Head over to Walmart’s frozen section with this dollar off coupon from last weekend’s Smart Source insert and grab these extra large El Monterey burritos for free!



El Monterey Beef and Bean XX Large Burrito, 10 oz $1.00, regular price
Use $1.00/1 El Monterey Product, Limit one coupon per customer from SS 1/27 (exp 5/28)
Final Price: Free

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40 thoughts on “El Monterey Burritos Free at Walmart!”

Is this coupon reg? I cant find it in my insert :/

Thanks and I agree with this more or less… just putting it that way is kinda…weird in my opinion only it seems.

I agree with the lot of you. Some of the cashiers are 1) slow 2) hung up on a 10 cent difference and won’t give the Code #1 that people deserve… Retail is hard to even go into. It’s disappointing when you have people try and price match from kmart…especially when there is one down the street and lord knows you can’t price clothing! Half of the people try to pricematch USC/UCLA clothing and its like …really… So the point I’m getting at is everyone is different. A cashier I know was taken aside because (if you guys remember) the coupon for the free diabetic meter the 50 dollars off? Well, it went missing. The cashier swore up and down it was in the drawer and because now her register was short 50 dollars she was written up. See what I’m getting at? We are always having meetings in regards to coupons. It’s the cashiers job to read the fine print as well as the customer.

Yes, you can do this. I took a coupon class and the lady stated this is legal as long as the fine print on the coupon doesn’t say you can’t. The Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon is for the FREE burrito, meaning your 1st burrito that you are “buying” can have a coupon with it to $1 OFF or whatever it is. You get 1 manufacturer coupon with each item. The only time you don’t is if the coupon specifically says $1OFF of 2. I did this with body wash….had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon, it went with the FREE bottle and then I had two $1 OFF coupons and put 1 with each of the 2 bottle I was “buying” and got all 3 FREE. 3 product with 3 coupons.

No, you can only attach one manufacturer coupon to each purchase (set of items). Since you are already attaching the b1g1 on the two items, you cannot attach another manufacturer coupon to it.

If you had two $1.00 off coupons, then you could use them both…. but you don’t, you have one b1g1 and one $1.00 off, so you’d have to buy three burritos and pay full price for one, but get the other two free.

My Walmart doesn’t sell them so I bought one at Kroger for.25

and that is why I LOVE woodman’s because a lot of the walmart dealslike this one I can find at woodmans

I went tonight and the cashier called 2 different managers Because he was not sure WHY the company would put a coupon to make them free……Took me 25 minutes to get 4 burritos! I get so sick of cashiers making up their own rules as they go!


I hear you!!! I have to have soo much patients when I coupon because of cashiers not know how to take coupons correctly.

I think it’s might be in reference to those people we’ve all heard of that make up there own prices and say it’s from a certain store to ad match maybe that’s what I’m thinking of anyways I maybe wrong I never ad match they always look at me wierd the 2 times i tried

Being that I work for walmart and wanted to pricematch once and I got “the look” … I never did it again. Not at my store or any store. It’s embarrassing to have to “prove” something to someone even those who work alongside you.


Not trying to take anything away from you but in all stores that i have shopped, there are some cashiers that just don’t want you to get it. I have had coupons vanish, not been deducted, given back to me with my change, rejected when they were not even scanned even though they were qualifying coupons. I the shopper am usually the one to request a csm.

Has anyone found these at Kroger? Found the multiples, not the singles (although they have singles of everything else).

I do take a good look at the cashier I’ll be checking out with. I do it, because it seems over and over and over when I USED to shop at Walmart, a majority of the time I had a seasoned cashier, they simply do NOT understand coupons. Before I stopped shopping at Walmart, each coupon was scrutinized and in 99% of the cases I was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT & Walmart wrong. Walmart cashiers are REALLY hung up on the item matching the picture on the coupon, which is absolutely ridiculous if you have any education in couponing or would simply read the coupon. The coupon may show a Lysol spray cleaner in a green bottle, but CLEARLY say “Good on ANY Lysol product.” I also find it infuriating to have to dig through bags to find items to “prove” to Walmart cashiers I had the item. I wonder why it’s only at Walmart where your registers don’t seem to detect that the item was purchased. Maybe updating both your registers and cashiers would be the best way to go. I’d also appreciate your store prices at Walmart ACTUALLY being the ones posted in your circulars and on the blogs. Sorry this seems snarky,but the above post was snarky. Funny thing is, I’m from a Walmart family and my dad still works in the corporate offices in Arkansas. I’ve complained to him for years and he didn’t pay much attention, until he saw these practices during two separate visists to see me in California. He wasn’t happy at how the customers were being treated and just an fyi, they are working on solving the problem. I’d be on the look out for secret shoppers if I was a Walmart cashier :o) I for one can’t wait to have them clean house, so those of us that coupon are treated with respect and not like criminals. Have a super day!!!

On the profiling comment…I specifically profile to get the most qualified person to scan my coupons. Her name is Norma (she is older) and she is AMAZING! Always a smile and works her retired fanny off for me. I totally agree with others who say that Walmart does not train their people because they don’t. I have had more than one Walmart employee tell me and my family “I hate coupons”. I operate by the golden rule and then turn the other cheek…alot! I know how to coupon I just wish the employees at Walmart did too or if they don’t keep their comments to themselves.

I ‘profile’ cashiers at EVERY store I shop at except for CVS and it’s not because I’m doing something wrong either. I follow all coupon guidelines and store coupon policies. The REASON I cashier profile Is because I’m not going to argue with some 60 year old bitter spinster when I’m buying a 0.97 cent item at walmart and using a $1/1 coupon that I have every right to use. I’m also not going to argue with some bitter old woman at Walgreens about if I can use 2 $1/1 coupons on a b1g1 free sale because I know their coupon policy and that I am allowed to do so. Maybe if more stores would actually TRAIN their employees about their coupon policies (CVS seems to) their wouldn’t be such a need to cashier profile in the first place! Since I’m not doing anything wrong I look for the Beavis & Butthead young male cashiers who won’t give me a fight just because they are old and bitter. You should know that the Krazy Coupon Lady herself cashier profiles and said so in the pilot episode of Extreme Couponing.

yea!!!! totally agree with jennifer!!!!!! some old people at walmart take their job WAY TO PERSONAL!!!!!

i meant i agree with bbmtn……i always go to a young person who is nice …..

I’m with ya!

I’m right there with you! Though most cashiers at my Walmart are great, it’s Target that I have a problem with! But both of you ladies make a great point. A lot of cashiers are bitter towards couponers because so many abuse the system, while a lot of cashiers are bitter towards couponers simply because it means a few more scans or buttons pushed for them. It really goes both ways!

I have to say that for the most part I have had nothing but good experiences at my Walmart with coupons. I have learned that it is very important to organize your items and read your coupons carefully and not try to get one over on the cashier. It makes things go smoother for everyone. I prefer to buy my items in smaller batches so as not to overwhelm the cashier and hold up the line. Even a perfectly good coupon can cause a glitch sometimes especially printables. The only reason I would profile a cashier so to speak is to look for someone that looks proficient/somewhat experienced in general so everything goes as quickly as possible.

I can say that I have gotten the correct item for a coupon and it was still refused…by the cashier, a CSM, and the front line manager because the specific item was not pictured. Only after I emailed the corporate office did the Asst. Manager contact me and offer to “cash out” my coupons. I have also had a cashier that was extremely friendly until I handed her my coupons, but on the flip side I’ve had some that were nice throughout the transaction. There is no reason for any cashier at any store to be impolite no matter the circumstances and the same goes for the customer as well.

my coupon says ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER PER PURCHASE which means you can use ONE coupon for each purchase you make. So if you buy 10 you use 10 coupons.

Hmm.. My coupon says supreme burritos only, unless you guys are talking about a different coupon.

You can get the chicken supreme burritos at Target. They are sold single in the frozen section and they are delicious surprisingly. They are 1.19 but are worth it for .19 each.

They sell them at Walmart too. Mine says Supreme too. I just went and got 3 yesterday. The lady had to stare at them for a while first. I only got 3!

My coupon says good on family sized packages no good on singles but got a family pack for 1.99

I’ve been finding them in the refrigerated section near the cheese. Since they can be frozen or refrigerated.

Where do they normally stock the single burritos? All I can find at my store is the multi packs of this brand that are in the big freezers in the middle of the food isles so I havent even been able to use my BOGO coupons for these.

Check near the pizza isles…. near the deli area they should be there. Where they have the salami and egg ro

Oh I will check the deli isle, they might be there. I didnt think about that. I was checking the frozen section. Thank you!

I always look for the younger cashiers they usually dont give a crap and just start punching in my coupons. i had a young man at walmart just punch in all my coupons and he didnt even scan them. i think bc i had $50 worth in coupons. I used the buy one yet one free coupon on the edge shaving gel plus i had a coupon for $2 off 2 of them and i figured they werent gonna use two coupons for the same item but bc he just punched it in it took it. you should be able to use all 6 of your coupons better yet just do self check out if your walmart has it.

You could potentially get him in trouble for manually inputting your coupons. At our store we are lenient for the most part, but really… it’s about doing the -right- thing here. It isn’t fair for you to get through the process and someone who goes to a “younger” or “more experienced” cashier and is rejected or passed along through. Also with B1G1 please save those for the -end- of the transaction or the VERY beginning with the product it is supposed to go along with it makes it easier than having to search through for everything and possibly making a mistake. <3

The coupon does say ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER PER PURCHASE….does that mean I can not use 6 coupons in the same transacion?? I have had problems with walmart before…also can you tell me how to profile casiers at walmart to help minimize the headache there?? Thank you

That just means 1 coupon per item purchased. So you can use all 6, so long as you buy 6 burritos.

You can only use one per customer (basically pay attention to any addition to “Limit one coupon per purchase”, in this case “per customer”). So if you have 5 people with you, you can use 6.
When it says “Limit one per customer”, it is interpreted as per shopping trip. So if you’re alone, you can use one coupon each time you go into the store.

Cashier profiling is easy….Don’t go to the grumpy looking older women!