Safeway has recently launched the Just for U program. Here are details on the main features and advantages of the program, how it works, and how to get started!

The Program

The Safeway Just for U Program is a new online program created by Safeway that links a Safeway Club Card for a variety of great deals. The deals range from coupons to sales to exclusive offers tailored to match each shopper’s buying habits. This is an innovative program unique to Safeway. No other store has anything quite like it.

To get started, go to Safeway’s website and sign up for the free Just for U Program. In order to register, provide the email, password, and phone number connected to your Club Card.

Ways to Save

Just for U Members are given a variety of programs to help save as much money on groceries as possible when shopping at Safeway stores.

  • Digital Coupons: This program provides instant savings by allowing users to load both Safeway and manufacturer coupons to their Club Cards.
  • Personalized Deals: The Just for U program offers exclusive coupons based on shopping history.
  • Your Club Specials: The program generates a personalized list of current sale items based on past purchases.
  • Printable Savings List: The shopping list features all the items that have been loaded to your Club Card, along with Club specials and any items you would like to add into the shopping list.
  • Apps: Safeway has also recently launched a new phone and tablet app allowing users to add savings instantly from a phone or tablet!


Safeway’s Digital Coupon Center

Safeway’s Just for U Digital Coupon Center is a mix of both manufacturer coupons and Safeway store coupons that can be loaded to a Safeway Club Card. There are a great variety of coupons in every department for instant savings at the store. Just click the “Add” button on the coupon to load it to a Club Card. Click the “Details” button for information on rules, sizes, and any limitations.

The Just for U Digital Coupon Center does not specify which coupons are manufacturer coupons and which are store coupons. But here’s a general guideline:

  • Often the Safeway Coupons will have an “each” price. For example, in the Coupon Center a Safeway store coupon may say “Minute Maid Orange Juice $1.25 each.” This is often a Safeway store coupon.
  • A manufacturer coupon will often have a “cents off” amount to be deducted from the regular price of an item. For example, a Just for U manufacturer coupon may say, “Receive $0.50 off one Philadelphia Cream Cheese.”
  • This is good to use as a general guideline but is not a set rule. Safeway store coupons will occasionally offer “cents off” as well.

This can be a little confusing when trying to stack coupons in the Safeway Just for U Digital Coupon Center. One way to solve this is to only load the Safeway coupons that were in the weekly Safeway ad. Then bring in clipped manufacturer coupons to stack with Safeway Club Card coupons.

Another option is to bring in the clipped store coupons and clipped manufacturer coupons that will be stacked. Load the other great deals to a card that doesn’t have stacking options. Look for produce coupons and occasional free and highly discounted items.

Personalized Deals

The Personalized Deals are exclusive coupons based on shopping history. Add these coupons to the Safeway Club Card to get exclusive deals and even occasional free products on a variety of items that are purchased regularly. These coupons function just like coupons in the Coupon Center. Click the “Add” button to load these deals to the Club Card and click on “Details” to learn about offer specifics such as expiration date and limitations. Deals change weekly, so check this section often to see new offers.

Your Club Specials

Your Club Specials are a list of current sale items created for individual shoppers based on purchase history. Click on the “add’ button to add these items to your savings list, then print and take it to the store. Your Club Specials change weekly with the store sales, so be sure to check it often for the latest deals.

The Savings List

The Savings List is an online list of all of the Safeway Just for U Digital coupons that have been loaded to the Club Card. Additional items can be typed into this list to be used as a full shopping list at the store. It also features any of Your Club Specials added, making for a complete shopping guide. Email or print it, and start shopping!