopping trip for a total of $0.79 each and to get the $10 in CVS cash. I live in NM and did not find any Finish Gelpack inserts in my SS, so I guess it is a regional insert ::sad::

The coupon is limited to 2 per person. Unfortunately, not everyone follows these restrictions.

We dont get the SS in my town and all the good coupons seem to be in the SS.

what SS was this in? how do you distinguish between the 3 SS?

The one with Air wick front page. Hth

You’ll have to look through them. Unfortunately, even the covers will vary by region. I could tell you what was on the front cover of mine (lean cuisine) but that will likely not help you, as you can see from Nollie’s comment 😉

We received it in the Raleigh, NC area! Thanks for posting!

Those of us who have an Harris Teeter, Finish is B1G1 making them $.75 each!

i was expecting this coupon and did not get it :( i did get the stayfree, 1st time in 6 month couponing lol

got in today in the dallas morning news. its about time we get rare coupons in the paper here!

I got this deal today! To get my $30 total, I bought 4 finish gel packs and 4 all laundry detergents. Each item was $4 and I had 4 $2.15/1 finish coupons and 4 $2/All laundry detergent. I paid a little less than $15 and got my $10 ecb. :)

Hi was your All coupon $2 of 2 detergents or just one? Mine says off $2/2

Would someone help out this old lady who can’t figure out how they came up with the $1.85 price? I’m figuring you must purchase 8 to reach over the $30 mark and can only use two coupons. $32-2.15-2.15-10=$17,708=$2.21 each? Thanks

the price is $4…. $4-$2.15=$1.85

Thanks Shae and Alexis!

CVS will keep track of your spending so you can go in on one day and purchase two Finish and use your coupon. Then you can come back ANOTHER day and buy more. Keep going back until you get your eight! On the last day that you go in buy them, you should be able to get the cvs cash card. I hope that I explained that clearly enough.

I was going to get these today but Meijer (live in Michigan) had them on sale for 2.69 so they were $.54 ea. :-)

I miss shopping at Meijer! I live in St. Louis and there isn’t one around =(

I also miss Meijer! We moved to NC and there isn’t a Meijer here :(

I live in Michigan also and used to always shop at Meijer, I haven’t though since I started with this site because of it not having Meijer breakdowns. Do you find a lot of deals couponing at Meijer? I have switched to Kroger and the drugstores mainly now

There is a Detroit based match-up site that does a great job with Meijer – bargainstobounty

I do like this week i got laundry detergent for 1.99, jello for .10,McCormick seasonings for .50 and even some clearance toys. Ladonna is correct bargains is where i get my matchups for Meijer….hth

I got a coupon in the L.A. Times today for $2.15 : )

I did not see the coupon in the Sacramento bee. Does anyone know if it was in the San Francisco? Or any paper in nor cal?

It was in my SF Chronicle, both delivered and at the stores. Hope that helps!

Thank you!

do i have to spend 30 before or after coupons???

Your total has to reach $30 before coupons.

Before coupons

It’s always before coupons and tax. Your coupons are a form of payment (like cash or credit card). So if you have $30 worth of participating items (or 98% which is $29.40 because at CVS you only need 98% close enough), you are good to go! Use your coupons and previous EB if you have any to bring the total price down.

Sign up to receive their emails through their Beauty Club and you’ll get $4 off $20 coupon in addition to the usual spend $50 in Beauty products get $5 EB. HTH

I noticed the “Cash Card” ads this morning…. is this something new that will take the place of the EB….. or is the CC in ADDITION to the EB?

They’ve done these before — they come and go, but it’s great when we have them!

This is in addition to the ECB. They did this awhile back. It’s to be used just like a gift card

The cash cards are not new, sometimes CVS will offer cash cards (basically store gift cards which don’t expire), $10 EB or $10 gas cards if you spend $30 in addition to the usual EB per promotional items. It’s just their way of diversifying promotions/deals. Last week it was spend $30 on P&G get $10 EB, this week it’s $10 cash card on certain deals and you will get $10 EB on spend $30 Johnson & Johnson deal.

At my local CVS stores, they would give us the option of a cash card or Shell gas card since we don’t really have a Shell gas station close by. I personally prefer the cash cards since they don’t expire!

Whoohoo! Thanks!!!