Seafood Snackers are $1.39 at Kroger. If your store doubles, get each package for only $0.39! Change the zip code to 90210 in order to print the coupon. Click here first; change the zip as needed and click on the blue arrow. Then come back to this post and click on the coupon link.




Seafood Snackers, 3 oz $1.39, regular price
Use $0.50/1 – Seafood Snackers, Redeemable at Walmart, zip code 90210 – (
Final Price: $0.89, or $0.39 with double

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8 thoughts on “Seafood Snackers, as Low as $0.39 at Kroger!”

if you don’t have a Kroger (Like me :/ ) you can get them at Walmart for $0.50. They’re great for the lunch box

i can never find these at my Kroger!! where are they located?? thanks in advance!

in the seafood section

What on earth is a seafood snacker? lol. I’m very curious. Could be good for my boyfriends lunches.. Thx in advance :)

They’re actually pretty good. Healthy, too! Great for a snack.

Last time I attempted to use a “Redeemable at Wal Mart” coupon at Kroger – they refused to take it…saying that it could ONLY be used at Wal Mart. I knew the verbiage they were referring to meant something different but just didn’t have the energy to try to explain it. Every time I shop at my Kroger store, it seems their coupon policy has had some sort of change.

Some Kroger stores are a little weird about that. I am sorry you were given such a hard time with this. Certain stores have their own policy. Maybe you could talk to your store’s manager about their policy with these types of coupons and explain the difference with the verbiage.

Because Kroger will not get money for coupons with other store logos on them. They have tried and will not be paid.

These are so yummy! I wish I could get more coupons for these =)