Grab your ExtraCare card and run to the CVS Magic Coupon Machine. Some people are getting a very nice $10.00 coupon valid on any Digestive Probiotic. The Culturelle–a probiotic digestive health supplement–is on a special promotion and sale this week which makes it free after ExtraBucks. Use the $10.00 coupon and spend nothing out of pocket (plus tax if applicable), and get $10.00 ExtraBucks back!




Culturelle Probiotic Capsules, 30 ct $10.00, sale price through 1/12
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks through 1/12, Limit 1
Use $10.00/1 Any Digestive Probiotic, CVS Coupon Machine Week of 1/6
Pay Nothing, Receive $10.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $10.00 Moneymaker


Thanks, Reader Shanell

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62 thoughts on “$10.00 Moneymaker on Culturelle at CVS!”

our CVS in Wylie, TX machine prints out a coupon for $10 off any align/CVS digestive, so sad :( But not bad, with coupon, it is still a $7 MM.

Stopped at cvs again today hoping to get this coupon. No luck:(

i got mine yesterday!! my friend was a little upset bc she had already gotten hers

I got one that is $10 off any cvs brand or align probiotic, I don’t think is the same one as everyone else’s

Yes, there are apparently two versions: this one and one that specifically states “CVS brand.”

That is what I got, $10 off any Align or cvs brand….bummer.

I am not getting this coupon either wth !

I received mine last night on the machine, nice surprise! Always like money makers :)

Where on the website can u check to see if u got the coupon?

you need to register your card on the site under extra Care and then sign in and you should see some of the coupons available to you; not everyone gets the same Qs and some are repeats of what you may have printed at the store already (it shows printed on xx date)

Question, I have $10 ECB’s from the pampers deal last week. Can I use those $10 ECBs to pay for this and then still get the $10 EBS from the culturelle?

Yes you can

where was it?

Register your card in the extra Care section of the website, then sign in and some of the coupons available to you will appear

where is it, cant find it anywhere on the site.

If the coupon shows up on the extracare part of the cvs website does that mean that it will print in store? I’m out of ink for my printer as of this morning. =/

I would think so because some of my coupons that appear are ones that i have already printed at the store

If you haven’t printed the coupons at home you will get them at the coupon machine, same with the ECBs. So save your ink and paper!

I got mine today.. $10 off and get $10 extra bucks. Paid $0.80 in tax making it a $9.20 moneymaker. Sometimes the machine will continue to print the same coupons every day. I hope it prints me another coupon tomorrow.

How did you print your coupon? I can’t find it.

u must scan your card at the store

i dont understand why my cvs machine rarely print any coupons esp the great deal. is there a certain limit that i have to spend on the card to get more coupons?

It’s different for everyone–I rarely get the good ones and I spend quite a lot at CVS; It may be determined by your previous purchases??? It can also print a lot one time and hardly anything another time–I think it just varies.

I just got this at target last night for $17!!! Boohoo.
Thanks for the post though. Will go to cvs to buy.

This would have been nice on sunday, too bad the deal is only one per card.

sometime it will allow you to get additional ones, just try.

Wow are you serious? Great deal

Thanks for the tip, Deb. Can’t scan at the red box because I lost my card but logged in using your link and had it too!! :)

Mine coupon says 10 off align or cvs brand digestive . Does any one had the same ? Is this the coupon for the MM ?

Yes, but it will work on the one suggested, align makes the other brand that is paying the EB.

thanks Lisa , so is the brand align paying ECBs also ?

No not the same coupon as above scenario this coupon does list a brand. I don’t think that coupon should be used with this scenario :(

Mine said “any digestive probiotic” – I don’t think you received the same coupon … or CVS changed the wording on their coupons now….

no you cannot use that coupon for this deal, the one that prints for the culturelle says any digestive probiotic

That’s correct @facebook-520488368:disqus , thanks for chiming in!

I got a $3 off a $10 diet or nutrition purchase. Does that apply?

I have that same q

Is this in the vitamin section?

I wasn’t able to find it.


With the tums and other stomach medication

It’s probably gone by now… I’ve been to two stores and nothing!

Yes, with the vitamins.

I got it but mine says $10 off Align or CVS Brands Digestive probiotic. On sale doesnt seem to be the CVS brand :(

I didn’t get this coupon. I will try again tomorrow

At CVS in Hickory, NC, these ring up at $24.99.

Is it in the ad in your area? If it is you would need them to scan your card first HTH :)

Mine had a $2 off coupon in the box, so it should make is a MM at Rite Aid next week too :)

I went this morning and scanned my coupon at the machine and thought it was a miracle when this printed out, I already had the CVS $2 Vitamin or Supplement coupon so I got $12 off, so I purchased some other items still only paying 1.19 out-of-pocket and got $10 EB back, great day at CVS.

yea!!!!! good job!!!

I went to CVS this morning, and no coupon :-( I would love to know how they pick who gets what coupons…

I also went to CVS this morning, but I didn’t get this coupon either.

Me too. I’m super annoyed because I’m only getting two coupons this week that I’m not going to use, and I’ve been checking the machine daily.

Wouldn’t we all!?

These will be free next week at Rite Aid. Pay $16.00 receive $16.00 Up+Reward.

Thanks for the info ash07dc…I still have a 2.00 coupon left from the company website. Will be another money maker :)


Do you have to purchase a specific item to get the coupon or specific amounr?

I think the Qs are random–not sure why some people get them and some do not

I have noticed that my CVS marks down their store coupons such as this one, they mark it down to $9.99, is there a reason why they wont keep it at the full $10?

Their coupon policy does not allow overage.

awwwww,,, i already got mine last sunday :( still a 2$ mm though,

thats a great deal even tho i picked up mine already but my mom has to go get hers hope she gets the cvs coupon she will be happy lol

Now I’m making a run to CVS today…. 😀