There is an unadvertised monthly +Up Reward at Rite Aid with the purchase of select Art Skills or Sanford products. Certain Sharpie markers are included, and they happen to be buy one get one free this week! Buy two and pay $3.19, and receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards! This is the same monthly +Up Reward promotion as the better-than-free Art Skills marker, so remember that the limit for both of these offers together is four. Also, these Sharpie markers are tagged as part of the bonus $50.00 +Up Reward promotion going on this month at Rite Aid!

Buy 2 Sharpie Fine Black Markers, 2 ct $3.19, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 1/12
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward through 1/26, Limit 4
Pay $3.19, Receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.81 Moneymaker, when you buy 2 


Pentel pencils are still only $0.99 at Rite Aid!

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40 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free Sharpie Markers at Rite Aid!”

My Rite-Aid was out of the $3.19 ones, but there was a big pack of multi-colored ones for $9,99 with a $4+ UP Reward. I got two of those, paid $9.99 and then got back 2, $4 Rewards. Not bad for $1 each!


I just purchased the markers at b1g1 for $3.19 and only received one $2.00 +UP

I also bought epsom salt b1g1 underneath that it said 2/$9.00, but I paid $5.99 +tax. Shouldn’t it have been $4.50 +tax?

i did the epsom salt thinking the same thing! but was told by the employee that they only do the tag on top even if they have several promotions going on at the same time.

Worked for me on the 3pk sharpies. Bought 2 – 2pk sharpies, 2 – 3 pk sharpies, 2 – stayfree with the B1G1 coupon, used $10 Up from Rogaine purchase yesterday and paid $.94 out of pocket and received $10 back in Ups. Thanks KCL!


Where does it state you get $2/$4 +UP rewards?

The tags on the products say how much the +Up Reward is for, and they say how to qualify for that reward. (example: Buy 1, Buy 3, Spend $15.00, etc.)

just came back from rite aid. bought exact picture above. and price on shelf looked exactly like picture. after i left, i looked at my receipt and reads, $5.29 (first sharpie), second free. So confusing. And only got 1 up ($2) otherwise I prob would have just kept it if I gotten 2 ups. $3.29 for two packs of 2 sharpies is like normal pricing. Taking them back when I go back next week. I only want free sharpies!! lol :)

i just came back i got 2 of he 8 ct paid $10.29 plus tax, got 2/$ 4.00 up reward. is only 1 per card. as i tried to get 2 fine pt sharpies and did not get the 2 up reward at all. NO MONEY MAKER AT ALL. ??? I PAID $2.29 + tax =$3.11 for 2 packets of 8ct.?

Has this worked for anyone???

Worked for me! Did it on Sunday. Those exact sharpies (pictured above) had a tag on them about the $2 +UP reward


It just worked for me! I bought four (4) fine black 2-pck as shown above and got back (4) $2 UP rewards. However, I am a gold member but still paid the $3.19 price. So total $6.38 + $8 UP rewards.

Someone already went through and cleaned my Rite Aid out of everything. Hope you all have better luck!

Bummer! Sorry.

I know, its like I have to go on Sunday mornings to get anything but it sucks when I have to do it because sometimes I need KCLs help to find certain deals and/or coupon match-ups. I wish people wouldn’t clear the shelves :/

so since the limit on the offer is 4, does this mean that I could buy 8 packs, which really i’m only paying for 4, and receive $8 in +ups?


i bought 4 and got 4 ($2 UP) and already reach the limit so you don’t need to buy 8. I also tried my husband card and bought only 2 and it already said his card reached the limit maybe since last week I bought 2 mechanical pencil paks with his card and got 2 ($4 UP). So be careful.

If you buy 8, pay for 4, you spend $12.76 and get $8 in Up rewards = $4.76. If you buy 4, pay for 2, you spend $6.38, and still get $8 in Up rewards = $1.62 MM. But, be careful, the Up reward MAY only print on the 1 you are actually paying for, and not the free one.

I did this yesterday and got +UP rewards for the free ones – bought 4 packs, got 4 $2 +UPs

I hope this does print 2+UPs as I had the same scenario a few weeks ago with some shave lotions where the monthly +UPs said each received a $2 reward but then there was a weekly deal of B1G1 free and only 1+UPs printed and when I contacted customer service they said I should not receive an+UPs on the free item and they wouldn’t budge so I took the product back. Good luck.

Usually it does work!

i just went to the store. it doesn’t work for me.only one 2 up printed:(

it seems rite aids in south calif have fixed the monthly up rewards as they no longer print only the weekly. can we complaint? lol

i just bought 4 sharpies and got 4 ($2UP) this morning around 9am, Unless you already got the Up from mechanical pencils/pens during this month. I think they counted them as part of this monthly limit.


still working in socal

Same thing happened to me. Bought 4 shave gels and only got 2 +UPs back.

what about the “mechanical pencils” Up?I did that one 2 times on the pentel pencils, is that different?

That is a different promotion.

So if I did the Art Skills deal 4 times I cannot do the Sharpie deal ?

Correct. Sorry!

What about the P marker deal that was 1.79? Is that a different one?

That is the same +Up Reward promotion. If you already did that 4 times, you will not receive the +Up Rewards for the deal above.

they are the same deal

Haha, so funny, I just posted about this deal on the weekly blog about 3 minutes ago.

where is your blog??

I posted it under the weekly matchups for Rite Aid here on KCL.