We told you yesterday how to score Lady Speed Stick for free at Dollar Tree with a new $1.00 coupon. If a moneymaker sounds even better than free, head to Walmart where the 1.7-ounce Lady Speed Stick deodorant is sold for only $0.98. Since the coupon doesn’t exclude this size, use the $1.00 coupon and make $0.02!

Lady Speed Stick, 1.7 oz $0.98, regular price
Use $1.00/1 Speed Stick Regular or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/ Deodorant, excludes 2 oz, 1.4 oz and .5 oz, Limit of 4 coupons for same product in same transaction from SS 1/20 (exp 2/2)
Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker

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33 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Lady Speed Stick at Walmart!”

  1. stephanie says:

    50c moneymaker when you use iBotta!

  2. I checked my SS again and I don’t have this coupon. Does everyone get the same coupons or are they different depending where you live?

  3. Did this tonight!! I bought 18 and ordered a case of 50.. I am donating to my Local Womens Shelter

  4. saw the Mens Speed Stick (Red & silver) at cvs on clearance for 0.85!!!

  5. Jeanette leon says:

    I was at Walmart last night and totally got these! They are 1.7 fl oz which are not excluded! I did self check out and it beeped because they were under the coupon price but the guy over rided all and I made money!

  6. mandy k says:

    Publix has the 2.3 oz for $1.09 so i got mine for .09!

  7. Melissa Lopez-Shears says:

    I tried using an overage coupon with a lotion, register showed that item was less than the coupon, cashier and manager both said that if the register took the coupon then it was ok, but if it didn’t then it was probably the wrong item. I didn’t want to question, but I was wondering what was cashier suppose to do? override the coupon?


    • Sometimes that happens to me, the register won’t scan the coupon but the coupon is for the product stated. Usually the cashier will manually enter the coupon for me, some cashiers won’t accept it. It just depends on the cashier I guess.

  8. Sara Watson says:

    My walmart wouldn’t even scan the coupons they said the item had to be bigger than what the excluding sizes were. I’m getting pretty aggravated with our little walmart.

  9. Missy says:

    Do the SS coupons vary from Region to Region? I didn’t have this coupon in any of my SS that I had, and I had over 50 packs. Thank you!!

  10. KK Marie says:

    I found these at Walmart lastnight, but just in case you don’t or can’t find these at Dollar Tree or Walmart, Family Dollar also carries the same one for $1.00, so they are free. The only one that works (for free) is the roll on deodorants with the round top! 1.7 oz

  11. Heather says:

    I used the $1.00 off Coupon at Kroger yesterday. They have 1.4 oz Lady Speed Stick on sale for $0.88.

  12. mroberts says:

    To get get 4 deodorants do i need 4 separate coupons? Or can that be done?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you need to have 1 coupon for each product, But can only use 4 coupons for the same product in each transaction. So you can buy 4 deoderants using 4 coupons in one transaction but if you want more than 4 you will need to do a second trasaction.

  13. zar says:

    I swear they haven’t been taught at my Dollar Tree about coupons, because they won’t accept them, one cashier just would not put them through , even after I told her that size is acceptable:) on the 1.7…:(

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry that happened. Try Walmart instead, as I put in the post they have the 1.7 oz is only $0.98, making it a moneymaker!

  14. moua337 says:

    This coupon will not work at Walmart or any other store if the product is under 2 oz. It stated specifically on the coupon.

    • Martin says:

      It states excluding 2.0oz 1.4oz and o.5oz it says nothing about the 1.7oz so you could use it on this size…

    • Kristen says:

      I agree. I t excludes the size above and below it. You shouldn’t use it but “technically” you can

  15. Little Flower says:

    They usually sell these at the Dollar Tree by me as well for $1!!

  16. Angel says:

    Ok, so where is the coupon? Online, news paper?

    • Erin Linthicum says:

      She posted that it was the SS (smart source) from the 1/20 newspaper.

      • Angel says:

        didnt know what SS meant… new to the whole coupon thing… thanks for the “help” and understanding.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another good abbreviation to know is “RP” means Red Plum. Happy couponing, just remember to keep at it because it gets easier and the savings are worth it!

      • Kay says:

        I got the SS from 1/20 paper and no coupon for any Speed stick in there. Is anyone else having this same issue? I see different coupons on here that we just don’t get with our paper from Billings.

    • Steffy says:

      1/20 SS – last line of the post – Lady Speed Stick, 1.7 oz $0.98, regular priceUse $1.00/1 Speed Stick Regular or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/ Deodorant, excludes 2 oz, 1.4 oz and .5 oz, Limit of 4 coupons for same product in same transaction from SS 1/20 (exp 2/2)

      • Linda says:

        Just came back from Dollar Tree. This coupon won’t work. They only sell the 2 oz. mens and the 1.4 Lady’s. Both are excluded on the coupon.