Sign up for the PediaSure newsletter, and they will send a great high-value coupon for any PediaSure product straight to your inbox. Redeem it at Walmart and score a four-pack of PediaSure Sidekicks for only $1.98!

PediaSure Sidekicks Drinks, 4 ct $4.98, regular price
Use $3.00/1 PediaSure Product – (
Or $1.50/1 – PediaSure Mulit-Pack – (
Or $2.25/2 – PediaSure  Product – (
Or $2.25/2 – PediaSure Products, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Final Price: $1.98

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6 thoughts on “PediaSure Sidekicks Drinks, Only $1.98 at Walmart!”

at my Walmart these 4 packs were $6!

When i print the target coupon for 2.25 off, it prints out as a manufactures coupon instead of a target coupon.

It is a manufacturer coupon, which allows you to use it at other stores like Walmart.

This is a great price but these are horrible. I bought them on sale awhile back cause my girl LOVES the other sidekicks & she drank a couple & then stopped, so I started drinking them, eh, they were OK the first or second time but they have a nasty after taste. I ended up giving the rest away.

How much would they be at Walgreens with the pedialyte coupon stacked? Or can you stack them?

Walgreens carries the six count box for around $10.99, but the price can vary by region.