I love going to my mailbox and finding free stuff or high-value coupons! While it is always rewarding to find great deals through weekly newspaper ads or online, I have discovered that I can find valuable coupons and even free samples by contacting the manufacturer responsible for my favorite products.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the company website and either click on the “contact” link to email, or get the address to send a letter by mail. Most addresses can be found on the company website or on the product itself. For example, this is what the contact page looks like for the Tom’s of Maine site.

It generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get the coupons in the mail. An email response usually arrives within a few days. Often, companies have a generic email they send within a few minutes to indicate they received the email. (A personal response follows a few days later.)

The response could include a simple “thank you” or an assortment of coupons. But some companies send samples of their products or high-value coupons.

I have contacted around 25 companies and have received coupons from many of them, including Windex (a coupon for a free product), Bar-S Hotdogs ($5 gift certificate and coupons), Chobani Greek Yogurt (coupons and a free magnet) and Pepperidge Farm (coupon for a free product valued at up to $3), and Sobe Beverages (a coupon for a free product). Of course, I haven’t received products or coupons from every company I have contacted; I have received coupons or samples from about 12. That’s only half, but to me it is worth the extra effort since I only do it once every few months, and I spend less than an hour each time I write!

Here are some additional tips:

  • Start by contacting any company that makes a product you love.
  • Don’t specifically ask for coupons. Instead, tell them how much you love their product and explain why. Offer suggestions on how to improve or change a product or suggest a new product.
  • Make it personal by explaining why you love the product. But don’t say the same thing in each email. For example, I wrote Tom’s of Maine and told them that I found their product when I discovered I was allergic to the aluminum in my deodorant. I wrote to Pepperidge Farm and shared that my mom taught me how to make sausage rolls with their puff pastry sheets and that I have taught my kids how to do it, too. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long, but it should be personal and not sound like it was copied and pasted into the form.
  • Include your kids. If you have kids who are old enough to write, let them do the talking! A friend of mine who used to work for a major company said that she always tried to give extra products to the kids who wrote her. If your kids are too young to write, just mention that they love the product to add another personal touch to the note.
  • Know the company. As my friend said, “Don’t write Tide and tell them how you like them better than Gain, and then write Gain and tell them how much better they are than Tide. The same company makes both, and chances are the same person will be reading both emails.”
  • Make sure to include your mailing address. Most companies will make you fill out that information on their webpage, but if that isn’t a required field be sure to add it. Otherwise, they won’t  be able to send those coupons!

It’s so simple and doesn’t really take that much time. Companies love to hear from their consumers, so you are helping them by encouraging them to keep making great products. Try it and see what freebies or coupons you get.

 This has been a guest post by Chelsea from Washington, UT
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14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Contact the Manufacturer to Get Free Samples and Coupons”

Bush’s baked beans, Ramen noodles, and Mrs. Dash sent me coupons.

i know this is totally unrelated but can you (Joanie and Heather) make an updated Stock Up Price List? It’s wayyy outdated and a newer one with more realistic stock up prices reflecting today’s grocery prices and coupon values will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Where can I find this list???

if you type in stock up list in the search bar, it’ll show up. it was the second link in my window.

Is this list to tell how much to pay for stuff and not to pay for??

yes, it’s a guide that tells you a good rock bottom price so you can stock up on that item. only problem is – a lot of it seems outdated.

Thanks. I hope they are updating it. I’ve been wanting one of these’s list’s!!

I really appreciate this info. I’ve heard contacting companies is a good idea for couponers, but have been unsure how to go about it. Thanks for the encouraging article.

I emailed Banana Boat after my son broke out using a store brand sunscreen. They sent 4 coupons $2 each with really good expiration dates. Can really be worth the effort sometimes.

any ideas for getting razor coupons/samples from writing emails? i’m running low! :)

I’ve emailed about 10 companies so far and got coupons back from Ore-Ida, Stayfree, Skinny Cow, Purex, Johnson and Johnson, and Bayer Aspirin. I actually do ask them for coupons…I say that I unfortunately do not get enough of their coupons in my Sunday paper (which is true haha) and say that they are my favorite product.

Love what you said about the Tide and Gain! Same goes for Luvs and Pampers, P&G makes them as well. It is good to know the whole background on a product before contacting them to know what to say and how to say it. Love this post KCL! Thanks!

I pinned a list of companies that would send high value coupons if you contacted them. I believe I contacted five companies. Only Hagen-Daaz sent me coupons. Starfish Tuna just referred me to their Facebook page for Liking. I’ll have to find that list and get back to emailing….because I do love coupons!

I did this when my son was starting to eat solids. I contacted Baby MumMum to ask if they had a coupon and they sent me one for a free box! So nice of them!