If your Dollar Tree is one of the select few with a refrigerated section, you’re in luck. “Like” the Jennie-O Facebook page and receive a dollar coupon for turkey bacon. Take that coupon to Dollar Tree and score some for free!

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon, 5 oz $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Jennie-O Turkey Bacon – (facebook.com)
Final Price: Free


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29 thoughts on “Free Jennie-O Bacon at Dollar Tree!”

Coupon says “not redeemable at Dollar Tree”

that coupon still states not redeemable at the dollar tree

Mine printed out just fine without the Dollar Tree restriction. However, I am glad I printed out the the coupon policy and put it in my binder because they were telling me that they didn’t accept any form of coupons.

Ummm, mine says “not redeemable at Dollar Tree” What’s up with that?

Just printed it and it says NOT REDEEMABLE AT DOLLAR TREE :((

You can ad match the Jennie-O Turkey bacon at Walmart since you can not use these coupons at the Dollar Tree.

It states on the coupon that it is not redeemable at dollar tree, so please do not use them there, as they will not get reimbursed. Be blessed!

Disappointed. The coupon clearly states “Not redeemable at Dollar Tree.” Sad day.

My Jennie-O coupon printed NOT REDEEMABLE AT DOLLAR TREE 12 oz package only.

I printed mine today and it said that. Sucks for those that can find the turkey bacon at their store!

YEAH!! I had it at my store, looked at the coupon and it said not redeemable at dollar tree! :(

Taken from The Jenny-O, Swith to Turkey Facebook page…Wrong size packaging for Dollar Tree!
Switch To Turkey
The $1 OFF turkey bacon coupon is posted again! Please check our COUPONS TAB if you have not already printed one. This is for the 12 oz. package – not the 5 oz. sold at Dollar Tree. Sorry Dollar Tree fans!

Although, if you were able to print the coupon earlier, it does not have a specific size package. They changed it a little while ago…

My Dollar tree’s in NC, will not accept 1.00 coupons…you cant get anything for free…

Under Dollar Tree’s website FAQ’s.

Does Dollar Tree accept coupons?
Yes, we will accept coupons in our stores. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page to view our In-Store Coupon Acceptance Guidelines & Limitations.

You can get things for free. Its just the companies are getting more strick with the coupons because couponers have found their loopholes.The thing is they would really LIKE you to buy the more expensive ones. So, they have had to REWORD the coupons and resubmit them.

Print out the coupon policy and take it to the store with you. It clearly states that they DO!!! There policy is pretty much the same as every one else, but they will only accept two printed coupons. Glad I printed it before I left because they were giving me a hard time.

I can’t print!!!

I wish my dollar tree had a refrigerated section.

Won’t print for me. Says it ran out of time or something like that.

I am unable to print either!

They are not redeemable at dollar tree any way. States it right on the q’s

Thank you SO SO much! I’m a college student, and this is like a life-saver for me!

Printed fine for me…..now we’ll see if my stores carry the bacon.

It won’t print for me either and I am afraid to exit the site for fear that the site will assume I have printed the coupons! yikes!! Gayle-Washington

I can’t get it to print either. It keeps timing out.

Thank you for all the hard work you do on these deals. They really help save me money. :) Every dollar counts to a dollar less I spent

Yes! I love this bacon and they do have it at my local Dollar Tree.

It will not print for me. Any suggestions?