This week, receive a $2.00 CVS coupon for select Listerine when you scan your ExtraCare card at the “Magic Coupon Machine.” These are regularly $5.49, so $1.99 is a great price in itself. But if you have a smartphone and the ibotta app, see below to learn how to turn it into a an even better deal!

Listerine UltraClean, Total Care or Advanced Mouthwash, 500 mL $3.99, sale price through 1/12
Use $2.00/1 Listerine UltraClean, Total Care, or Advanced Mouthwash, 500 mL, CVS Coupon Machine Week of 1/6
Final Price: $1.99


Here’s how to turn this into a moneymaker, using the ibotta mobile app:

Listerine UltraClean Mouthwash, 500 mL $3.99, sale price through 1/12
Buy 1, Earn up to $1.25 with Ibotta
Use $2.00/1 Listerine UltraClean, Total Care, or Advanced Mouthwash, 500 mL, CVS Coupon Machine Week of 1/6
Pay $1.99, Submit for $1.25/1 Listerine Ultraclean Mouthwash, any flavor, ibotta credit
Final Price: $0.74


This week’s CVS ad proposes the use of a Sunday insert coupon for $1.00, to get this product for $0.99. However, upon closer examination, the SS 1/6 coupon is valid for 1L bottles, not 500 mL. Your experience may vary for how CVS will handle this situation.

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22 thoughts on “Listerine, As Low As $0.74 with ibotta at CVS!”

I just went to upload my receipt and the offer for the $1.25 off Listerine was no longer available on Ibotta. How long are the offers good? Is there a way to still upload my receipt? This was the first deal I was trying to do using Ibotta…

hello!! this was my first try!! I actually got this listerene for FREE!! I printed out a $2 coupon about 2 weeks ago(don’t ask where, I’m still new to things) and I got my coupon from cvs machine so I made .01!!!! then I did the ibotta and got 1.25 for it, plus $5. for being new!!! WOW!! I’m loving this!!!

That coupon is still available. Unfortunately, it is for a larger size bottle. Details on coupons can be tricky, but we have to pay close attention to them.

KLC, I also had this printable $2 coupon and it was a valid coupon. Mine stated “on any size” so if this was the same one she had, there was no misuse. I printed this sometime before Christmas and it is NOT the same as the one available now. And I was sure I read and reread for any restrictions, there were none. I did this deal yesterday. I would also like to say to others, just because YOUR coupon isnt correct doesnt automatically mean that somone misused theirs.

You can also use the ibotta app to get $1.25 off on the Listerine Pocketpaks that are currently on sale at CVS for $1.99, making it just $0.74!

The ibotta app also has $1.25 off the Listerine Pocketpaks that are on sale at CVS for $1.99, so you could get a pack for only $0.74!

I went and got this today for free at CVS.
2.00 off from CVS and then I had a 2.00 MFC. And now I am going to submit my ibotta credit for my moneymaker!

The $2 manufacturer coupon you used were for 1L not 500ML. Sorry but u shouldn’t brag about the misuse of the manufacturer coupon u had used.

I had a $2 manufacturer’s coupon from my dentist’s office and it was valid for the smaller size… maybe Nicole had the same one! :) Sorry but you shouldn’t judge!

I wasn’t replying to u fool

thanks for being classy!


@kcl-4d75f80c86a52a5ab64c9df78fd93faf:disqus is correct, that coupon is for a larger size.

I’m pretty sure that $2 printable was for a larger size as well :(

Next week Listerine 1 Liter is on sale for $3.99 Save the CRT and the $2 coupon, it will be free, then submit for Ibotta credit for a $1.25 MoneyMaker!

Can’t speak for everyone, but my CRT is 500mL only.

the $2 print is not valid on the 500mL

I’m really liking this Ibotta app! I went to Walmart and used the $2 Listerine printable coupon (valid on 1L size only) that was available. I’m not sure if it’s still around now, but I paired it with the Ibotta app savings of $1.25 and ended up with a final sale price of $1.72. The original price of the 1L was marked at $4.97 a bottle.

My coupon from SS 1/6 says valid on products 1L or larger.

You’re right @kcl-04af62b75b5ea0c81bf264611bdb6407:disqus . It didn’t state that in the database, but it looks like the physical version does have that limitation. Thanks for the heads-up!

You’ll also notice that this $1.00 coupon is advertised in the CVS ad, even though it is for a larger size. Each CVS may handle this differently, but technically may have to honor it.

I did see that. I was wondering why they would taunt us!