Want to earn points towards gift cards just by printing and redeeming Internet coupons? Put Swagbucks on the case!

To get started. register or log in to Swagbucks and scroll over to the Earn box in the upper left-hand corner, then click on Coupons. Scroll through the coupons and select the ones you would like to print off. For every redeemed printable coupon, earn 10 Swagbucks.  Allow 8-12 weeks after redemption for the Swagbucks to be credited to your account. Save Swagbucks to get gift cards, posters, DVDs, and electronics from the Swag Store!

Another great benefit of printing coupons from Swagbucks is the ease of changing the zip code when coupons are under a different area, as is sometimes noted in the KCL match-ups. Simply switch the five digit zip on the left-hand side and voila! No need to go back and forth between pages to access various coupons.

Want to learn more about Swagbucks and how to get started? Check out this KCL post and the Swagbucks FAQs!

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13 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Print Coupons Through Swagbucks to Earn Gift Cards!”

Just used a $5 Amazon gc from swagbucks towards my ink purchase….so easy!

I love this!! I always forget to print from their!!! And I got some xmas gifts from them.

Over at Albertsons today(and yesterday!) they have the Ivory body wash on Clearence for 1.34 and there was a coupon in the latest P&G so you buy two and save two. Which makes them only 0.34 a peice! Yippee!

I’m hoping someone will be able to answer my question– I’m a little new to all of this! Since Kroger does double manufacturer coupons up to 50 cents, how do I go about having them doubled? Does it happen automatically, do I need to bring in two of the sam coupon, ask the cashier? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks (:

If your store doubles coupons they will automatically double when they swipe the coupon. You may want to ask your cashier if the store doubles coupons.

At Kroger it doubles on its own

It automatically deducts. If it is a .50 coupon, it will show on your receipt as a 1.00 coupon. KCL always posts the price of something without doubles at Kroger and Kroger Affliates, so like smatzke said, make sure they do double. I haven’t seen one that does not double, but it’s possible!

Swagbucks and coupons have allowed me to be a stay at home mom. I buy 99 percent of everything I buy with coupons and the Amazon gift cards I earn. If you want to start Swagbucks and need help Facebook me (MORE than willing to help)!! =) Ashley Fiskvik

Hi, I tried to send you a message on fb but it wouldn’t let me. But I want to start using swagbicks but need some help.

Swagbucks has their own FB page with people that tip you off on how or what is making the most swagbucks at the time. 😀 I’m sure Ashley will show you the page.

I’m trying to help I promise! = ) All my comments are needing moderation because I’m using my info. And it’s taking forever!

I LOVE swagbucks. I’ve never had a referral and I’ve made over $50/month casually going on there. I use to be obsessed with it because I would have hundreds of dollars to shop on amazon with. Mix swagbucks with the student amazon prime, and it’s bliss!

Swagbucks is awesome!! = )