Check the pharmacy aisle at Walmart for a moneymaking deal on Zicam Cold Remedy. Regularly priced at $9.36, it’s on clearance for only $1.50. Combine the clearance price with a printable manufacturer coupon and make $0.50!

Zicam Cold Remedy, 1 oz (reg $9.36) $1.50, clearance price
Use $2.00/1 – Zicam Product, any – (
Or $1.00/1 Zicam Product, any from SS 11/4 (exp 3/31)
Final Price: $0.50 Moneymaker

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52 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Zicam Cold Remedy at Walmart!”

The cashiers at Walmart just have not been trained. They are mostly part time workers (WalMart prefers part time workers so they don’t have to pay benefits or give vacation days). I just hate to see all the hateful comments about these people that are just trying to get through a day full of abuse from hateful customers. Please try a little patience. Even if you have to coach them on the coupons, it doesn’t hurt to be kind.

ya… not sure when this was taken, but not on clearance that big in idaho. its $8.68

this item wasn’t on sale at my Walmart =

How can a store only get reimbursed for the original coupon if it’s printing out the same exact barcode for everyone’s coupon? If that was the case, the store wouldn’t accept those coupons at all. It states on every coupon how to get the reimbursement from the company.

I just wen to my walmart here in Ohio and Zicam only had a rollback of one 1 so it was 8.96 instead of 9.96 no idea where she got that it was on sale for 1.50

I just got through reading all these comments on Walmart and acouple other stores about how cashiers dont know their own policies. You are all right! It is beyond frustrating to spend hours of hard work putting together a shopping list matched with coupons and ad-matches just to be shot down and critized (and at times be treated like a criminal) by cashiers who have not been trained properly in there policy. Or, for example at my Walmart, feel they need to be “COUPON POLICE” because they hear about those one or two couponers who go over board with their coupons. (i.e. like the extreeme couponing show when that lady fraudulantly used coupons on diff. items then they were intended for)

That’s the reason whyThe Krazy Coupon Lady and all the other websites about couponing tell us to bring a copy of the stores coupon policy with us. And remember, if a store will not honor your coupons? walk away with your coupons, and go somewhere else who will. Oh and grab a customer complaint card at the courtesy desk on your way out.The stores want our business, if we want changes at our store, we cant just get on a website, complain and expect changes to happen we have to talk to the right people. Not only that, but just as The Krazy Coupon Lady keeps telling us, no matter how good a deal may seem, WE need to do our part to make sure we ALL are using coupons the right way. I have a big family and before couponing we were just scraping by, since couponing we now have food storage and are able to try new products and not just eat the plain generic food. or eat mac and cheese for three meals a week.

Please, as one couponer to another I plead with you, to be wise in your coupon use. Help inform the retailer of their short comings in a productive way, but also remember we all have a part to play also. Be wise in your coupon use. Having $1 or $3 overage once, is it really worth losing the complete benefit of coupons over? Now you may say, “oh that is so little it wouldnt matter at all”, but remember there are tens of thousands of couponers out there just in your area for some. That “one time” add’s up fast. I love couponing! It has opened up a whole new world of oppurtities for my family. Let’s be smart about it, be proactive and respect the coupon rules, and get informed ourselves. Then inform/refresh the cashiers of their policies, and if needed their company.

I Sooo agree with your comment..I’ve had major problems with Kroger cashier’s, My Kroger cashiers in my town do not care that your trying to save money…i try to leave out the BOGO items and tell them why I’m doing it and they look at me like I’m stupid and keep going…so at the end of the transaction they are left looking stupid because they are now skimming through the digital screen looking for the amount of that item and will ask me if I know….I also tell them I don’t want to scan my card till last and they become very insistent and say they can’t complete the transaction without it…though what about people who don’t even have Kroger cards?? After having this same problem 7 different times I became so agitated and pissed off more than anything…Even after complaining to management they even side with the cashier…Soooo I decided I’d show these cashiers….First they NEVER look at a single coupon to check for expiration, product, etc, they take my word for how much a BOGO item is, and so much more….I took 20 expired coupons to Kroger last night, I also loaded 8 like coupons to my card..after ringing up everything the cashier did just what I expected…she took all the coupons and started scanning them faster than I could count them..for the ones that beeped she simply typed in the amount and kept going…WOW…being the honest person i am, I went to the manager and showed them just how unprofessional and knowledgeable they are when it comes to couponing…needless to say I left with all of my transaction…HA!!! As for my Wal-Mart cashiers, they are complete opposite…they ask if I have coupons before the transaction starts and matches each item to each product…BUT they say I can only get 1 item with 1 coupon…when I try to explain the “1 coupon per item” policy they are totally ignorant to that…I think the reason they get so irritated with people who use coupons are because THEY don’t know their own policy…if they did there would not be a problem…

not on sale in FL, cheapest one is $9

Pictures showing the sale is very much appreciated, but it would be even better if the picture has the actual date it was taken. It’s just that I think some bloggers post old pictures of deals/sales over and over again (ex.Robitussin) and time/paper/ink/gas is wasted when the deals/sales are not even at the stores. I just think it’s misleading.

Not on sale at the Erie, PA. Walmart =(

No Zicam rollback at my store in Livonia, MI.

No rollback at mine either, very disappointing to say the least
considering I came down with a cold yesterday. Went to Target yesterday AM and was able to stock up on
the Airborne and Emergen-C. Northern Illinois

mine neither

Went straight to my Walmart today and they were not on sale. I was afraid of that lol!

People who don’t follow the rules are the reason stores are getting so choosey about what coupons they accept and which ones they don’t. I’m a cashier at Walmart and we have had to become very strict about coupons because if they aren’t redeemed by the rules then we don’t get reimbursed. How messed up would it be if stores quit taking coupons at all…

The BEAUTY of Walmart is that THEIR COUPON POLICY states: One coupon per item AND there is NO limit of number of coupons … The company WILL get reimburse unless somebody makes a fake coupon and print it which would be a little bit too weird and hard to achieve. Remember, that is the reason why stores has their OWN policies. It is so hard to believe when a cashier doesn’t know their policies and we have to teach them. I am glad you are a couponer, so you know that you work in one of the best stores (not the best) to price match AND use as many coupons as you have.

amen,most of the cashier at walmart can’t comprehend what they are reading.i’m not sure if they even know how to read.they always look at the pictures.I DO NOT LIKE WALMART.I REFUSE TO GO TO WALMART.I RATHER GO TO TARGET WERE THEY CAN READ AND COMPREHEND WHAT THEY ARE READING.

I HATE going to WalMart for the same reason…AMEN to your comment…I refuse to ever take another single coupon inside that store and since I don’t do that I shop at K-Mart where I can get free money anyway..

Actually this is not all true. I work at walmart, and if the coupon does not go through when it is scanned, and the cashier manually enters it (which they are not supposed to do anymore) we do not get reimbursed for the coupon. If it does not scan in they are supposed to send you up to customer service so they can reimburse you for the coupon amount and log in the coupon manually so they can get with the manufacturer as to why the coupon will not scan in.

I’m not trying to start anything but if it were true that businesses didn’t get reimbursed for coupons that won’t scan I feel like the thousands of stores that manually key in coupons would stop doing this and just not accept coupons that won’t scan. It seems like more work than necessary. I honestly feel these are rumors/misunderstandings that are started by those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of coupons. Kinda like the stupid excuse i’ve heard too many times to count at walmart that they have to go by what’s in the picture not what the coupons says. Walmart and other stores as well need to do a better job at training their employees about coupon use. I bet walmart would have more customers if it wasn’t so difficult using coupons.

My Walmart said they were not on sale. :-( Is this a regional coupon? What State are you folks in because if you’re close to Florida, I might consider crossing over to Georgia to get a few of these.

this cpn specifies certain Zicam products… the one KCL has listed is the mist and that is one that the cpn does not specify it can be used on

I don’t know if that matters, as the coupon says good for any 1 zicam product. They just chose pictures of certain products they have, that doesn’t mean those are the only products it is good for since the wording doesn’t list specific products.

I agree. I’ve had cashiers tell me in the past that they couldn’t take the coupon because the picture didn’t show what I was buying. Family Dollar for example. Their policy states that they go by what is printed, not the picture.

I’ve never had a money maker coupon as a stand alone. I’ve had a coupon be worth more than the item but the extra discount just goes towards my total bill. Will Target literally pay me $0.50 cents?

Walmart will

No. But Walmart will.


it says on the coupon: “Limit one coupon per specified item(s) purchased”

Yes but before you print the coupon, it says one per household. I take this to mean they don’t want you printing a bajillion of them.

nope didn’t see it. I went back and attempted to print again and still didn’t see “limiting it to one per household”..

OMG.. it’s a Jpeg coupon.. Thanks a million KCL.. SORE!

What does that mean? We can print more than one and they will take them all?

yes.. i just right click and saved the coupon… i don’t see anything that states we can’t do it.. so i can print as many as i want. @ KCL this is correct right?

You are not supposed to do this, since it is basically like copying them, which is illegal..

A JPEG file is a picture file, you are just printing the picture, it is illegal to do so please don’t do this.

how is this illegal?… even if you don’t save the picture.. you can print as many as you want when it gives you the option to print. So instead of saving them which you feel is illegal just print out as many as you want.

They are being kind enough to offer $2 off of a product by way of a coupon with the stipulation that there is to be one per household. Then, the coupon states that the coupon will be reimbursed to the retailer “…provided you and your customer have complied with the terms of this offer …Any other use constitutes fraud.” If you are printing and using multiple, then you are not complying with the terms of the offer, therefore I am sure they would consider it coupon fraud.
Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should or make it alright. If they think that people are abusing their coupons, what do you think will happen in the future?

So, this gives you the right to print as many as possible? That is just wrong. Couponing is supposed to be within the law and policies of the company. They said on their website one per household – now abide by it!

wow.. chill Jessie.. what you don’t know is that I donate all my stuff to the homeless.. I don’t have a crazy stock pile. I abide by rules .. trust

Could you send me the link Marq I didn’t save it & only got onw Q to print….

facebook me

There has always been a rule of ‘how many do you really need?’ KCL recommends two per person, but I personally do the number in the household. Of course my household size is ….two. LOL

As Carrie said above, No, Ziacom states “We limit our coupons to one per household” meaning you can’t print as many as you want.

Caroly.. i still don’t see where it says one per household.. im looking at the site and also the coupon

If you are looking at the site and you go click on “print coupon”, after you already printed yours, it states “Thank you for your interest in Zicam. We limit our coupons to one per household. Please check back soon for new promotions and discounts. Like us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on our special offers!”

It says it on the first page where you enter your personal information “ONE COUPON PRINT PER HOUSEHOLD” right above where you enter your first name!

Its not that serious everyone.. this company nor Walmart is going to hurt because a couple people do this.. while they’re making millions… the middle class who coupons works their butt off to get by… Marq I wouldn’t make it a habit, but it’s not that serious…


right click and save the file. print as many as you want

What is a jpeg coupon. Sorry I am new to this and just curious!

i know i’m kinda late to this discussion but wanted to add my two cents. (may help those who are trying to figure out whether they can print a coupon multiple times or just the 1 or two that your normally limited too on regular coupon sites. ) To figure out if the coupon is a pdf and can be printed multiple times you need to print it out on two different computers. Usually there are numbers on the coupon, May have more than one set of numbers . Compare these sets of numbers on the two coupons. If the numbers are different then it’s a unique coupon and can only be printed once. If all the numbers match up then more than likely it’s a pdf and can be printed off more than once. I’m sure there are other ways but to me this is the easiest.