Snag Barilla Whole Grain and White Fiber pasta for as low as twenty-nine cents at Target. This low price is possible because of a new coupon and a grocery promotion happening through February 23rd. Buy any ten select items and receive a $5.00 Target gift card at checkout. Some Target stores, especially Super Targets, carry Barilla Whole Grain or White Fiber pasta, both of which are included in this promotion. There is a new Smart Source coupon from Sunday’s insert that will save $1.00 on a purchase of two. The price drops to $0.29 per box when ten boxes are purchased and four coupons are redeemed! Target allows up to four identical coupons per transaction, which is why this deal shows four coupons rather than five.


Buy 10 Barilla Whole Grain or White Fiber Pasta $1.19, price cut through 2/23
Buy 10 Select Grocery Items, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 2/23
Use four $1.00/2 Barilla Plus, Veggie, Whole Grain or White Fiber Pasta from SS 1/6 (exp 3/2)
Pay $7.90, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.29 each, when you buy 10


For variety, purchase an assortment of promotional items. Get Barilla, Ragu and Old El Paso groceries and use the following coupons for a bargain. Take a look at this scenario:

Buy 2 Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.59, sale price through 2/23
Buy 1 Ragu Pizza Sauce, 14 oz $1.19, sale price through 2/23
Buy 4 Barilla Whole Grain or White Fiber Pasta $1.19, price cut through 2/23
Buy 3 Old El Paso Refried Beans, 16 oz $1.19, sale price through 2/23
Buy 10 Select Grocery Items, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 2/23
Use one $0.60/3 – Old El Paso Products, excludes refrigerated, frozen or soup – (
And use two $1.00/2 Barilla Plus, Veggie, Whole Grain or White Fiber Pasta from SS 1/6 (exp 3/2)
And use one $0.60/2 – Ragu Pasta Sauce, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Pay $9.50, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.45 each, when you buy all 10


Kroger’s Mega Sale—Save $5.00 on Five Items!

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44 thoughts on “Barilla Pasta, As Low As $0.29 at Target!”

My cashier was awesome and let me do all 5 of my 1$/2 coupons so I got them for 19 cents a box! Don’t expect this to happen because there policy states 4 like coupons but I forgot and put the 5th one in there she said she doesn’t normally allow 5 but did because of the sale.


Don’t make the mistake of picking up the veggie penne like I did. It wasn’t on sale or part of the $5 gift card promo.

Just bought 10 boxes with the coupons and got $5 gift card! (But I had to be super careful which boxes I bought. Not all the Barilla boxes were included in the $5 gift card deal.)

I really can’t find this coupon. where exactly is it in the SS? Any other coupons on this page? I want to get 4 coupons or 8 but that is all. I don’t want to have to purchase unless I can get that quantity any suggestions?

i bought 5 papers and only received ss no rp. some papers only had 2 inserts …i was so upset..i missed out on alot of coupons!

Glad I read these post I could not find any barilla coupons and I have been couponing for 20 year now.

Am I the only one who has a barilla coupon that is $1 off of THREE boxes??

No it seems that people either got $1/3 or $1/2!

ok glad im not nuts hahaha! Thanks for all you do! Its still not a bad deal at all either way so I’m going for it. and the other things :)

Thanks for being here with us!

I received the $1 off of three..i brought 5 papers so i have five coupons.

My paper didn’t have any barilla coupons at all :/

The pasta regularly goes on sale for 10/$10 at my local grocery store, would I be able to do a price match at Target and still get the $5 gift card?

IF your local grocery ad DO NOT require a “club card” or “store card” in order to get the price, yes you can price match, otherwise, no.

If I price compare 10/$10. I could buy 10 and use 4- $1/2 coupons paying $6 and get back a $5 gift card.

I tried this today and they would not price match with the 10/$10 deal. & to top it off the coupon is for $1/3 Barilla PLUS, whole grain or white fiber & my local Target only carries the PLUS which is 2.39 a box. So I guess I wont be getting an awesome deal

Am I the only one who has a darn $1 off of THREE.

My paper had LOTS of coupons, but not this one! And I was waiting for it so I could go get the deal at Target. Had to go get the deal without it. Bummer! :(

How saddening! My paper didn’t get such coupon. Only 2 smartsource and 2 redplum’s and none had them.

REACH FLOSS free at TARGET. Regular price is .97 Buy 2 and use (2) .50/1 Target coupon (limit 4 identical coupons per household) from Sunday Healthy Essentials insert with Only Target coupons and (1) 1/2 from SS 1/6. I am in San Diego and worked perfect.

Really!? I figured it out, just a few moments ago, and I thought I was losing it. I’m glad someone confirmed it!

i didn’t get this one. it will make me sad for a long time. like when i didn’t get the emergen-c coupon and ya’ll kept posting good deals for it. waaaaaaah! maybe i can find some on ebay.

I did not get the target insert. Our paper only had 2 RP and 3 SS

check again..its really one page only

I took out every page and every ad but it was not in it

what’s SS?

smart source

I did this deal last week and yes you do have to get the whole grain or high fiber pasta

Careful not to get the barilla penne pasta as it isn’t included in the deal (I did it on accident).

I bought the Barilla whole grain penne, elbow pasta, and spaghetti and it worked for me.

This deal didn’t generate a gift card for me :( and I was wondering if you can buy regular Barilla pasta (I got farfalle and angel hair) instead of white fiber or whole grain. I could have sworn I saw the sign in front of the regular pasta too.

My target didn’t include the whole wheat or white pasta. Only regular so this coupon doesn’t apply!! So sad!!

i bought 10 mixing between farfalle, penne, angel, thin, spaghetti, and it worked perfectly. Maybe try to scan it at the price checker kiosk and see if it shows the sale price? Or ask the manager about the signage posted and which “types” are included in the deal. :)

I use this coupon when Safeway has them for 10 for $10. I buy 8 boxes, use 4 coupons and use the Doubler’- I receive all 8 for $2.00, $.25 each! Safeway usually has this sale once a month.

Mine was buy 3 too and only in the Star Tribune not the Pioneer Press. Too bad I bought six of the Pioneer Press Sunday paper. :(

Where do I find the list of grocery items that are included in this?

Feel free to call your local Target and ask them to state the items over the phone.

Coupon was in Sunday insert. Just did this deal for the 3rd time.

I cant find this Barilla coupon…

I can’t find it either. My insert had a Mueller’s coupon, but not a Barilla one.

Mine says when you buy 3!?!??!?

yep!!! Better deal a Publix, only $2 for 10!!!!

There’s 2 different coupons. It all depends on what region you are in. It sucks but you can buy them online if you really want them..

Mine does too. :(