Among all of the grapefruit juice deals we’ve recently posted, here’s one where the final price ends up being zero! When combining a sale price with a high-value coupon, pay nothing for Ocean Spray White Grapefruit juice at Safeway! Be sure to print this coupon using the zip code 30187.

Ocean Spray 100% White Grapefruit, 64 oz $2.00, sale price through 1/29
Use $2.00/1 – 100% Grapefruit Juice, 54 oz or larger OR (1) Fresh Florida Grapefruit, 3 lb bag or larger, zip code 30187 – (
Final Price: Free



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28 thoughts on “Free Ocean Spray 100% Grapefruit Juice at Safeway!”

I can’t find this coupon! I even changed the zip code twice!

My Safeway in Kennewick, Wa would not work because they would not scan therefore resulting in me having to out back the grapefruit juice. If it doesn’t scan they can’t manually enter unfortunately per their policy they stated. Oh well I’ll try Winco or Walmart

Buying these juices was a FIASCO today. The manager tried to tell me that I could not use the coupons because the coupon stated “it could not be combined with any other offer” and that included them being on sale. And THEN she said I also couldn’t use them because it would make the juices free and according to her, the Safeway coupon policy does not allow you to get anything for free. I politely asked her to pull up the policy because I knew she was wrong, so she changed tactics and said, “I’ll let you use them just this one time.” Lesson learned; always carry the store policy with you, always. But in the end, I got some free juice that my husband loves and is normally very expensive, and a great deal on some soup!

Don’t you love it when they pull that “in the policy” crap. If I am a true couponer, don’t they know that I’ve got the policy in mind or in my binder ready for them! I’ve caught managers in a lie so many times. I simply laugh at them and tell them better luck with someone who doesn’t know the rules!

Absolutely. Couponing has taught me a lot about patience. I feel like I’m having to bite my tongue and speak to a child sometimes.

Just picked up four from Safeway! No problems either, felt great leaving with 4 things of juice and balance due of ZERO!

Changed the zip, but no coupon

These are located under the Foods category, not beverages. Hope that helps.

Is The Coupon Still Available

In Stockton, CA my Walmart would not take this coupon, saying it did not apply to Ocean Spray products!? Darn…maybe I’ll try Safeway next.

how do i change the zip code?

Val is correct, it’s still there. You have to log into your account and change it like she says

you have to log on to your account and then go to account settings and change it. it is also listed under food items not beverages.

I dont see it. Is it gone?

I never found it. I even created another name with the zip code, and I never found it. :(

Coupons have expired a long time ago

These don’t expire until February

I changed the zip and didn’t see the coupon?

I am in Manteca and clicked on the link, then switched the zip code and went back to coupons, no such coupon existed. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you change the zipcode in “Account settings”, then look under food, not beverage.

Awesome deal!! I just picked up 8 of them a few minutes ago. Beside getting problems from the cashier. C’mon cashiers, there’s a clear difference between a TRANSACTION and purchase! But it ended nicely in the end :-)

BTW – I opened one, and was not a huge fan. Awful vomit-like aftertaste. But hopefully some at the local food bank will enjoy them far better than us.

hello!, u bought these at safeway? white o ruby red one? thanks!

The $2 coupon is ONLY good on the WHITE grapefruit Ocean Spray. It is the only 100% Grapefruit juice. None of the Ruby Red varieties are 100% GRAPEFRUIT juice. While one does say 100% juice on the label, it also says on the same label it is made with four fruit juices. HTH!

I used this coupon at Publix about recently…when they had ocean spray at bogo price (2.99). There is a pink colored grape fruit juice that read 100% juice on it. I was able to use my coupon on that with no problem. Warning… it did say No sugar added and the taste is tolerable at best.

Read your label. It is not 100% grapefruit juice. The ONLY Ocean Spray that is 100%GRAPEFRUIT is the white. Read the labels. While it may work on the reds, it is not correct use. We are supposed to follow the wording and requirements of the coupons.

hello, try tomorrow at safeway. thanks

elle, I just used 4 coupons to buy the 100% Juice (Ruby Red) at my Safeway in Manassas, Va. No problems at all and went thru self-checkout.

thanks to let me know, i’ll try tomorrow at safeway =) 99